The New Board Order (or nBo) for short was a parody joke stable on the Official Wrestlecrap Forums. It was started as an accident when one of the three founding members accidentally created a new thread which eventually became a joke nonsense thread.

The three founding member's forum names were JudoChopToTheHead, DoubleDDudley, and Jackrabbit Slim. JudoChopToTheHead was the one that accidentally started the thread with a misplaced post. From their DoubleDDudley and Jackrabbit Slim joined the thread and they started posting non-organized wrestling swerve jokes.

The First Post To Coin The Name New Board Order

DoubleDDuley was the first person to coin the stable's name in this post.

DoubleDDudley Member Posts: 565 (3/29/04 7:45 am)

Re: Triple Ha! Does that make Slim, you and I the nBo: New Board Order?

nBo Brief History

The following is a brief history of the nBo.

The Beginning JudoChopToTheHead, DoubleDDudley, and Jackrabbit Slim officially form the nBo and say they are ready to take over the WCF (WrestleCrap Forum).

The Four Boardsmen and Latino Board Order The nBo is challenged by two stables, the Four Boardsmen and Latino Board Order. Since there were only two members in the Four Boardsmen and only one member in the Latino Board Order they united together to form the 4lbo to go up against the nBo.

Board Games The first PPV in the nBo history. It was the nBo VS 4lbo. It was fought as a forum game and was very disorganized but it is believed that the nBo came out on top.


The Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation was spawned off from the nBo by forum member Toomiguci. It eventually became a regular E-Fed and is still open to this day.

nBo Members

JudoChopToTheHead AKA "Da Bad Guy" Stone Cold "Big Magnum" Scott "Last Call" AlcoHall

DoubleDDudley AKA Double D Dudley

Jackrabbit Slim AKA Na$$$ure Boy

The Golden Spike AKA The Golden Spike

ThePhantom86 AKA 8Syxx

dorzia AKA dorzia

Dancing Stevie Richards AKA DSR

Adam Bomb AKA Ghetto Nightmare Adam Bomb

HitmanDX AKA The Heartbreak Hitman Bret Michaels and Gasoline

Bobafett AKA The Fettster

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