Nathan "The Cankuckler" Michaels
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Real name Michael Nathanial Harriethia
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Height 6'6"
Weight 254 lbs.
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Place of birth Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Resides Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Billed from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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The History of Nathan Michaels

Michael Nathanial Harriethia better known around the world as the professional wrestler Nathan "The Canknuckler" Michaels is one of LXW's top wrestling talent. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada he spend most of his childhood playing hockey like most young Canadian's, it was always a dream of his to one day make it to the NHL as a professional goaltender but things just did not turn out in his favor. At the young age of 18 Nathan moved from his home in Calgary to a bachlor pad in Toronto where he worked as a boucer at a bar called "The Red Leaf" It was during this time that he began working out, and at 6'6 and over 200 pounds he looked very intimdating, but to those who knew him he would bend over backwards for you.

It Begins

One night Nathan and his boucer buddies were given tickets to the Gambling Wrestling League which was ran by Casino Owner Millionair Ace Hart. The show was stupendous, beautiful women, high flying action, fire works, and exciting matches that left you on the edge of your seat. This is where his spark for wrestling started. While his friends went back home Nathan went backstage, it was their that he bumped into Mr. Hart; but rather than just toss him out of the building, Hart seen a chance to make money and offered Nathan a chance to become a wrestler. Training began immeditately, with Hart paring Nathan off with the GWL's most experience, and greatest wrestler "The Cannon". Training was long and hard, 5am runnings, intense work outs, healthy eating, and of course the Cannon's Cage. Nathan trained for years with Cannon, but at the same time competed with the GWL where he won the GWL Tag Team titles with Bad Bad Brown, and again with "The Red Razor" Brent Anderson. He enjoyed mild tag team success, but Nathan really wanted to put himself on the map and did the unthinkable, he joined Ace Harts faction "The Black Harts" It was their that Nathan won the GWL Championship; but after only one month of holding the championship Nathan was screwed out of the title when Ace arraged for a No Holds Barred match which pitted Nathan "The Black Hart" Michaels against "The Hells Angel" Warren Peace. Everyone on the roster got involed in that match which lead to one of the controvisal endings when Nathan was hit with a War Bomb while he was ontop of a trailer in the parking lot. After being it with the move snow on the trailer caused Nathan to slide off and crash hard onto the concete knocking him out allowing Warren Peace to gain the pinfall and the title.

The Canknuckler

After spending time recovering from his fall, Nathan was visited by The Cannon, and to Nathan's surprised was entered in the Canadain Crown Tournament, a tournament that had 64 of Canada's top wrestlers competing to see who would be Canada's best wrestler. The tournament was a long and hard one but in the finals it came down to Nathan Michaels, and Jack Hazzard. This 37 minute match seen each man use every move they had; but it seemed that it was all over for Nathan when Jack hit the "Jack Hammer". Nathan in a desprite attempt though grapped a rope stopping the 3 count. Jack to his disbelieve then went to pick up Nathan for another "Jack Hammer" but Nathan caught him in a possem pin and picked up the victory and was crowned "The Canknuckler" a name that he would then use as he continued his wrestling career.

The League of Extrodinary Wrestling

After winning the Canadain Crown Nathan was offered a contract by WWA Legend Riot, who was starting his own wrestling organization. Nathan wasted no time going down to New York to sign his contract, and only a week after signing at the very first Ringmasters Nathan won the Ringmaster Championship. He would then go undefeated for that entire month, entering a tournement with his "very" good friend Jennifer Drew. They proved their dominace as a team and at the Champion Classic Nathan & Jennifer won the LXW Tag Team Championship, making Nathan the first Double Champion. The night was still not over for the Cankuckler as he was entered in the LXW Championship Battle Royal. With only 3 wrestlers remaining, Jonny Pyro, Fay Anderson, and himself, both Fay and Jonny teamed up to eliminate Nathan ending his chances at the LXW Championship. However; the night was stll not over for Nathan. Because he was one of the final two eliminated in the battle royal he had a chance to become the first Grand Slam Champion when he competed against Fay Anderson. The match was dominated by Nathan who made Fay tap out with a dragon sleeper to win the title, and making him the first and only triple crown champion in LXW.

After several months, Nathan seemed to have done it all, he's won the Grand-Slam title 3 times, and headlined the biggest Pay Per View LXW had. But something was missing from The Canknuckler, and that was the love of a women. One day in early November that came to end though when he got down on one knee and asked Elizabeth Knight, sister to British wrestling legend Brain Knight to marry him. With the love of his life by his side Nathan then stood up to the LXW Mangment about how things were ran and handled, and after several disputes Nathan decided not to renew is contract for the 2007 year, and both him and Elizabeth packed their bags and headed north, to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What's Next

Rumor has it that Nathan "The Canknuckler" Michaels has a verbal agreement in place with the Toronto based company Action Packed Wrestling. It is still unsure of what his status is at the moment. More on this as it develops


1x GWL Heavweight Champion

2x GWL Tag Team Champion W/Bad Bad Brown & W/Brent Anderson

3x LXW Grand-Slam Champion

1x LXW Ringmaster Champion

1x LXW Tag Team Champion W/Jennifer Drew

2x Double Champion W/Ringmasters and Tag Team Championship & Grand-Slam and Tag Team Championship

1x Triple Crown Champion W/Grand-Slam, Ringmasters, & Tag Team Championships

First Ever LXW Ringmasters Champion

First Ever LXW Tag Team Champion

First Ever LXW Grand-Slam Champion

First Ever LXW Double Champion

First Ever and Only LXW Triple Crown Champion

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