The nCw National Championship is the often considered the second highest championship in New Championship Wrestling. It's the only title to date, that been a stepping stone used to get to the World Championship, when Spike Kane became the first person to win it, then later become nCw Champion. Overall, there has been

Current Champion

The Ace is the current and final National Champion in his record third reign, a record he shares with Joe Everyman. The Ace defeated Andrew Jacobsen at Metamorphosis 2013 on February 3, 2013.

Championship Reign by Time


As of May 19, 2013

Wrestler Reign Date Won Days held Event Stipulation
Jack Manson 1 September 2, 2007 35 Road To The Gold Defeated Burning to win the vacated title
Spike Kane 1 October 7, 2007 14 Mind Games Defeated Mason in a Barbed Wire Cage Match
Milo Holland 1 October 21, 2007 14 NCW Collision Defeated Kane in an impromptu match after winning a battle royal immediately before
Ricky Johnson 1 November 4, 2007 42 NCW Collision Defeated Holland in a singles match
Jack Manson 2 December 16, 2007 70 Metamorphosis Defeated Johnson in a singles match
Joe Everyman 1 February 24, 2008 77 NCW Collision Defeated Mason after a distraction and using the ropes for leverage
James Franklin Karns 1 May 11, 2008 35 Reborn Won a three-way match, also involving John Anthony
Joe Everyman 2 June 15, 2008 21 Picture Perfect Won a No Holds Barred match
Jackhammer 1 July 6, 2008 84 NCW Collision Defeated Everyman after a slight distraction from Angel Black
Sexy Jason 1 September 28, 2008 45 Road to the Gold II Defeated JackHammer in a Wal-Mart match
Falcon 1 November 12, 2008 130 Revolution: Mind Games II Won a three-way match, also involving Kole Kaos. Falcon pinned Jason to win the title
Steve Awesome 1 March 22, 2009 70 Sovereign Defeated Falcon in a Street Fight
Homeless Harold 1 May 31, 2009 35 Reborn II Defeated Awesome in a singles match, and as per stipulation, Awesome's family
Steve Awesome 2 July 5, 2009 70 Picture Perfect Defeated Harold in a singles match, and as per stipulation, Harold's mask
Cameron Corvis 1 September 13, 2009 21 Battle Grounds Won a three-way match, also involving Mike Honcho. Corvis pinned Awesome to win the title
Joe Everyman 3 October 4, 2009 119 NCW Collision Won a five-way match, also involving Spike Kane, Sexy Jason and Glen Nodoveit. Everyman becomes the first-ever three time Natiional Champion
The Ace 1 January 31, 2010 28 Metamorphosis II Defeated Everyman in a Dragon's Den match
Xavier Cross 1 February 28, 2010 63 Crossroads Defeated The Ace in a singles match
Charlie Velez 1 May 2, 2010 133 A Night to Remember Won a three-way match, also involving Venom. Velez pinned Cross to win the title
Freakke 1 September 12, 2010 42 NCW Collision Won a three-way match, also involving Sephiroth Du Lac, who Freakke pinned to win the title
Jason Blair 1 October 24, 2010 35 Road to the Gold IV Defeated Freakke in a singles match. Blair became the number one contender for the title at A Night to Remember
Chuck Moss 1 November 28, 2010 42 Breaking Away Won in a tag team match where the National Championship was on the line. Moss teamed with Falcon to defeat Jason Blair and Freakke
Venom 1 January 9. 2011 133 NCW Collisioin Defeated Moss in a singles match. The week before, Venom entered the Riot match, being the last to be eliminated, thus earning the title shot.
Alex Jones 1 May 22, 2011 98 A Night to Remember III Won a triple threat match, also involving Ricky Johnson
Roberto Verona 1 August 28, 2011 91 Nothing to Lose Defeated Jones in a singles match
Ricky Johnson 2 November 27, 2011 147 Breaking Away II Defeated Verona in a singles match. Johnson become the number one contender title, defeating Jimmy Zane at Road to the Gold V
Trent Helms 1 April 22, 2012 21 NCW Collision Defeated Johnson in a singles match. Helms becomes the first-ever Triple Crown winner by winning the title.
Adam Knite 1 May 13, 2012 133 A Night to Remember 5 Defeated Helms in a 30 Minute Iron Man match. Knite becomes the second ever Triple Crown winner by winning the title.
Xavier Cross 1 September 23, 2012 70 Battlegrounds Defeated Knite in a San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush match to win the title for the second time
The Ace 1 December 2, 2012 35 Breaking Away Defeated Cross in a singles match to win the title for the second time
Andrew Jacobsen 1 January 6, 2013 28 Mind Games Defeated The Ace in a singles match to win the title.
The Ace 1 February 3, 2013 105 Metamorphosis Defeated Jacobsen in a Dragon Den's match to win the title. The Ace becomes the second-ever three-time National Champion
Deactivated May 19, 2013 Title retired when NCW had its last show at A Night to Remember 2013
Record Record holder Record number
Most reigns Joe Everyman, The Ace 3
Longest time as champion Ricky Johnson 147
Longest reign Ricky Johnson 147
Shortest reign Spike Kane & Milo Holland (Tied) 14 Days
Heaviest champion Jackhammer 360 lbs
Lightest champion James Franklin Karns 225 lbs.

Most Successful Title Defenses

Falcon, Joe Everyman, Charlie Velez, Venom, Adam Knite (Tied) 3

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