The NIWF Unified World Championship is the top title in the NIWF. It was known only as the NIWF World Championship until NIWF mergered with UPCW. The NIWF Unified World Championship dates back to 1997, though nuch of the title history is lost.

Current Champion

The championship is now defunct. Hell is recognized as the last champion.

Title History

  • @-Title vacated due to Fury's retirement
  • &-Title vacated due to Julio being busted with steroids
Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Defeated
Butch Cassidy May 27, 2007 June 24, 2007 BW Kash, Dorian Grey, DeWolf
BW Kash June 24, 2007 July 29, 2007 Butch Cassidy
Rex Fury July 29, 2007 August 7th, 2007@ BW Kash
Julio August 26, 2007 September 30th, 2007& Kyle Murphy and Jay Swift
Anthony Bloodbath September 30, 2007 Civil Insurrection, November 2007 Won a Royal Rumble match
Anthony Bloodbath (2) Evolution, January 2008 Meltdown, February 2008 Kerrie Maddox in a Straight Jacket Match
Silvio Megela Meltdown, February 2008 March Madness, March 2008 Anthony Bloodbath
Sidewinder March Madness, March 2008 Desecration, April 2008 Silvio Megela
Austin Patrick Desecration, April 2008 June 2008 Sidewinder
Anthony Royal June 2008 Baddlands, August 2008 Furious George (Replacing Injured Austin Patrick)
Aaron Zhanne Baddlands, August 2008 Bloody Genesis, January 2009 Anthony Royal
RCH3 Bloody Genesis, January 2009 February 2009 Aaron Zhanne, Austin Patrick, Anthony Royal, Mike Krouser, Blade LaVigne in an Elimination Chamber
Austin Patrick (2) February 2009 ??? RCH3
Anthony Royal (2) Desecration, April 2009 MAYhem, May 2009 Infinity and American Psycho
Mike Krouser MAYhem, May 2009 ??? Anthony Royal in a Hell in a Cell match
Hell ??? N/A Mike KrouserNote: This title history begins when Butch Cassidy defeats BW Kash, Dorian Grey and DeWolf at Hellbound:The New Era on May 27, 2007

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