The NIWF Provincial Championship is a championship defended on the Tuesday Tornado brand. It was the premier championship on Terror, but Terror was scrapped and Tornado took over the title. The title was created in UPCW and was known as the UPCW Provincial Championship until UPCW and NIWF merged and it was renamed the NIWF Provincial Championship.

Current Champion

The current champion is Jason Jones who is in his 1st reign. Jones defeated Lord Jaguar in a ladder match on the October 16th, edition of Tornado to win the title

Title history

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Defeated
Bret "Hitman Harris March 30, 2007 May 27, 2007Phil Gallant *
Jay Swift May 27, 2007 September 1, 2007 Bret Harris and Misty Blaze
Fido September 1, 2007 September 18th, 2007 Jay Swift
Lord Jaguar September 18th, 2007 October 16th, 2007Awarded Title
Jason Jones October 16th, 2007 CurrentLord Jaguar
  • Note: Bret Harris' reign began when the title was in UPCW and ended after the NIWF-UPCW merger

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