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New Era Wrestling is an e-wrestling federation created in December 2001 by Patrick Senter and "Cade" Hallaren. Other co-owners include "Berg", and Tony Millennia. The company ran in three distinct periods of time, designated with numbers after the company's initials (NEW1, NEW2, NEW3). NEW3 is considered the most successful of the three incarnations, and ran from January 2003 until December 2004.

New Era Wrestling (.net)
Federation Name New Era Wrestling (1, 2, 3)
Abbreviation NEW1, NEW2, NEW3
Weekly shows NEW Breakout (December 2001-December 2004, ## episodes), NEW Ground Zero (January 2004-March 2004, ## episodes)
Previous names None
Time open December 2001-March 2002 (NEW1) June 2002 (NEW2) January 2003-December 2004 (NEW3)
Last NEW World Champion Kyle Rayner
Owner(s) (Out of Character) Patrick Senter (December 2001-August 2004; September 2004-December 2004; NEW1-3); "Cade" Hallaren (NEW1); "Berg" (January 2003-April 2003, NEW3); Tony Millennia (April 2003-December 2004, NEW3)
Owner(s) (In Character) Reno Frost (December 2001-August 2004, NEW1-3); Joel Maverick (December 2001, NEW1); Tony Millennia (August 2004-December 2004, NEW3)
Based in Las Vegas, NV USA
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly


In the wake of the closure of Xtreme World Wrestling, run by Chris (Extreme) Alexander, Reno Frost, head of the Frost Family company known as the New Era Organization, euthanized his original acquisition, Yahoo Wrestling, and began compiling talent for his own vision, New Era Wrestling. While some of the YW talent was kept on, most notably Seraph, David Lunar, Carson Davis, and NEW Legend Andrew Ashton, Frost and his new business partner, Joel Maverick, consulted Alexander in order to obtain former XWW talent, including stars Adora, James Edwards, Alexander himself (in his Chris Extreme persona), Jeff Evans, and NEW Legends Morgana and Tony Millennia. Alexander and Frost also convinced XWW superstar Corey Page to make an appearance for the NEW Breakout pilot episode, aired live-to-tape on December 29, 2001.


The Breakout Pilot was met with strongly positive responses, showcasing the NEW's male and female competitors. Angelica Dawson defeated Six in the first match in NEW history, while long time partners Adora and Morgana defeated Kou Bishop and Matt Jeffries in intergender action. Jason White became the first title holder in NEW, defeating Seraph and Jake Devins in a three-way dance for the Iron Fist title, NEW's version of a hardcore rules championship. Michael Jeffreys defeated "The Twilight Angel" Nicolae Carpathia, while David Lunar (who actually had dual success in YW and XWW) notched a win over Mike Porter. Another XWW wrestler, Matt Miller, won a cage match over AJ Collins. Andrew Ashton defeated Jeff Evans in a submission match, and in the main event, Chris Extreme defeated Corey Page, with Reno Frost showing his alignment with Extreme. The two attacked Page after the match, with Andrew Ashton making the save. Even from the first show, the stage had been set for Extreme and Ashton to meet at the first NEW PPV, Downfall.

At Downfall, Chris Extreme used his high-level connections with Frost to triumph over Andrew Ashton and become the first NEW World Heavyweight Champion. Further down on the show, Tony Millennia became the first North American champion, and Angel and Kou Bishop became the first Women's and Canadian champions, respectively. Extreme's reign was seemingly short-lived, however, as he was upset by Adora on the next episode of Breakout, giving NEW not only its second World Champion, but its first female World Champion. Her reign was even shorter, however, as Reno Frost (who had by then taken over as full owner of NEW) called for an immediate rematch, which Extreme won via a roll-up with Adora's tights being pulled. Extreme held the title through the next PPV, NEW Counterstrike, where he successfully defended the title against Tony Millennia, who had stepped up to face the group headed by Extreme and Reno Frost. The show also featured the first of NEW's Ashton Endurance Matches, the objective of which is to be the first wrestler to score five victories over his opponent, with David Lunar defeating Andrew Ashton. However, NEW suffered a big setback, as multiple members of the talent roster left the promotion, and Frost put plans for further shows on hold, one week shy of the third NEW PPV, Ground Zero.


Reno Frost was undaunted, however, and attempted to reorganize his pride and joy, New Era Wrestling, in June 2002. It started on good terms, but quickly (very quickly) fell apart, as several of the wrestlers still felt spurned by the original closure of NEW1. Two weeks into the second version of New Era Wrestling, it abruptly closed again. This time it would remain so through the end of the year.

NEW2 also holds the distinction of being the only NEW incarnation to not have surviving videotapes of its episodes of Breakout. Several attempts have been made by the NEO to recover these lost tapes, but nothing has been found as of yet.


In January 2003, Reno and brother Rufus once again set off on their journey to make NEW a successful business venture for the Organization, putting themselves right back onto the map with NEW Downfall 2003. The re-launch included a one-night tournament to crown a new World Champion. The winner was Evo Shandor, who quickly proved to be a bust as the head of the company. In dominating fashion, Adam Cameron, a XWW trainee who had been nothing more than a supporting role in previous NEW incarnations, defeated Shandor to win the NEW World Title.

The main roles in the early stages of NEW3 were Cameron, Kyle Rayner (a YW wrestler who had achieved moderate success there, but hadn't joined NEW until this incarnation), and Trevor Wrath, whose violent style personified the new attitude of NEW. The rest of the roster seemed to be lacklustre, but by March, Millennia, Ashton, and Extreme all returned, with newer signees David Strife and Jamie Williams. Williams would become a mainstay in the International Title division, while Cameron held the title for an incredible 100 consecutive days before being upset by Andrew Ashton.

Other new additions in May included Jimmy Jackson and one of Andrew's brothers, Corey Ashton. Ashton's rise to fame came to a head at 2003's One King PPV, where he co-won the One King tournament with Trigere. One King also marked the beginning of what has been called the "Morgana Era", as she defeated Andrew Ashton to win the NEW World Title. Her reign lasted an incredible 85 days, as week after week, Morgana defeated men two or three times her own size.

But it would be the same man she defeated that would triumph and end her reign. Andrew Ashton won his second World Title at Starstruck. But in what would become a trend for "Drew-Ash", a routine title defense proved to be his downfall, as he lost a match to Kyle Rayner on a special "Super" Breakout. The main event of the show saw Morgana defeat Tony Millennia in a Marathon Match, which had a special referee, in the form of Morgana's then boyfriend (now husband) Timothy Ashton (yes, another Ashton brother). The show also saw the return of Reno Frost as a figurehead in NEW. However, Rayner's reign would be short-lived, as he had a contract dispute with the promotion, and promptly dropped the title in a triple threat to Tony Millennia, with Andrew Ashton being the third man in the match.

Millennia, however, had a problem defeating Morgana, and she was the one who unseated him, winning the title for her second reign at NEW Last Wave. Last Wave also saw Nikita, an unknown rookie at the time, defeat worldwide superstar Pete Ebdon in the finals of the NEW National Title Tournament. Finally, another relative newcomer, Jonathan Collins, won the first of his three NEW International Titles by defeating Trevor Wrath. These three title changes set the stage for what NEW was calling its "Season Finale" and biggest show of the year, Legacy.

Legacy was everything it was hyped to be, seeing "Prime Time" The Vine make the best of his night, winning the "Chance of a Lifetime" battle royal, and then winning the first fall of a ladder match to win the National Title. Ebdon won the International Title in the second fall of that match. Further up on the card, for the first time since they were all in training, Andrew, Corey, and Timothy Ashton defeated Reno Frost's hand picked team, Chris Extreme, Kyle Rayner, and Adam Cameron.

But the main event was the biggest match of them all; an Elimination Chamber Match for the NEW World Title, pitting champion Morgana against five opponents; Tony Millennia, Andrew Ashton, Adam Cameron, Seraph, and Trevor Wrath. And it was Andrew Ashton who would walk out with his unprecedented third NEW World Title, ending Season One of NEW3.

NEW3, Season 2

Season two of NEW started quickly, with the advent of The Lethal Lottery and NEW's second television show, Ground Zero (named for the pay per view). Ground Zero was a critical disaster, being panned by virtually the entire wrestling business. The Lethal Lottery, however, was met with better fortunes, and led to NEW Downfall 3, where Adam Cameron, who had won the title just a few weeks before, fell to Andrew Ashton. Ashton was crowned the NEW World Champion for an incredible fourth time, a company record.

The promotion carried on, with Cameron's departure filled by several newcomers, such as Xavier Phibes, Gwenivere Jordan, and Arachnophobia. A new tag team surfaced during this time as well, the trainer/trainee team of "White Phoenix" James Halford and Aaron Ashton, calling themselves Operation Icon. Immediately the pair began antagonizing Jonathan Collins, going so far as to have his daughter taken away from him. Collins defeated Aaron at NEW Counterstrike 3, while Andrew Ashton defended his title against Tony Millennia.

Morgana had her own problems at this time, as a mysterious newcomer, Illumina Emotoas, debuted and tore through the NEW roster, requesting a match against her. Their problems came to a head at Ground Zero, where Emotoas deliberately lost to a drugged Morgana and revealed himself as Ranma Saotome. Jonathan Collins, still feuding with Operation Icon and Tony Millennia, defeated fellow member of The Infinite, Nikita, to win the International Title. In the main event, Andrew Ashton vanquished another challenger in the form of former friend Trevor Wrath.

Following Ground Zero, the One King Tournament began, with the winner getting a NEW World Title match at Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes. The semi-finals and finals were aired on pay-per-view, with Anton Rayge facing Morgana, and Seraph facing Ranma Saotome. In one night, Seraph upset both Saotome and Morgana, becoming the King of NEW. Also on the show, James Halford defeated Jonathan Collins in a ladder match to become NEW International Champion, and Trevor Wrath won a Sole Survivor Gauntlet Match to win the NEW World Title, and become the second NEW Grand Slam Champion (World, International, Tag Team, and National), after Andrew Ashton, who accomplished the feat a week earlier.

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