Natasha Ruth Jones (Previously Cena) (Born 16 August 1984) is a former English Wrestling Manager, in ring competitor, and co-owner (with a 25% stake) of the Extreme Measures Federation. She is the ex-wife of multi-time EMF World Champion John Cena.

During her brief stint as an in-ring competitor, Natasha captured the EMF Women's Championship on two occasions, firstly defeating Jackie Gayda in a Tag Team Match (Natasha and her partner John Cena Vs Jackie and her friend Chris Masters). She defended the championship successfully numerous times against "jobbers", before losing it back to Jackie in an "I Quit" match, although she never said "I Quit", rather John Cena ended the match to save her from being injured. She would recapture the gold for 3 whole seconds at First Blood 2008, pinning Fyre in an elimination match, before being pinned herself by Miss Jackie. As a result she holds the record for shortest Women's title reign in history.


EMF 2005-2008

Natasha Jones joined the EMF along with her friend, Jackie Gayda. It was revealed that Natasha had come over from England to try and make her fathers successful English business branch out to America, but without his expertise this had ultimately failed, leaving her with very little money. She took a job cleaning for Jackie, and so came on to EMF screens in this role. Later when Jackie moved in with John Cena, Natasha would move with Jackie into "Cena Mansions" and be seen at various times cleaning or cooking for the Cena's, although never being involved directly with the EMF. Natasha always admired Jackie's ability, and dreamed of one day competing herself, a dream that looked highly unlikely.

Natasha was then involved in a big way in the EMF Storyline "Uncontrollable Passions". This kicked off on her 21st birthday, which also happened to be the day John Cena and Jackie Cena were married (although Natasha would celebrate her birthday late so as to get her whole family over from England.) During the build up to the wedding, it seemed that Natasha Jones may get together with John Cena's best friend Chris Masters, however any hope of this was dashed when, just hours after getting married, John Cena talked Natasha into bed. They slept together and then John Cena left for his honeymoon with Jackie, leaving Natasha depressed. However when he returned they rekindled their affair, and it was later learnt that Natasha had fallen pregnant. She revealed this to Cena after they had decided to end their affair so Cena could stay with his wife. Cena quickly made the decision he wanted a family with Natasha and the baby more than anything else. After months of continuing to hide the affair, Cena slammed Jackie's head into a Steel Cage, before revealing to his distraught wife that her friends baby was actually his baby, and that he was leaving her for Natasha.

After the birth of her daughter, Laura (named after her sister) Natasha took up the role of John Cena's manager, accompanying him to the ring to help him in his matches. She was able to, numerous times, tip the scales and enable her boyfriend to pick up wins he may not have been able to without her. She offered to be the Girl on Cena's team for the Team Cena Vs Team Jericho match, but Cena picked Trish Stratus to represent him instead. However, she wouldn't wait too much longer for her first taste of in ring action. Once Cena's divorce to Jackie went through, Jackie was awarded 60% of the Cena estate. This could potentially have left Cena and Natasha homeless, but Cena had a plan.

John Cena, now president of the EMF, booked Jackie a match against Natasha. The stipulation was if Natasha won, Jackie's money was halved from 60% to 30%, something Cena could afford to lose. Jackie quickly accepted, wanting revenge on Natasha badly, and thinking she could never lose as she wasn't even a wrestler. However Cena always had a plan, and he hired Randy Orton to hit the ring and RKO Jackie, giving Natasha the upset win and halving the settlement. Jackie went on hiatus after the loss to try and recover from the embaressment. Natasha competed in a 2nd match, teaming with Chris Masters and scoring a pin fall over Joy Giovanni who was teamed with Batista. However, upon Jackie's return, Cena booked her in another match against the woman who had embaressed her, Natasha. This time before the match started Cena attacked Jackie, but she was saved by Chris Masters. This lead to a match being made for Whiplash 2007, John Cena and Natasha Jones Vs Chris Masters and Jackie Gayda. Cena's World Title shot, Natasha's unbeaten record, Chris Master's IC Title and Jackie's women's title were all on the line. During the match, Cena and Masters got distracted beatin the hell out of each other, and just when Jackie looked set to pin Natasha in the ring, Devin Malis, who wanted revenge on Masters, nailed the "Soul Catcher" on Jackie and gave Natasha another upset win. This started her reign as EMF Women's Champion.

John Cena began to promote his girlfriend as the greatest champion of all time, despite the fact she showed little wrestling ability (having never been properly trained). To "prove" this, he gave her a title defense every week, which saw her beat the likes of Chyna and Fyre with relative ease. Jackie, however, was not impressed with Natasha beating "nobodies", and challenged her to an "I Quit" match. She had to accept, as Jackie was entitled to a rematch. During the match, Jackie destroyed Natasha, but she refused to give up. In the end, John Cena ended the match and announced Jackie as the new champion. He stated his reasoning for this was because it had proven that Natasha's life could be in danger if she carried on as champion. After this, Natasha returned to being Cena's manager, and has so far not wrestled again since.

Natasha would later give birth to her and Cena's 2nd child, Rachel Cena.

Natasha would have to leave the United States for an extended period of time shortly after the birth of Rachel in September 2008. This was due to her mothers ill health, meaning she had to return to England. Natasha would return to the EMF in December that year, for First Blood, where the captured her 2nd Women's title, only to lose it 3 seconds later to Miss Jackie. After the match she would once again return to England.

EMF Return 2009- The Demise of Natasha Jones

In July 2009, Natasha Jones returned to the EMF, to reveal that she had divorced John Cena after he had begun an affair with Amy Jericho. In truth, this was not the first affair he had had, but she did not know about the other. She returned to screens though to announce that, through the divorce, she had secured a 25% stake in the EMF, half of what her husband had owned. Her first action was to change the previously scheduled Handicap match between Jackie Gayda and the team of Kelly Kelly and Christy Hemme, into a tag team match. Her 2nd action was to announce that Ted DiBiase was the new General Manager of Shockwave. Both actions were directly to annoy her ex-husband and his new girlfriend.

Natasha then challenged her ex-husband to a match at Survival of the Fittest, a 4 on 4 Elimination Tag Team Match with both her and Cena's EMF shares on the line. Cena accepted, and the two began forming teams. The match ended up being between the team of Natasha, EMF World Champion Dan Godwin, EMF Money in the Bank holder MVP and "The Monster" Abyss and the team of John Cena, Amy Jericho, The Gambler and EMF Extreme Champion Randy Evans. Natasha's team got off to a good start when they eliminated Evans, however the team soon fell apart. Abyss didn't know if he could harm a woman, and so was eliminated by surprise by The Gambler. MVP was then disqualified and, despite Dan Godwin eliminating The Gambler, Natasha was soon left all alone when MVP turned on his own team mate and helped John Cena pin him. MVP then sensationally cashed in Money in the Bank to become World Champion. Natasha's team had self destructed, and she didn't last long against the duo of Amy and John Cena, soon submitting to Cena's STFU hold. As a result, she lost all of her power in the EMF to John Cena, who was supposed to fire her on the spot. He, however, changed his mind.

Instead, John Cena used the fact that Natasha had awarded herself a wrestling contract to book her into a Hell in a Cell match against the woman who hated her most, Miss Jackie. When Natasha was heard complaining about her lack of experience, John Cena offered to give her a warm up match. Unfortunately for Natasha this turned out to be a HLA Match against EMF Women's Champion Mickie James. Mickie defeated her, and as a result, got to spend the night with her, much to the disgust of Natasha and the joy of Mickie. Natasha realised she desperately needed a plan to survive the cell, and so asked Chris Masters for help. He agreed, but when he showed up after apparently admitting his love for Natasha, he turned against her and helpd Jackie to victory. It became apparent that he was in fact referring to his love for Jackie. After the matches conclusion, Jackie hit her finishing move, The F-Off, off of the top of the cell to the steel flooring below. It was announced by Natasha's father, Bentley Jones, that she was to be flown back to England to receive treatment for injuries "which may never heal" and would be fighting for her life. She was therefore released from her EMF contract.

In Wrestling

Finishing Move- "Get Bent" (Unknown!)
Theme Music- "Million Dollar Theme"
Wrestlers Managed- John Cena

Championships and Accomplishments

EMF Women's Championship x 2
EMF Slammey- Storyline of the Year 2005
EMF Slammey- Storyline of the Year 2006

EMF Slammey- Storyline of the Year 2007

Personal Life

Natasha married John Cena in late 2007, but they divorced in mid-2009. They have 2 children, their daughter Laura (born May 3, 2006) and another daughter, Rachel (born September 8, 2008). During their marriage they also had custody of John Cena's son from his past relationship with Trish Stratus, Eddie Stratus (Born November 13, 2005)

As a child, Natasha lived in England with her family and was the daughter of rich businessman (nobody knows quite how rich) Bentley Jones. She wasn't a wrestling fan, although she did see parts of it here and there but didn't express too much interest. She didn't at all intend to get involved in the industry when she moved to the USA, but after falling for John Cena, she quickly fell for his business too.

Natasha worked as a cook/cleaner for Jackie Gayda, and seems to continue to carry out these roles during her relationship with John Cena. However, she does also attend various parties and events with her husband. In the EMF, she has few friends due to the fact she married perhaps the most hated man in the company. However, she gets on well with Melina, Christy Hemme (whom she has lived with in the past) and, unknown to her husband, Amy Jericho. Natasha is also close to her famly who relocated to the US, and this was especially clear when she named her sister Laura as her maid of honour.

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