Ness (born July 5, 1985) is a professional wrestler who currently works for three promotions: Full Scale Pro, Roughkut Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling X.

Ness first saw work under the Shockwave Sports Entertainment banner, debuting in October 2004. He did not make much note in the promotion until he won the vacant No Limits championship at the Dark Tide Rising pay-per-view in February of 2005. Ness would wind up losing the championship a month later to Alex Toushi, and the promotion closed shortly after.

During his tenure in SSE, Ness debuted in Full Scale Pro in 2005 and didn't make much note in the promotion. He had a reputation as a jobber; he rarely won matches, but did manage to pick up a win against RJ Stone at the huge FSP event known as Pinnacle. Ness vanished until around December 2005, where he started a bitter feud with Masterman. The feud was never resolved, however, because Full Scale Pro would close its doors in March 2006.

Ness would then make his debut in PWX in December 2005. In March 2006, Ness defeated Violent K for the PWX Hybrid Championship. He would then lose it to Peter Octavian. The two started a bitter feud, which cultimated with a triple threat match, pitting the two against Pete Ebdon in a two out of three falls match, with one fall for the Hybrid Championship, and the last fall for the World Championship. Ness would pin Pete Ebdon to become a two time Hybrid Champion. However, he would lose the title the following month to Tyler Boyd.

He then captured the Next Gen Championship, defeating Heretic. He would defend his title for the next month until dropping the title to Scott Styles. After a brief feud between Styles and Peter Lenex, Ness left the promotion following a match between Violent K in December 2006. He remains a writer for the promotion and is considering a return soon.

Titles Held:

PWX Hybrid Championship (x2) PWX Next Gen Championship UA Xtreme Championship FSP Tag Team Championship (x2) SSE No Limits Championship

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