The NeXuS DeathMatch is a professional wrestling match, created by Dave Carter and first presented in Gods and Heretics Wrestling at "NeXuS" PPV. It is quite possibly the biggest and one of most brutal constructions known to professional wrestling. An unlimited account of wrestlers can participate in this match.

NeXuS Construction

NeXuS DeathMatch is one giant construction, build on a special 80x80 feet platform. The whole platform is covered with pure concrete and it is wrapped with 20 feet high barbed wire cage wall. At each corner of the platform there is a 20x20 feet ring with a 15 feet high cage, that has no door and a roof that can be lifted, as well it's wall is wrapped with barbed wire. There is as well another ring, same us other four, just without the roof, that is hanged 20 feet above the center of the platform. At each ring's corner and randomly on the platform outside the rings there are trash cans set up, filled with all kinds of weapons and random items. Outside the ring on the platform there are as well chairs, tables and ladders lying around.


NeXuS DeathMatch goes by three stages, each taking place in different areas of the construction.

First Stage

Account of participants: Unlimited

Length: 10 minutes

Area: 4 Corner rings with cages


  • All participants of the NeXuS DeathMatch are divided randomly between four corner rings
  • When all wrestlers are in their respective, roofs are lowered down and 10 minute countdown starts, signaling the start of the match
  • After 10 minutes the roofs are rose up again
  • All wrestlers then have to try and escape the cage before others
  • First two superstars of each cage to escape first continue the match, others are eliminated
  • There are No DQs

Second Stage

Account of participants: 8

Length: Unlimited

Area: Platform outside the rings with cages


  • 8 Superstars that are left in the match must try and reach the elevated ring using ladders as fast as they can by climbing over its cage walls.
  • First 4 wrestlers to get inside the elevated ring advance to the final round, others are eliminated.
  • There are No DQs

Final Stage

Account of participants: 4

Length: Unlimited

Area: Elevated ring with cage


  • The final stage goes by elimination rules
  • Eliminations only count by submissions
  • There are no DQs
  • The last person left is declared the winner of NeXuS DeathMatch


Debut Of Steel And Concrete Hell

The story of NeXuS started on April 16 of 2007, when a quite mysterious promo, featuring Dave Carter and called "Challenge: Hardcore" aired on GHW. This was followed by six more promos the whole week, with one airing each day of the week. And each promo called and talked about different this, changing "Hardcore" to "Dare", "Wild Spirit", "Skill", "Wisdom", "Luck" and the final promo titled "Challenge: The Best". Despite all these promos, it still wasn't clear what was Dave's message. But all cards were revealed April 23, when Dave came out live to the ring and issued an open challenge to any and all, a challenge to a "NeXuS" match. The management of GHW was more than pleased with this match and even putted an ultimate prize on the line - a title shot for any GHW title in a 6 months period from NeXuS. But only the winner could claim it. In the period till "NeXuS" PPV, the challenge was answered by 20 men and 2 women making it a total of 23 superstars (including Dave) match. Just before the match, the draw was made, dividing superstars randomly between the 4 cages. After 10 incredible minutes, in which a lot of bones were broken, a lot of blood was spilled and a lot of energy used, the roofs of cages lifted up and the race started. 9 wrestlers continued the match, because two superstars from the same cgae reached the ground at the same time, while another from the same cage has escaped the cage before. Those 9 wrestlers were Scotty Dreamer, Lil Rey Rey, Dave Carter, Matt Oliveira, Trickshot, Emblem, Justin Michael, Desperado and Rhaps. The action was as bloody and hardcore as it was inside the cages, yet this time it was a lot more intense. There were no time to rest, because only 4 guys would continue the match and those would be who can climb up the elevated cage the fastest. Eventually the final four was clear. Dave Carter, Matt Oliveira, Emblem and Desperado were the quickest ones and made into the elevated ring quickest. The final fight for the golden opportunity began 20 feet above the ring in a steel cage. Eventually submission elimination rules left only two men standing. Quite surprisingly those two were two youngest competitors in the match - Matt Oliveira, who only wrestled in the other part of GHW before, and Dave Carter, the creator of this blood, steel and concrete madness. Yet even if he was the creator, Dave wasn't someone you could call a Hardcore Wrestler, while Matt Oliveira was rightfully titled as "Hardcore Genius". Yet even with this title he was the underdog of the match, but that didn't prevent Matt from doing almost impossible - winning the "NeXuS DeathMatch" by finally forcing Dave to tap out.


Winner Federation Date Won Number of Competitors
Matt Oliveira GHW 20 May, 2007


Ryu Kenamora

GHW 26 May 2008 19
Winthorp Darkrites GHW 22 May 2009 20
Ryan Hughes GHW 23 May 2010 12
Metal Dragon GHW 15 May 2011 24
Desperado GHW 10 June 2012


  • Desperado is the only superstar that has competed in all six matches.
  • Desperado has been a finalist a record six times. Hayden Hardkore has been a finalist for three consecutive years (2010, 2011, 2012)

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