The New ERA World Tag Team Championships were the titles in New ERA of Wrestling reserved for tag team wrestling. The championship belts were to be unified with the WFW World Tag Team Championships at the WFW:NE Destrucity II pay per view. Initially, the champions were to be decided at the joint showcase EPW / NEW WrestleSTOCK '07 in the finals of the World Tag Team Championship Tournament, however the match ended in a double count out. The championships were among the three that were created when New ERA first opened operations in 2004, but were not officially instated until July 16, 2007 at the joint pay per view.

Final Champions

Bored of Edukashun were the sole and final holders of the belts when they defeated The Inner Circle and the Saviors of Wrestling in a "Survivor" match in Havana, Cuba on August 12, 2007.


Bored of Edukashun had been missing in action since the announcement of the merger between New ERA of Wrestling and World's Finest Wrestling. The organization officially retired the New ERA World Tag Team championship on November 20, 2009, meaning that the WFW World Tag Team Championship would now be christened the WFW:NE World Tag Team Championship.

Title History

Wrestler(s): Reign #: Date: Location of match: Notes:
Vacant 1 July 16, 2007 East Rutherford, New Jersey Inner Circle and Bored of Edukashun battled to a double countout during the finals of the tournament at EPW/NEW WrestleSTOCK '07.
Bored of Edukashun 1 August 12, 2007 Harbor of Havana, Cuba BoE defeated Inner Circle and Saviors of Wrestling in a Survivor match for the vacant World Tag Team championships at New ERA BANNED in the US.
Bored of Edukashun 1 November 20, 2009 Boston, Massachusetts Championship becomes officially defunct after WFW:NE retired the belts.

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