NIWF Global Warfare is a Pay-Per-View held annually in June and is presented by the No Imitation Wrestling Federation. It is held every year in a random international location.

Global Warfare 2007

Live From Webley Stadium in London June 24th, 2007

"T" defeated Jack Clark

  • T forced Clark to submit to a figure 4 leglock.

Mickey Lance defeated Rattlesnake (C) and Road Rage in a triple threat ladder match to win the NIWF Terror Canadian TV Championship

Aarow defeated Jeremy Madrigal in a ladder match

  • Aarow became the number one contender to the Tornado TV Championship but was released shortly afterwards due to no showing live events

"Lightning" Jay Swift (w/ Marina Valdivia) defeated Johnny Dreamer to retain the NIWF Provincial Championship in a tables match

  • Swift put Dreamer through the table with a Phoneix Face Breaker for the win

Kyle Murphy defeated Emmy Rhimes (crossbrand match)

  • Rhimes passed out to the Final Breath (Murphy's submission finisher)

Hell and Bret "the Hitman" Harris defeated Hiram and Senior Deacon

  • Hell pinned Senior Deacon

Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny defeated Chris "Damage" Johnston to retain the Tornado TV Championship

  • Johnston was injured during the match and was unfit to continue

Anthony Bloodbath(C) and Eric Shinoda fought to a draw

  • Both men's shoulders were on the mat as 2 referees made the 3 count. Anthony Bloodbath retained the NIWF United States Championship as a result.

JT Bennington defeated Naughty Ned (crossbrand match) in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

  • Bennington pinned Ned after giving him a Second City Slam of the top rope through a barbed wire table.

David DeLuca defeated UFO and Silvio Megala in a triple threat match

  • DeLuca pinned UFO and as a result he became the Number One Contender to the NIWF Provincial Championship

Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny defeated Iceman (C) in a streetfight to win the NIWF Storm Intercontinental Championship.

Kerrie Maddox defeated Lori Anderson (C), Rose Maxim, Misty Blaze, and Marina Valdivia to win the NIWF Women's Championship in a double tables match

  • Lori Anderson was taken out of the match before it started.
  • Misty Blaze eliminated Rose Maxim
  • Marina Valdivia eliminated Misty Blaze
  • Kerrie Maddox eliminated Marina Valdivia
  • As a result of being the runner up, Marina Valdivia became the number one contender

Julio (C) defeated Hell Demon in an Inferno Casket Match to retain the NIWF Tornado F'ing Championship

Badd Alliance (C) (BBBMan and Slick) vs. Mikey Jones and Big Daddy vs. Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny ended in a no-contest.

  • The Badd Alliance retained the NIWF Unified Tag Team Championships
  • The match ended in a no-contest after interference from the debuting Ignition (Timebomb, Jimmy Jive, Cody E, David Greene)

Kash defeated Butch Cassidy (C) to win the NIWF Unified World Championship

  • Kash pinned Butch after a suplex had both men's shoulders on the mat. Kash got his shoulder up but Butch didn't resulting in the pinfall.

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