The nCw X-Treme Championship is the title within nCw that provokes Anarachy and Chaos, the matches are usually always consisted under some type of hectic rules, and has became a proud addition to New Championship Wrestling.

Current Champion

Dark Prophet is currently in his first X-Treme Championship Reign where he ended the reign of Sexy Jason, who at this time was the longest reigning X-Treme Champion in nCw history, defeating him and Falcon in a Triangle Ladder Match At A Night To Remember.

Championship Reign by Time

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Reign Event Stipulation
Dr. Pepper 09/02/07 11/0/07 1Road To The Gold One Fall - Triple Threat Xtreme Ladder Match
Joe Everyman 11/04/07 11/18/07 1Collision One Fall - Xtreme Match
Davey Ortega 11/18/07 12/09/07 1Collision One Fall - Xtreme Match
Vertigo Dirtmurder 12/09/07 1/13/08 1Collision One Fall - Xtreme Match
Sexy Jason 1/13/08 4/06/08 1Collision One Fall - Hardcore Match
Dark Prophet 4/06/08 5/25/08 1A Night To Remember One Fall - Triple Threat Xtreme Ladder Match
Reckoning 5/25/08 CURRENT 1Collision One Fall - Xtreme Match


Record Record holder Record number
Most reigns 7 (Tied) 1
Longest time as champion Sexy Jason 83 Days
Longest reign Sexy Jason 83 Days
Shortest reign Joe Everyman 14 Days
Heaviest champion Dark Prophet 285 lbs.
Lightest champion Reckoning 227 lbs.
Most Successful Title Defenses Sexy Jason 2 Times

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