Nate Ward grew up alone and really had no friends but everynight he watched wrestling. At the age of 11 he took up the sport of football(American)which he played Left End. When Ward reached high school he met with future pro, wrestler Brad LaBella. They both were seen as outkast but made a powerful dou. In their freshman year they were first string, varsity, defensive ends. They both broke their schools record for most sacks which they both tied with each other at 27 sacks in one season. They later picked up scholastic wrestling which they both execelled at. After graduation they both did not go to college but went to train for pro wrestling. They started in lower indy promotions until when Nate suffered a torn acl muscle in his right leg. Which Brad went onto the extenct Extreme Wrestling Federation. After he got healed he later signed with EWF too.


Ward now in EWF wanted revenge. His first match was against another Rookie which Nate won. Then Nate joined the team Mystico Express. Which he sadly decided to leave after 2 weeks. He left on his own and didn't have any harsh feelings with any members. EWF then reformated its self where Nate laft after a week. He then talked with old friends which helped him get a job with a different promotion.


Ward then joined with Xtreme Wrestling Organization. His first match was against MR. Kennedy and Ric Flair. Which Nate won the match. He was signed onto the Revenge brand. He then joined with Syn Full (Zack Riley) and Sabu to form the X-Foundation. He then was entered in the XWO Championship Cup. He advanced to the semi-finals by beating Savage and Kareem Knight before lossing to David Williams. Ward was told by his best friend's girlfriend and cops that his best friend Brad LaBella tried to kill himself. With this Ward was set a goal to win the tag titles with the X-Foundation. Then went on to win a Triple Threat Eliminatio Tag Match to win the XWO Tag Team Titles with Zack Riley. They beat Kareem Knight, Kobe Bryant, Beast, and Diesel to win with help from MVP. They later beat Beast and Diesel in a Casket match for the titles. Then LaBella left XWO on personal problems but said he might comeback. Unfortunately for Nate he wasn't so happy. With that on his mind he had a Tag Team Turmiol match against the New Blood (Diesel & Beast) vs. Law & Order (Kareem & Umaga) vs. King Booker & Brandon Watkins vs. Parry & Michael Palko. Unfortunately the X-Foundation lost their titles to L&O. But out of the generousity of Luke Holden he offered them a rematch for them in a ladder match. In that match Nate Ward was tossed off a ladder and hurt himself and which caused him to lose the match to Kareem. He later got another shot at Kareem Knight. He later won it by interference by Umaga. Which after the match Zack Riley said that Nate's ego was to big and X Foundation split up. They both faced each other in Nate Ward's hometown. Unfortunately, Nate lost the match thanks to the special enforcer Umaga. After the match Umaga attacked both Zack and Nate. Then later during the beating Kareem Knight came out and beat Nate up which led to a four way fatal match at Final Days. Unfortunately Umaga won the match after pinning Kareem Knight. Nate was told by many people that he desreved to win that match. After this Nate went to a house show to complain about why he wasn't put into the Massace match. Later on the night First Sergeant came out which led to a fight between the two. At the end of the fight Nate was holding a chair but walkin toward the back.



See you in the Future (Running Fameasser) Turn of Events (Pedigree)

Signature/Other Moves




Taking Over (Running Reverse STO)

Next Stop Bomb (360 Jackknife Powerbomb)

720 DDT from top rope


The Guardian The Future

Theme Music

"Ready to Fall" by Rise Against "Sleep Now in the Fire" by Rage Against the Machine "Survival of the Fittest" by Saliva

Champonship Run

XWO Tag Team Champs (with Zack Riley) x1

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