Wrestle-fest is a Pay-Per-View that takes place in July and is represented my the No Imitation Wrestling Federation. This PPV is coined as an "old school" show meaning that every match is an old school gimmick

Wrestle-fest 2007

Live July 29, 2007 from the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California.

Tim Timmons defeated Jeromy Goss and DeWolf in a triple threat submission match

  • DeWolf was taken out before the match.
  • Timmons forced Goss to submit and became the Number One Contender to the NIWF Provincial Championship

Red Dragon defeated Butch Cassidy in a "Traditional British Match" (best of 3)

  • Red Dragon won the first fall by DQ
  • Butch won the second fall by Submission
  • Red Dragon won the third fall by Pinfall

Red Travis defeated Thorn and The Ace in s triple threat "old-school" steel cage match

  • Travis won by escaping through the door

Steven Awesome defeated Bret Harris

  • Awesome pinned Harris after an Amazing Talent

Ignition (Jimmy Jive and Timebomb) defeated BSB (JT Bennington and Eric Shinoda) to win the NIWF Unified Tag Team Championships

BSB got DQ'd after TVR (Steven Awesome and ME) interfered


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