Stable: Integral Prosperity League: WAM Tag Team:Domination Inc w/ Gavin Taylor

Vital Stats:

Age:22 Height: 6'4" weight: 235 lbs hair color: Blonde hair style: long, a bit past his shoulders eye color: Blue

Wrestling Style: Power and Speed.. not a lot of technical wrestling.

Mentality: Not a pretty boy like (Shane Malone) He believes in his ability and he believes he will cause the SWA to get bigger just because he is there. He idolizes Derek F'n Marks.

History: What is known,Nathanial is the son of a very powerful man from Windsor, England. Born in a family that gave him everything he ever wanted Nathanial hungered to prove that he doesn't take the easy way out all the time.. He got into the sport of Professional Wrestling and worked his way through the lower levels Until one day meeting a fellow rich kid in Jonathan Legacy.. Legacy and Powell kept in touch when Powell managed to get a gig in Vegas Stakes Wrestling under the Identity "New Blood" Nathanial Powell.. That gimmick wasn't him and he endured loss after loss to the veteran's Native Blood.. After 2 months of this Nathanial received a phone call by Jonathan Legacy and they discussed forming a tag team.. Legacy talked to Powell about getting back to his roots .. Be who he really is.. Powell realized after a few weeks of talking that Legacy was right.. Powell Shed the "New Blood" Image that was holding him down.. Now,prefers to be called "Blue Blood", Nathanial showed just why him and Legacy considered themselves.. THE UPPER ECHELON!!!

The Upper Echelon

In August, 2007 Jonathan Legacy decided to hang up his boots.. Powell was in need of a partner.. He searched the entire SWA and didn't find anyone.. So he decided to put out the word he was searching for a Partner.. "All Star" Gavin Taylor answered that call. They formed the team of Domination Inc.

Domination Inc.

Powell has spent most of his career in Wrestling Association of Mexico And has proven to be one of the top stars there.

Here's his profile:

Nathanial Powell Profile

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