The National Wrestling Council (NWC) was created by Christopher S., Marcus H., Al Lucente, Ray C., and other members of the America Online (AOL) defunct pay for play e-wrestling league known as the Cyber Sports Wrestling Association (CSWA). The founders strived to create a more open and dynamic e-fed that would be modeled after the real life National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) system of regional federations under one umbrella, each having their own champion but recognizing one set of World Champions (Singles and Tag).  It sucked.

The original territories of the NWC were, Motor City Wrestling (MCW), Empire State Wrestling Association (ESWA), West Coast Wrestling Association (WSWA), Canadian Championship Wrestling (CCW), Big Apple Wrestling Federation (BAWF, and Lonestar Wrestling (LSW). The NWC was presided over "in character" by Christopher S. and then retired wrestling Ken "Warrior" Nemesis as the figureheads in-character (Handled by Christopher and Marcus H.)

The first pay per-view and signature event that brought all the federations together was called "A New Era". While many people put hardwork into the NWC, the brainchild of most was Christopher S. and Lucente, Christopher working on the logistical side of the NWC, while Lucente was more creative and "people" manager of most of the federations.  Paul Bailey for life.

The first ever NWC Champion was crowned at "A NEW ERA" and was an outside "handler" and "character" new the fold by the name of Soul Shadow, who was a face (good guy), whom defeated many of the established names who came over from the CSWA, "Sexy" Steve Sire, Ronny Smith, Tony Pride, Ray Pierce, Scorpatoa, Rockshade, Jon Atlas, Dread Saxon, among others.

NEWS - New England Wrestling Syndicate, Hawaii Island Wrestling, Sin City Wrestling, Loki Championship Wrestling, Motor City Wrestling, and Lone Star Wrestling were some of the most successful feds to come and go during the years of NWC's reign atop the efed world.

Being successful in this organization meant writing long, nonsensical novels and calling it roleplaying. These long pieces often had nothing to do with wrestling and did not resemble anything that anyone would see from a real life wrestling organization; however, handlers were rewarded for this and those who actually tried to cut wrestling promos were never able to succeed. Also, long match strategies were required in order to be successful, even though they were always ignored by the match writers, if anyone even bothered to write the matches at all.

NWC boasted of having its own NWC Magazine at one point, created by Steve Gaines and ran by a numerous group of individual contributors from each of the independent feds. It was terrible, as expected.

NWC was seen by many as the first great efed and one of the pioneers of the new World Wide Web ewrestling phenomena that blossomed in the 90s. Often imitated but never duplicated the NWC boasted the top roster of roleplaying ewrestlers ever assembled as voted by Pro Wrestling Insiders in 2000 whose readers also voted it efed of the year in 1997 & 1999.

Of course, The 911 Kid is the reason all of this happened. O'Doyle rules.

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