Natural "ICE" Beckman's start in WAW was probably the most controversial and throwing his name out there than any other wrestler in WAW history. Most people sit at the bottom and bide their time til they get their shot and get famous, Ice, wether he knew it or not picked a fight with the most dominant stable the first night he ever stepped into a WAW ring. Hell he didn't even get in the ring, Ice and his family were backstage when Jonathan Micheals and The Powertrip rolled by leaving a heated Beckman and Powertrip. Later on that night, it was time for the Royal Rumble at The Great Brawl 2006. Johnny Dangerous, other powertrip member, and Jonathan Micheals had controlled the ring for the first few entrants, til "WHOS DRUNK" played over the arena, they knew it was Ice and were ready to preform a beatdown, but Ice came in through the crowd to their surprise and eliminated Jonathan Micheals and Johnny Dangerous from the Royal Rumble. He went on to end the royal rumble as the runner-up losing to Josh Rush in what was a very impressive performance from a rookie at the time.

During the Royal Rumble, Beckman often got into it with Justice Blackstone as they battled the whole show with Beckman finally eliminating Justice, now its the next night and Justice is out for revenge in an over the top rope match, it doesn't last long and Beckman wins it. After the match Jonathan Micheals another "friend" Ice made at the Rumble tried to cheap shot Ice with the sledgehammer but it didn't work as Ice turned the tables on Jonathan. Later on the night it was decided, Jonathan Micheals Vs Natural ICE Beckman at the grandest stage of them all Wrestling Heaven, and it was going to be for the U.S. Title. The next week Beckman finds himself in a huge match against the best WAW Wrestler ever, Matt Harrison, he actually defeated him and then after the match Jonathan Micheals got his revenge by laying out Beckman and taunting him with the U.S. Title with the help of fellow stable-mate, Johnny Dangerous. It wasn't the end of the night quite yet, Ice had got his revenge by attacking Jon and other stable match Revelation, while messing up the bosses office. After this Ice had met his first friend by giving a beer to Ed Slamin. The mind games would continue on The Powertrip as he fucked up Jus Huntley's 68' Chevy Malibu the next week. Ice and Ed had their first tag match together against Corey Stevens and Jon Micheals, W.U.I. the name of Ice's tag team was successful in their debut. The next week the pranks would continue on the boss as Ice got Jus Huntley's hotel key card and would rank up his credit card bills via catering. Later on that night Jus Huntley would sentence a doom match for Beckman, a handicap steel cage match against Johnny Dangerous and Revelation Rich Juarez. With the help of Ed Slamin, Natural ICE Beckman won the match and ended up taking out the entire Powertrip to end the show just before Wrestling Heaven. So the time is here, WAW's biggest event with a huge card. It was the match before the main event, U.S. Title on the line Jonathan Micheals the champion against Natural ICE Beckman, the challenger in a last man standing match. After a 100 Proof Shot from Ice he had done it, he had one the United States Championship at the grandest stage, Wrestling Heaven!

A new era begins in U.S. Title history, now Ice was going to be set up for a title defense at the next ppv, Cyber Slam. Beckman would referee a match next week where the winner of that match would face him for the title at Cyberslam. But first he has a shot at the Tag Team Titles with partner Ed Slamin, however it would not be as Ed Slamin would get pinned to cost W.U.I. the tag titles against The Kings of Xtreme(Ryan Hardy and Justice Blackstone), giving Ice his first loss in a tag team environment. Its the next week now and Ice is reffing Capon Vs Natas Vs Corey Stevens where the winner faces him for the U.S. Title at Cyberslam. After a pretty long match we find Natas with his hand raised at the end setting up an Ice's first U.S. Title Defense. CyberSlam though has a special gimmick to it, the fans vote on the matches so this means that Ice will take on Natas in a match of the fans chosing. They chose the First and only ever Frozen Tundra Match. A match where ice will be used as a weapon, doesn't matter though cause Beckman retains his title after a cold match. Afterwards was even colder though as Ed Slamin came down to celebrate with beckman only to be betrayed by Beckman as Beckman has crossed the line to the heel side to join The Power Trip and X-Rated.

The next night had strolled around as Natural ICE Beckman was now teaming with new friend, Jus Huntley to take on Ed Slamin and K-Nyne. In a match that spelled Powertrip allover it. In fact the lumberjacks were all Jus and Ice's stablemates, making for an easy win. The easy wins seem to continue in his second title defense against Kamillion and Bigsky which he won in about 2 minutes flat. Course that wouldn't be the last time we see Ice on that night, Ice and Ed had got into a dispute over who could drink more, and well we had ourselfs a beer drinking contest that Ice lost, but he lost in style as him John Beckman his rich brother, and Jus Huntley took Ice for a wild ride after the contest was over. Week after Week Ice continued to retain his U.S. Title defeating Ryan Hardy on the way to Maui Melee where he defeated legendary Australian wrestler, Alex Blake. After that we would see Ice later on in the should as X-Rated would break away from The Powertrip and Jus Huntley creating XxX Rated with superstars such as Johnny Dangerous, Jonathan Micheals, Justina James, and of course.. Natural ICE Beckman

The next couple weeks would consist of Beckman's buddy puking in Justice's bag, winning a stable wars match against Gehenna lead by The Assassin, defeating Justice Blackstone again to retain his U.S. Title and even end Justice's career for the time being, and defeat Matt Harrison to defend his United States Championship yet again. Though it seemed like a good month, what would happen at The Outback Attack would not be good when Natural ICE Beckman's record setting U.S. Title run would come to an end against Justina James and Jesse "Faith" Johnson in a triple threat match where Justina James was declared the winner.

The next week he would find himself a drunk mess as he talked with Sarah Manson earlier in the night, pretty much wanting her to go out with him, which would only lead to something bad for Beckman as weeks later Sarah turned down Beckman for the boss, Jus Huntley, and there was a visicous and cold beatdown on Ice Beckman. Meanwhile it wasn't all bad as Natural Ice Beckman was now considered the number one contender for Matt Harrison's World Title, a man he had beat twice before. The week before Full Throttle and Ice's title shot former friend, Johnny Dangerous was set to return and be the special referee for his World Title Match, just to make everything went "fair". Despite Josh Rush interfering trying to help his old buddy Matt Harrison even the odds, Natural ICE Beckman would still walk out with the World Title and his spot on top of WAW.

With XXX Rated long gone there still was a singifcation of them still dangling around and that was WAR. Wrestling Authentic Royalty, Natural ICE Beckman and Johnny Dangerous' tag team name. The next week Ice defeated Josh Rush, Harrison and Johnny came down after wards and it appears as though they had all worked together to take out Jus' new stable, The Featured Attraction. It was the main event Harrison Vs Johnny.. the match was now over and The Featured Attraction was coming to the ring again, Josh Rush and Ice had come out here like it was earlier in the night, this time Ice and Johnny had turned on Harrison and Rush sota speak and joined Jus Huntley once again in The Featured Attraction a dominant stable with Jonathan Micheals and Typhoon Vance also in it. Ice Beckman's first World Title defense would be his only successful as he took out the monster, Jason James.

Earlier in the night Jus had announced a huge triple cage match where the two men to walk out with the tag titles at the end would be the tag champions. The teams were set but anyone could win with anyone from any other team so it pretty much was everyman for himself. This would take place at Midsummer Madness. Natural ICE Beckman was the first out of the cage thinking his partner Johnny Dangerous was safe to get out behind him but he thought wrong as Harrison took out Johnny leaving Poison to grab the Tag Title and leave the cage, making Poison and Natural ICE Beckman the World Tag Team Champions, an unlikely duo, but an effective one. Poison and Beckman two weeks later would have their first successful title defense. However things were about to get complicated cause Ice's tag partner, Poison was the number one contender to Ice's World Title. Hmm. So here it was the one year anniversary of WAW, it was A September 2 Remember.. Poison Verus Natural ICE Beckman, partner vs partner for the World Title. Beckman had lost, it looked to be a respectable match between partners, til it was over, Jus would reveal himself as Poison's master and he had sent Poison back to the ring to finish Ice off in a violent way.

Ice the next week was punished some more by Jus this time facing Synn and Daniel White in a handicap match. To Jus disappoint me and the featured attraction which Ice and Johnny had left, causing this hatred, Ice had won his handicap match. At the end of the show Ice had really done it bringing back some pranks from the old days to play on Jus, this time it was to far and Jus didn't want Poison and Ice teaming together, so he made the match that would separate the tag titles, The Featured Attraction(Poison and Typhoon Vance) taking on W.A.R.(Natural ICE Beckman and Johnny Dangerous) to determine the undisputed Tag Team Champions. Sadly, it seemed that this would be the crash of Beckman's career along with Johnny Dangerous'. They lost, just before their match Justina James, Johnny's girlfriend was hospitilized, the next week Johnny's career was ended in a steel cage with Nova while Ice helplessly watched on, Ice's last match in WAW was against Typhoon Vance which he won. After this WAW had closed and when it returned a month or so later, Ice decided not to take part in it.

Ice would return at Wrestling Heaven 2 to take on Assassin in a classic smaller man vs bigger man match. Ice pulled out all the stops and got the win. Ice originally was gonna be a special time wrestler but turned back into a full-time.

He was set to take on Nova for the Attitude and U.S. Titles but injured Nova before the match, so Ice took on Nova's replacement for the match, Bryan Deas. Ice won both belts. Later on he rejoined with Johnny Dangerous and Jonathan Micheals to form Steel Chair Societ and too continue terrorizing the boss, Jus Huntley. The feud between Jus and Ice grows to a stable war between Full Throttle Wrestlers lead by Jus and Steel Chair Society, lead by Ice.

Ice also found himself in the midst of something huge as he won the King of Wrestling Tournament taking on Mikey Filth and Natas Metronic in the finals to win that and the right to face the World Champion, Matt Harrison, he faced him and became the World Champion for the 2nd time also causing Harrison to retire. Earlier in the night Ice also rewarded Natas for the good match in the King of Wrestling Tournament by giving him the United States Championship.

Ice would continue defending his World and Tag Titles for the next few months, until Justina James turned on him making the Tag Titles split. "I will admit, I never quite cared for the bear swelling man. He was always drunk and always out to give the boss a hard time. Even now a days, but one can not deny the man's talent. Whether it really be talent or just drunken luck. He will go down in the WAW books as one of the best." --- Jus Huntley

"Without a doubt, thee greatest wrestler to ever grace the WAW ring, and anywhere else he may go. From his debut, to now. Ice Beckman has many accomplishments, and even kept me out of action for a few weeks after a Frozen Tundra Match at CyberSlam. Since then, I have had the upmost respect for this man, weather it be in or out of the ring. He is a true great and a WAW Hall of Famer that im sure, the record books nor anyone who has seen this man, will ever forget his name, even after he is long gone." --- Natas Metronic

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