NWA Action Zone
Show Name NWA Action Zone
Creator Jerry Seltzer
Format Sports Entertainment
Opening Theme TBA
Country of origin United States of America
Running Time an hour per episode
Starring NWA Alumni
First Aired January 7, 2007
Last Aired Present
Original Run January 7, 2007
No. of episodes 0
Federation type Roleplay based

NWA Action Zone is a Sunday night wrestling program that airs exclusively on Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). NWA Action Zone will showcase National Wrestling Alliance's own superstars.

Action Zone: Humble Beginnings

When NWA was gaining ground by developing its' own stars and buying out locally owned wrestling promotions throughout the southeast. When NWA started moving out into the northeastern territory, it gain popularity by its' Cruiserweight Division. NWA had mastered the eastern half of the United States. NWA had worked itself through the western parts of the U.S. By January 7, 2007, NWA landed a television deal with Turners' Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) and they are off with a big bang. All the key elements where working right and the NWA has continued to produce weekly show live by each location. Action Zone is a recap show from its' territorial divisions.

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