The NIWF World Tag Team Championships are the main titles for tag team competitors. Much like other titles, the title history is lost but the title does have a history of building up superstars into main eventers

Current Champions

The Current Champions are Kerrie Maddox and The Ace, also known as Full House. They won the titles at Baddlands defeating The Violent Revolution, Tomas Montgomery and Fido, and the defending champions Ignition in a Chambers of Hell match.

Title History

The history since the start of the New Era of NIWF

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Defeated
Hell's New Bloods??????? June 5th, 2007  ?????
Badd AllianceJune 5th, 2007 July 29th, 2007 Kerrie Maddox and Hell Demon
Jimmy Jive and TimebombJuly 29th, 2007 August 26th, 2007 Eric Shinoda and JT Bennington
Kerrie Maddox and AceAugust 26th, 2007 Current Jive and Timebomb, Fido and Tomas Montgomery, Steven Awesome and TrenB

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