NIWF Hellbound is a PPV that takes place in May. The Pay Per View was created in honor of UPCW, which merged with the NIWF. The location of the PPV will always be in Canada.

NIWF Hellbound 2007

From Cape Breton, Nova Scotia May 27, 2007

The SoulChiller defeated Alfred Pot (Terror match)

  • SoulChiller pinned Pot after a SoulChiller drop

Hell Demon defeated Chris "Damage" Johnson (Tornado match)

  • Hell Demon pinned Johnson after a Darkness Driver
  • As a result, Hell Demon became the Number one contender to the Tornado F'ing Championship

Johnny Dreamer defeated Hayword Ford and Jason Knight in a tables elimination match

  • Dreamer frog splashed both his opponents through a table
  • As a result, Dreamer became the Number one contender to the Provincial Championship

Anthony Bloodbath defeated Hell to win the NIWF Storm United States Championship

  • Mr. Wrestling was the guest referee

Road Rage vs. UFO never took place

  • DeWolf took out UFO before the match

Big Daddy (w/ Lori Anderson) defeated Mikey Jones and Caligulus to win the NIWF Tornado TV Championship

  • Big Daddy pinned Mikey Jones

"Luscious" Lori Anderson defeated Kerrie Maddox in a ladder match to become the first ever NIWF Woman's Champion

The Badd Alliance (BBBman and Slick) defeated DOA (Hiram and Iceman), Kerrie Maddox and Shargrath, and Hell's New Bloods (Hell and DeWolf) by DQ

  • The Tag Team titles were on the line. Hell's New Bloods got themselves DQ'd to retain the titles

Rattlesnake (Canadian TV Champion) and Mickey Lance fought to a double count out

  • Butch Cassidy interfered knocking out Rattlesnake before he could return to the ring to break the 10 count

Jeromy Goss defeated Azarel and Night Stalker (C) to win the NIWF Storm Intercontinental championship

  • Goss pinned Azarel. Night Stalker was barred from the match and suspended due to backstage issues

Jay Swift defeated Misty Blaze and Bret "the Hitman" Harris (C) in a triple threat I quit match to win the Provincial Championship

  • Swift forced bret to submit to a triangle choke

Julio Stitchez (C) defeated Big George Thornton in a "Big Geore Thornton Impaler match" to retain the NIWF Tornado F'ing championship

Butch Cassidy defeated BW Kash, DeWolf and Dorian Grey to become NIWF Unified World Champion.

  • DeWolf took out Dorian Gray before the match
  • Jay Swift speared DeWolf off the ramp taking him out of the match
  • Butch pinned Kash

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