The nCw World Tag Team Championships are, as the name states, the tag team accomplishment of New Championship Wrestling. The titles are for two wrestlers who team together regularly, having become one of the most highly contested and sought after titles in the promotion.

Current Champion

Simon Daye and Gib, Team America, are the current holders of the nCw World Tag Team Championship, their second reign as a team, (third reign for Daye and second reign for Gib, individually) after defeating Falcon and Spike Kane, The Forgotten, at Picture Perfect on July 22, 2012. During an Assault-X Match at Reborn also involving Criminal Intent (Cyrus Daniels & Stephen Kingsley) and The Internationals, (Bushido and El Dragon) Simon Daye of Team America grabbed one of the two available belts, whereas Falcon of The Forgotten captured the other. With this result, both Team America and The Forgotten were considered champions. With their win at Picture Perfect, Daye and Gib were declared the undisputed nCw World Tag Team Champions.

Championship Reign by Time

  • SD = Number of Successful Defenses
Wrestler Date/Event Won #SD Notes
Brothers Holland (Dave & Milo Holland) Sep. 23rd, 2007 0 Defeated the team of Johnny Craven and Victor Korzenieski to become the inaugural champions.
Alliance of Violence (Adam Knite & The Punisher) Mind Games 2007 0
Brothers Holland (2) Transgression 2007 4
Smoking Aces (The Ace & Steve Awesome) Feb. 2nd, 2008 2
Knitemare on Helms Street (Adam Knite (2) & Trent Helms) April 20, 2008 0
Vacated May 25, 2008 The belts were vacated after Adam Knite was suspended.
John Anthony & Ricky Johnson Picture Perfect 2008 0
The Skyslayers (Falcon & Talon) Last Stand 2008 1
Age of the Revolution II (Adam Knite (3) & Lance Ryan) Road to the Gold II 1
Spike Kane & Trent Helms Transgression 2008 2
Upper Echelon (Davey Ortega & Jack Manson) Metamorphosis 2009 0
Burning Angels (Angel & Philip Burns) Crossroads 2009 5
Dirty Deal (Curtis Kanyon & Ron Gibson) Fallout 2009 3
Millenium Knitemare (Adam Knite (4) & Gib) Mind Games 2009 0
Dirty Deal (2) Transgression 2009 1
Motor City Mafia (Jayson Matthews & Johnny Rotten) Crossroads 2010 0
Dominicus Republic (Nelly Angel & Rob Diamond) Sovereign 2010 0
Jimmy Zane & Kristoff Liam Bates April 25, 2010 0
Falcon (2) & Philip Burns (2) A Night to Remember 2010 0
Ian Kline & Will Washington Reborn 2010 1
Doc & Venom August 8, 2010 0
Blood Ties (Alex Jones & Angel) Battlegrounds 2010 1
The Rat Pack (Ander Carvetti & Mr. Showtime) Breaking Away 2010 0
Star Hunter (Paul Star & Shane Hunt) Jan. 9th, 2011 1
Knitely Bangs (Adam Knite (5) & Curtis Kanyon (3)) Metamorphosis 2011 3
The Young Bloods (Lex Sense & Jimmy Zane) July 3, 2011 1
InFamous (Andrew Jacobsen & Rob Diamond (2)) Battlegrounds 2011 1
Team Evil Destruction (Markus Reeves & Matt Jackson) Breaking Away 2011 0
The Internationals (Bushido & El Dragón de Valor) Time to Riot 2012 2
Team America (Gib & Simon Daye) A Night to Remember 2012 1
Falcon (3) & Simon Daye (2) Reborn 2012 Titles are split between Team America and The Forgotten (Falcon & Spike Kane) after each one of them grab a title in an Assault-X Match also involving Criminal Intent (Cyrus Daniels & Stephen Kingsley) and The Internationals.
Team America (Gib (2) & Simon Daye (3)) Picture Perfect 2012


Record Record Holder(s) Record Number
Most individual reigns Adam Knite 5
Most reigns as a team Brothers Holland, Dirty Dea, Team America 2
Most successful consecutive title defenses Angel & Philip Burns 5 Times

Special Notes

  • While this was Trent Helms & Adam Knite's first reign as nCw Tag Team Champions, this would be the second reign for Knite individually, and in doing so, became the first man in nCw history to hold the nCw Tag Team Titles with two separate partners.
  • On May 18 on Collision one half of the nCw Tag Team Champions, Adam Knite was suspended for a vicious backstage attack against Davey Ortega. One week later, him and Trent Helms were forced to vacant the Tag Team Titles by Dante Cross. The titles were put on the line in a 10 Man Battle Royal, which the winner would lay claim to the Tag Titles and be able to choose a Partner of their choice. Ricky Johnson and Jackhammer were the final two, and eliminated each other at the same time. Due to this, the titles remained vacant until Picture Perfect, where Johnson a partner of his choosing to take on Jackhammer and a partner of his choosing.

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