[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Nero]]
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Height 6ft 5in (193cm)
Weight 258 lbs
Date of birth  ???
Place of birth  ???
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Resides  ???
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Trainer Self trained
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Debut June 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}

Nero "God of Hellfire is A Professional Wrestler. His age and Birth place are Unknown. He Currently Works for NWF (Nothern Wrestling Federation)

Early life

All that is know about Neros Childhood is that he was abused as A child and even at one point his parents lit his face on fire hence the reason he wears a Mask and then he was abondoned. However he says that the mask is because "he is to beautiful" and no one deserves to see his face

Nothern Wrestling Federation

Nero Signed with NWF on July 4.

In Wrestling

Nero atmosphere(Spinning Tombstone piledriver)

Nero below 11 (Running powerbomb)

Victory Thrust(Superkick to chest)

Leg drop

Spin out powerbomb


walls of Nero (Walls of Jericho)

Moonsault (used rarely)

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