New International Wrestling Alliance, Inc.
NIWA Logo 2
Founded October 1999
Founder Gwydion Black
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Shows NIWA Breakdown
Pay-Per-Views Monthly
Federation type Roleplay and match based; Open-idea
Website NIWA Online

The New International Wrestling Alliance (NIWA) is one of the longest running, still-active e-federations, based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with members from various locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The federation has been in action since October of 1999, but has grown since the establishment of virtual online wrestling, beginning with the SmackDown vs. RAW series. Weekly matches are organized by the superstars, and/or assigned by the administrators, with Championship decisions being decided both amongst the competitors in the matches, and by the administrators. The main goal of the NIWA is to organize and perform matches that are both enjoyable to perform and enjoyable for others to watch. Unlike most other e-federations, the NIWA does not encourage putting winning a match over putting on a match that is aesthetically enjoyable. Since the Online start in 2006, 'til its long-running through 2012, NIWA still remains active, and is the fairest E-Federation that follows a story-line based progression. Being the most successful E-Federation, NIWA still grows to this day, heading into the next Era in Sports Entertainment.

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