The nCw X-Division Championship is the youngest of all nCw Championships currently in use by the company and is thought to be a title based more along the lines of pure wrestling. Reckless Jack was the first champion, winning an Eight Man Tournament, beating Christian Kane in the finals, in a best of three matchup, Christian Kane won the first fall, Reckless Jack would ultimately win the next two matchups in a X-Treme Rules Match as well as a Ultimate X Match.

Current Champion

Ken Davidson is currently in his first reign as X-Division Champion,after defeated Mike Lazslo at Picture Perfect on July 22, 2012.

Championship Reign by Time

Wrestler Date Won Event Stipulation
Reckless Jack November 11, 2007 Transgression Two Out Of Three Falls - Tournament Finals
Trent Helms December 16, 2007 Metamorphosis One Fall - One On One Match
Shaun Wilson January 6, 2008 Collision One Fall - One On One Match
Ricky Johnson February 3, 2008 Collision One Fall - One On One Match
Angel April 6, 2008 A Night To Remember One Fall - One On One Match
Xavier Williams May 11, 2008 Reborn One Fall - One On One Match*


Record Record holder Record number
Most reigns Five (Tied) 1
Longest time as champion Ricky Johnson 63 Days
Longest reign Ricky Johnson 63 Days
Shortest reign Trent Helms 14 Days
Heaviest champion Xavier Williams 255 lbs
Lightest champion Trent Helms 183 lbs.
Most Successful Title Defenses Reckless Jack 1 Time

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