The National Wrestling Federation (NWF) [1] is a wrestling organization that has been in existence since 2004. Founded by Danny Williams and Joseph Duncan, the NWF started operation on July 4, 2004 in the inaugural Summer Shock Pay-Per-View. NWF quickly gained attention throughout the efed world.


In April 2004, the doors of the Internet Wrestling Zone were closed for several reasons. One of the "flagships" of the company, Danny Williams (known under the ring name Pimp D), found himself without much intent to travel to a different federation. Instead, he contacted one of the original staff members of the IWZ, Joseph Duncan, and asked him to assist with the creation of a new federation. Duncan had previous experience, originally wrestling in the ASWA and later buying it out and running it. The IWZ had experienced some "politics" problems, and Williams wanted to steer clear of those problems.

A month and a half after purchasing the copyright for the name "National Wrestling Federation", Williams presented the idea to several of his friends he had met in the IWZ. With a starting roster of eight, the NWF opened its doors on July 4 that same year. SummerShock, which was held at the Louisiana SuperDome, was a massive success, and several other members joined the federation.

That night, the first ever NWF National Heavyweight Champion (later renamed the NWF World Heavyweight Championship) was crowned.

As with ever company, there have been some bumps in the road, but the NWF has celebrated its third anniversary and is still going strong.


  • NWF World Heavyweight Championship (Current Champion: Dave Kipfer)
  • NWF Itercontinental Championship (Current Champion: "The Italian Stallion" Joey Vendetti)
  • The World Television Championship (Current Champion: Katharina)

Retired Titles

  • NWF World XTREME Championship
  • NWF Lights Out Extreme Championship
  • NWF World Hardcore Championship (Merged With The Lights Out Extreme Championship To Form The NWF XTREME Championship)
  • NWF World Tag Team Championship
  • NWF United States Championship (Merged with the XTREME Championship to Form the Intercontinental Championship)

Current Roster

The current NWF active roster can be found here [2]

Tag Teams

  • Naron & Phoenix (Tag Team Champions)
  • Phoenix & Slim (Dynamic Duo)


These are usually held weekly. The original program was NWF Saturday Night Breakdown, which was renamed simply to NWF Breakdown after being moved to Thursdays. It was eventually moved back to Saturday, and then was held on different nights before being canceled, replaced by NWF Warpath. A second show aired for a short period called NWF Thursday Turbulence which hosted a separate roster from those on Breakdown. The rosters were eventually merged, but NWF Turbulence remains as a show which usually sets up Pay-Per-View SuperCard events.

  • NWF Warpath (Weekly Show)
  • NWF Turbulence (Pre-PPV Show)
  • NWF LIVE! (Occasional House Show)
  • NWF Anniversary Show (Around July 4; Will Always Be On As A Special Edition of Warpath)

Pay Per View SuperCards

Our Pay-Per-View SuperCards usually run monthly, but sometimes we have a month in which we do not have a Pay-Per-View. This usually happens before our major Pay-Per-Views (NWF SummerShock, which takes place every July and serves as the anniversary PPV, and NWF Season's Beatings, which is our final PPV every year). Season's Beatings was initially followed by the NWF Year-End Awards Show. However, SummerShock is paired with the NWF Anniversary, and has also been paired with the NWF Yearly Awards Show. In the same right, NWF Season's Beatings is the final Pay-Per-View before the NWF's annual two-week holiday vacation period.

General Pay-Per-View Order:

  • January/February: Varies
  • March/Early April: Varies (Named Momentum For 2008, GAME OVER For 2007)
  • Late April/May: Varies
  • June: None
  • July: SummerShock (Classified By The Year i.e. NWF Summer Shock 2008)
  • August: AfterShock (Originally August Annihilation)
  • September/October: Varies (Named XXXcessive Force Un 2004, Exposure In 2007, Redemption For 2006)
  • November: None
  • December: Season's Beatings (Followed By Roman Numerals i.e. NWF Season's Beatings IV For 2007)


  • Mike Masters (Play-By-Play For Warpath & PPV)
  • Lt. Ronin BlackKnight (Color Commentator For Warpath & PPV)
  • "The Godfather" Charles Wright (Additional Color Commentator For Warpath & PPV)
  • Pimp Daddy Q (Turbulence Play-by-Play)
  • Danny Dangerously (Turbulence Color Commentary)

Backstage Reporters/Ring Announcers

  • Dacia Medina (Ring Announcer For All Shows)
  • Blake James (Backstage Reporter/Backup Ring Announcer)
  • Angela Morris (Backstage Interviewer)
  • Random Interview Guy (RIG) (Backstage Reporter)
  • Won Dom Fuk (Personal Interviewer for NWF Owner Danny Williams)


  • Chanelle Stiles
  • Cedric Sanders
  • Nathaniel Banks
  • Mark Hanson
  • John Jackson
  • Matt Logan
  • Mike Johnson (NWF Senior Referee)

NWF Executive Committee

  • Danny Williams - Majority Owner & CEO
  • Ryan Maxwell - NWF Commissioner
  • John Bane (Lt. Commissioner/Booking Assistant)
  • Matt Logan (Booking Assistant)

Additional NWF Staff

  • Joseph Duncan - NWF Co-Founder
  • Perry Tyler - Head of NWF Legal Department
  • Xavier "Bad" Brewster - NWF Head of Security
  • Isaiah James - NWF Trainer
  • Byron Jones - NWF Press Secretary

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