New Next Level Wrestling
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Federation Name New Next Level Wrestling
Abbreviation 2NLW, nNLW
Weekly shows Breakdown (Weekly)
Previous names Next Level Wrestling, NLW
Time open April 2005-
Owner(s) Ignavus
Based in United States
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Every month
Website Click here

New Next Level Wrestling, (2NLW for short), is a e-wrestling federation that aspires to live up to its namesake and reach the next level of internet wrestling. The original Next Level Wrestling was founded by Ignavus and Xille during the summer of 2004. Xille quickly left the project as an administrator, however, and Ignavus ran the site until it was shut down, most noticeably with the help of Judge Death.

The NLW brand was revived during the spring of 2005 in the form of 2NLW, this time by Ignavus and Judge Death. The most noticeable returns from the original NLW were "The Playboy" Brett Rayne and Belle Black. History tends to repeat itself, however, and Ignavus was once again left running the site by himself. Judge Death disappeared and hasn't been heard from since. Ignavus has continued to run the site to present, however, and the 2NLW is thriving.

Title Information

Universal Title Main Article: 2NLW Universal Championship

This title is the supreme achievement in the 2NLW federation, and is held only by wrestlers with supreme charisma, fortitude, talent, and dedication. It is the utmost honor.

Universal Title History

5. Furious George: July 24, 2006 ~ ???

Furious George defeated R.E. Rage at the July 24 edition of Breakdown to get the 2NLW Universal title.

4. R.E. Rage: May 22 ~ July 24, 2006

R.E. Rage's sudden victory to Universal Champion came as a shock. After being defeated for the International Championship at Levelopolis, he banded with Brett Rayne to form RNR and go after Dark Angel in vengeance. The newly enthroned Warrior Warrior - the General "Dictator" - came to their aid, hating the idea of a woman champion, and stopped Dark Angel from defending her title at Phoenix Dawn, leaving only Rayne and Rage to fight for it although she was still technically in the match. Rayne handed the title to Rage on a silver platter and RNR was born. Rage went on to defend the title in a greuling Elimination Chamber that he entered first, turning back the top six competitors, and cemented the RNR alliance when Belle came into the chamber to help him win.

3. Dark Angel: April 17, 2006 ~ May 22, 2006

Although Dark Angel won the Universal Championship in a glorious fashion, her reign was all too brief. She was fired on the night of her first title defense by the General "Dictator" Warrior Warrior, who, although technically not removing her from the title match between her and RNR, did not allow her to enter. Rayne let Rage win and the Dark Angel chapter of the Universal Title was closed before it ever really began.

2. Brett Rayne: January 24, 2006 ~ April 17, 2006

Brett Rayne was the untouchable champion. He won the title and had never been pinned, and never been made to submit. Unfortunately, it was the way he won that title that discredited him. He was able to manipulate the situation to get Eliza Corvin to come out and end the match in his favor after putting Hart into a Harshooter, even though Hart was not beaten. Rayne continued to screw Hart out of the title twice more, once by tricking the ref into thinking he cheated, and another time by distracting him with Walken's entrance music. By the end, Rayne had not only taken Hart's title, but his sanity.

However, the Playboy's reign came to an end at Levelopolis. Dark Angel had just returned and swept through the Ascension Day royal rumble, and won the fans over doing it. She faced off against Rayne on the biggest nNLW stage ever, and was almost beaten when Rayne cemented an alliance with R.E. Rage. However, when DA's estranged sister Belle came to her aid, DA was able to even the playing field and, for the first time ever, pinned Brett Rayne and became the Universal Champion!

1. Andrew Hart: June 2, 2005 ~ January 24, 2006

By the end of his title reign, the Universal Title had become synonymous with Andrew Hart. His impact on the title could not be over-stated. He won the royal rumble on the first Breakdown for the Universal title, but due to conflict in upper management, he did not get the chance to finally win the title until months later in a six-man elimination match featuring the top nNLW talent; including Ignavus, Xille, Divebomb, Eliza Corvin, and R.E. Rage. After winning the title, Hart would go on to defend the title in an excellent match against R.E. Rage, and then in many daring contests against Emma Frost and "The All Seeing I" Ignavus, including the first nNLW cage match, which he was again successful in. Hart was challenged anew by Big Dog's 'Hart Attack' campaign, in which he consistently attacked the champ. Hart overcame his fear, however, and made Big Dog tap in the middle of the ring. Hart's dominant run, however, was brought to an end at the hands of the first Master of the Mat, Brett Rayne. Brett was not able to defeat Hart until Eliza Corvin, Hart's friend up to that point, came out as the referee, and ended the match when Rayne put Hart in his own sharpshooter maneuver. It was a painfully ironic way to end the title's first reign. However, no matter how he lost it, Andrew Hart shaped the Universal Title and made it respected during his over seven month title reign.

International Title Main Article: 2NLW International Championship

This title is a stepping stone to the main event, a recognition of potential and promise.

International Title History

7. Chris Lord: September 2, 2006 ~ ???

6. Karl Baller: April 17, 2006 ~ September 2, 2006

Karl Baller's grand International victory at Levelopolis propelled him into the leader of a pack of fresh young challengers and old hands. He defended the International Title the next Breakdown against Rage on the eve of RNR's birth by disqualification, then beat Sophia Estrella on the next Breakdown only to be challenged by Big Dog for Phoenix Dawn! At Phoenix Dawn, he beat Big Dog out of hand, but then took a match against Graves too that he almost lost the title in! Baller managed to retain though, against the odds, and at the end of the night he had won five IN title matches in the past four shows! At the next Breakdown, a pummeled and beaten Baller was assaulted by Chris Lord, claiming he was impure, and that he had to win the title from him to redeem him. Weeks later, Xille returned to challenge his rival Lord and the three of them wound up in a three-way dance for Karl's title at Coronation. Xille and Baller were able to put away their differences to pin Lord using an amazing Lobotomy turned into a Death Sentence combo, but then Lord got revenge by ending the match with a chair before the matter could be settled - which lead the three of them to a ladder match at Breakdown Prime! This match was interrupted as well, however, when Anarchy and his Dead Boyz stormed in and beat down all three of them, demanding a shot for Jacob. Iterum made the save, and suddenly there was a five-way conflict brewing. The only way to settle this conflict between these five high-flying innovators was The Ultimate X. So, for the first time in 2NLW, Baller's title was on the line in the Ultimate X and although it seemed he had the victory in hand, Furious George sent out his secret police to beat down baller and remove him from the match - proving his point to Karl. With the champion gone, Chris Lord was able to barely snatch the victory out of Iterum Ignavus' hands, ending Baller's dominant streak with the International Title - and maybe his sanity as well.

5. R.E. Rage: August 1, 2005 ~ April 17, 2006

Rage was able to rob TGO of the IN title in just one short month, after which he went on to defend the title against Lev, nNLW Rookie of the Year for 2005, in a submission match. Amarant Odinson fell next to the Path of Rage, and then the list just built up higher and higher. Rage was the unstoppable champion, and everyone tried their best to take the title from him, only to fail. That is, of course, until Karl Baller finally took his shot at greatness at Levelopolis. After tricking Rage into restarting the match twice, Baller nailed the Chaos From Heaven and finally put an end to the Path of Rage.

4. The Great One: July 1, 2005 ~ August 1, 2005

Able to hold the IN title for only a month, TGO met his defeat at The Razor's Edge. After being humiliated by Rage twice in a row, it looked as though he would win the day and keep his title, but Rage kicked out of his finisher and an Evolutioner spelled the end for this brief title reign.

3. Vacant: June 14, 2005 ~ July 1, 2005

Walken ordered a battle royal to award the IN title, but Rayne interrupted, and left the two finalists - Gamer Ken and The Great One.

2. Brett Rayne: June 14, 2005 ~ June 14, 2005

Rayne was the International Champion for all of two seconds. After winning the title, he declared himself too good for it and vacated it - a move that insulted roster member GreatFaiz.

1. Gamer Ken: April 23, 2005 ~ June 14, 2005

After being awarded the first 2NLW International Championship by General Manager Thomas Walken for an impressive victory over Agent M, and her lackey, Gamer Ken was notably able to defend his title in a massacre of a triple threat street fight at the 2005 Coronation, but was sadly robbed at the followed Breakdown by Brett Rayne - who capitalized on his poor condition.

Feminine Title Main Article: 2NLW Feminine Championship

The Women's Championship is designated only for female competitors - and is meant to celebrate all women's unique competitive styles.

Feminine Title History

8. Angel: July 2, 2006 ~ ???

7. Jada Star: April 17, 2006 ~ July 2, 2006

Jada Star became the first woman to hold the Feminine Championship twice, winning it back at Levelopolis. The newly crowned Babe Champion - Amy Dumas - was the special guest referee, which was a personal honor for Jada, as she greatly influenced her wrestling style. Jada went on to defend the title well, including bravely against Belle Black while she had the lingering threat of Rex Butler looming behind her.

6. Sophia Estrella: January 24, 2005 ~ April 17, 2006

After having won the Feminine Title, Sophia took it with her into competition around the world, but Jada Star returned and made her presence felt on the champion until she had no choice but to return. The first ever nNLW Babe Champion, Lita, was the special referee for the conflict at Levelopolis, and Jada was able to score the upset.

5. Belle Black: November 1, 2005 ~ January 24, 2005

Although Belle was a proud champion, the pressure quickly broke her down. When she entered into an elimination match at Ragnarok, Rex Butler savagely attacked her, and injured her. She was removed from the match, and her team later lost, meaning she forfeited the title without ever having been pinned.

4. Vacant: October 16, 2005 ~ November 1, 2005

The Feminine Championship was next heard from again at Breakdown Prime, at which Sophie Estrella brought it out and proclaimed herself champion. This encouraged the meteoric return of Belle Black to the nNLW, and she challenged Sophie for the freshly vacated title.

3. ???: September 11, 2005 ~ October 16, 2005

This mysterious woman haunted Jada for months, leaving her strange, cryptic messages that seemed to defy logic. At Combustion, she went one on one with the Feminine Champion in her debut, and won the title. However, Jada got her revenge on the girl on the next Breakdown and she was not heard from afterwards.

2. Jada Star: June 2, 2005 ~ September 11, 2005

As the first nNLW Feminine Champion, Jada Star set the standard for not only competition, but beauty and grace, as well; if not for being a fan favorite. She was able to successfully defend her title most notably against her heated rival - Ivy Demona.

1. Atticus

Atticus stands in the history books as the only NLW Women's Champion, and she certainly earned that right. She was able to win the title in a three way Bra and Panties match, and then defended it against Hell Angel in the main event of NLW Combustion - a Hell in a Cell. (Note: Atticus was actually the Feminine Champion in the original NLW, but the lineage of the title is recognized as continuing on into 2NLW)

Tag Team Title Main Article: 2NLW Tag Team Championship

Titles' Description: These titles are for the best two competitors in the league. Tag Team wrestling calls for unique strategies and discipline unlike any other.

Tag Team Title History

7. The GPA (Divebomb and Ravage): July 2, 2006 ~ ???

6. Ivy Demona and Sci-FI Man: April 17, 2006 ~ July 2, 2006

Ivy-D and Sci-Fi were certainly an odd couple tandem, but separately they were tag team specialists. This reign marked Ivy's fourth 2NLW Tag Team title reign, with her third partner, no less! And, by winning this title, Sci-Fi man became tag team champion in 3 different companies - simultaneously! Their experience allowed them to gel despite their differences, that is, until they met the GPA.

5. Whicked Greatness (ICS and TGO): February 1, 2006 ~ April 17, 2006

InsaneClownSkeleton was one of the original tag team champions, but he never got a chance to savor his victory, or to even touch the title belt. His jealousy grew and grew as he recovered, and he got in touch with The Great One. They joined forces and returned, stealing the tag team titles out from under the Sex Kittens. Then Emma Frost was banished by Furious, and Ivy was left to weather their attacks on her own. Sci-Fi Man came to her aid, however, and was able to help her finally get victory over Whicked Greatness at Levelopolis as she made ICS tap out to Emma's Frost Bite!

4. The Sex Kittens of Ivy Demona and Emma Frost: February 1, 2006 ~ February 1, 2006

The Sex Kitten's second run did not last very long at all, for as Emma defeated Jihad in the ring, their next opponents waited and pinned Ivy-D as soon as they had won.

3. Revolution of Furious George and Jihad: January 24, 2006 ~ February 1, 2006

Revolution's reign with the tag team titles was short, however, as they were forced into a brutal triple defense on the following Breakdown. Although they were able to defeat the Self Proclaimed Exiles, The Crusaders were able to give Emma and Ivy Demona the chance they needed to win their titles back.

2. The Sex Kittens of Ivy Demona and Emma Frost: November 1, 2005 ~ January 24, 2006

When Revolution won the five-man elimination match, for the first time in nNLW's history, Ivy Demona was no longer a tag team champion. Though Ivy and Emma were able to bravely defend the titles, however their reign might be most remembered for... what happened behind closed doors.

1. Ivy Demona and Insane Clown Skeleton: August 1, 2005 ~ November 1, 2005

Ivy Demona and ICS were able to defeat long time rivals Big Dog and Jada Star to become the first tag team champions, but at a steep price. Big Dog, enraged, tore ICS away from the ring, which gave Ivy enough time to pin Jada, but also let Big Dog send ICS crashing off the Archivetron. It is unclear at this time whether or not ICS's career will even continue, and how Ivy will be able to protect her newly won titles without a partner.

Pay Per View History

April ~ Phoenix Dawn

Phoenix Dawn was the first 2NLW pay per view. Hence named to commemorate the fed's rebirth, it promises to be an event full of rebirth, be it friendships or hatred.

Theme Song: Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus

Past PPV Recaps

Phoenix Dawn 2005 ~ This night was one that lived up to the 2NLW's namesake, it created a standard for quality that would be demanded in the future. During the PPV, we saw Tyler Sutton face off with rival Gamer Ken, with Belle Black as special referee. Due to the interference of Brett Rayne, Gamer Ken was able to pick up the win. We saw four of the 2NLW's most promising aspects, Ivy Demona, Jada Star, Dark Angel, and Eliza Corvin compete for a mystery case, the contents of it where left unknown. In the end, after the ring had collapsed, 'Liza slid down from the ceiling to claim the victory. But what was in the case? During the night, Divebomb, disgruntled over an earlier humiliation, demanded a triple threat match against Andrew Hart and R.E. Rage, the two top men at the moment, and proved his role as a key player by coming out on top. The main event, however, shocked everyone when Judge Death and Ignavus, unable to resolve their differences, fought for ultimate control of the company. Neither man was victorious, however, as they technically collapsed and pinned each other. The infamous Thomas Walken made his first appearance right then, and pronounced his dominance over the company - removing power from both Ignavus and Judge Death. Just like Walken's impact, that of Phoenix Dawn will be felt forever in the history of the company.

May ~ Coronation

Coronation was christened because, after that night, the 2NLW had finally recognized its champions, and found greatness.

Theme Song: Fuel - Last Time

Past PPV Recaps

Coronation 2005 ~ The fans came remembering Phoenix Dawn's greatness, and they were not disappointed. This was a night where everything changed in the 2NLW. Dark Angel and Belle Black almost came to blows. Jada Star became the first woman to claim the Feminine Championship in the 2NLW. Big Dog and X were savagely attacked, and injured. GreatFaiz was able to guide his meck to victory in the TBA special, but destroyed San Diego doing it. Gamer Ken was able to put away any idea that he was not a fighting champion, and drive back Immobilizer and The Great One in a bloody street fight. The highlight of the night, however, was the six-way elimination match, in which Xille made his shocking debut. In the end, however, Andrew Hart was able to turn back Xille, Ignavus, Divebomb, R.E. Rage, and Eliza Corvin and win the fans over by claiming the title to be the first 2NLW Universal champion.

June ~ Entropy

Entropy is the slow degradation into chaos, the end of those things built up and their fall into nothingness. It is a dark time for nNLW.

Theme Song: Bad Religion - Entropy

Past PPV Recaps

Entropy 2005 ~ Once again, the nNLW monthly Pay-Per-View did not disappoint; viewers were kept on the edge of their seat. The night started off with a surprise - The Great One was able to trounce Gamer Ken for the Internationa Title - and the fans passionately turned on the gamer. Later in the same night, GK demanded a rematch against TGO for the title, and was thrown through a plate glass window to the arena below - it ended his career. Jada Star defended her title against Ivy-D, even when the match was amended to include Big Dog and ICS - this time, it was Big Dog that got the pin for his girlfriend. Spartan braved the tortures of the Ignavus TBA, and was forced to slay his own friend in the end. Brett Rayne intended to do battle with GreatFaiz, but Rayne, the newest addition to the roster, savaged the ninja and took his place - almost getting a huge win on her first night. Divebomb and Xille faced off in a brutal match that was interrupted when Ignavus attacked both friend and foe. This year's Entropy featured a double main event, in which Hart defeated Rage to retain the Universal Title and put to doubt any uncertainty over his title reign and Belle Black and Dark Angel faced off in a best of 3 match, a submission match Belle won, a paddle on a pole match Dark Angel won, and finally a buried alive match in which Belle buried the girl - only to find out that indeed, Dark Angel was her sister by birth.

July ~ The Razor's Edge

The Razor's Edge is a dangerous time, when the very status quo hangs in the balance. The name is a tribute to Somerset Maugham's Razor's Edge.

Theme Song: AC/DC - The Razor's Edge

Past PPV Recaps

Razor's Edge 2005 ~ The first Razor's Edge made a name for itself as a sight of incredible violence. During the Pay Per View, we saw Natalie Upton, the Drifter, make her debut in the TBA, in a tortuous steel tower with electrified walls, ladders, and barbed wire. We see a gruesome First Blood match between Rayne and Brett Rayne, ending in Rayne's horrifying beat down on Belle Black due to her interference. Andrew Hart received the worst beating of his career at the hands of the treacherously sly Emma Frost and Ignavus, though he managed to retain his title. And, worst of all, we saw Big Dog send ICS plummeting off the Archivetron and through the steel ramp below - possibly ending his career, and leaving Ivy Demona a newly won tag champion without a partner. At Razor's Edge we saw R.E. Rage strip TGO of his International Title a mere month after he won it, and we saw Lev triumphantly become the nNLW Rookie of the Year 2k5. It was a dramatic night, and a violent one. Roster members should beware the next time The Razor's Edge comes about.

August ~ Combustion

Combustion is the only Pay Per View that was hosted by the original Next Level Wrestling. As such, it is an extravagant affair; and surely is the high point of the summer for the company. We consider Combustion to be the second biggest Pay Per View of the year.

Theme Song: Frontline Assembly - Internal Combustion

Past PPV Recaps

Comustion 2005 ~ This Combustion marked the triumphant return of the nNLW after a lengthy pause, and you could tell every single person on the roster was ready to prove that nNLW was alive and better than ever. The show started off with Ivy Demona defending the tag titles for both herself and ICS against Drifter and Grave Robber - which she was able to do successfully due to the nNLW's newest debut, Furious George's, attack on Drifter. Then we saw two new wrestlers, Durian Summers and XXX, surprise everyone by joining together and beating down our head referee, AC Benham. The night continued when Jada Star was beaten by a mysterious girl who won the Feminine Championship from her. Christopher Back issued the first Cyberstrike X Challenge, proving his dominance of the industry. The TBA returned in full force, as Hiram battled for his life on a toppling tower. RE Rage defended the International Title against Lev, with his partner Freezing Point, in a match that was very much out of his element - a submission match. Brett Rayne continued his undefeated streak by beating his old rival Amarant Odinson. And, in the main event, Andrew Hart put the Universal title on the line both Ignavus and Emma Frost in the first ever nNLW Cage Match. This match proved to be one of the most grueling in nNLW history, and included interference by Big Dog and Divebomb. In the end, however, Hart kept the title by powerbombing Ignavus back into the cage and falling back through the announce table. It was an amazing night, and each wrestler on the roster really gave their all.

October ~ Allhallowmas

Allhallowmas follows the old wrestling Halloween Pay Per View tradition! Be up for a night of costumes, monsters, and lots of scares!

Theme Song: Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Past PPV recaps

Allhallowmas 2005 ~ People are saying this was the nNLW's best Pay Per View yet, and if you judge by terms of stacked cards - we'd have to agree. Freezing Point was defeated in a "you win" match up by his partner Lev, forcing him to unmask - and reveal his identity as Spartan! Belle Black won her debut match, a costume Bra and Panties match, to win the vacated Feminine Title! Xille had his return match as well, but didn't fare as well as Belle as Hiram defeated him cleanly - but then Ignavus returned to save his friend! The TBA featured the revival of the classic WCW Chamber of Horrors, featuring Sci-Fi Man, but Dio Brande interfered and might have actually killed poor Sci-Fi Man! Ivy and Emma were able to become tag team champions in a spectacularly violent Monster's Ball match, but just barely, and Revolution was not pleased. Master of the Mat finished as Brett Rayne was able to persevere and win the tournament, barely defeating Karl Baller. In the main event, Hart faced his fear and squared off against Big Dog, and though Big Dog's family kept trying to interfere, they were turned back by various nNLW roster members! Big Dog had the audacity to dress up as Shawn Michaels, in Montreal of all places, so the fans were overjoyed when Hart made him tap out to the Hartshooter!

January ~ Ragnarok

Ragnarok was a clash of the giants, be it that of factions, singles, or legends.

Theme Song: R.E.M - It's the End of the World as we Know it

Past PPV Recaps

Ragnarok 2006 ~ Ragnarok was the first nNLW Pay-Per-View of 2006, and it shocked the very foundation of the company. The newly formed Hatebreeders of Big Dog and Jeremy Graves deat down Jada Star, and turned on Bob Van Dam for trying to stop them. Durian Summers put XXX out of his life and began his singles career. Ignavus exacted revenge on Tristan the Irish and continued his quest against Revolution. The Great One planned on fighting Cam Pipes, but was instead destroyed in the ring by Reyna and Poison. Dio Brande was forever banished from nNLW by his rival Sci-Fi Man, who gained revenge for the heinous attack on him at Allhallowmas. During a five-man elimination match, the forces of Revolution came to blows against Emma Frost's Crusaders. Revolution was represented by Furious George, Jihad, Sophia Estrella, R.E. Rage, and Rex Butler - who agreed to help Revolution. The Crusaders were represented by Emma Frost, Ivy Demona, Belle Black, Divebomb, and Karl Baller. Butler eliminated Ivy with one move, and seriously hurt Belle's knee, forcing her to be removed from the match. Emma was able to match Furious tap out. Jihad smashed Divebomb with a chair, taking both of them out of the match. In the end, it came down to Rage and Baller, and thanks to illicit help from Furious and an Evolutioner, Rage put Baller away. The International Title, held by Rage, the Tag Team Titles, held by the Sex Kittens, and the Feminine Title, held by Belle Black, were all on the line. In the end, then, Revolution was able to swing all the secondary titles into its grasp. It was the main event of the night, however, that was most shocking. Hart put the Universal title on the line against the undefeated Brett Rayne. And cheat as much as he could, Brett couldn't pin Hart. But then Eliza, Hart's friend up to the point, came out as a replacement referee. When Rayne put Hart in a sharpshooter of his own, using his own move on him, Eliza ended the match in favor of Rayne without Hart tapping out. It was a moment of painful irony to end a shocking night.

February ~ Trafalgar

Trafalgar was named after a historic battle which changed the course of world history. And, like its namesake, Trafalgar promises to be the site where many huge historic battles will take place.

Theme Song: Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark

Past PPV Recaps

Trafalgar 2006 ~ Trafalgar came hot on the heels of Ragnarok, and it seemed as though the whole roster had come for war. Ivy Demona went one on one with her former partner, InsaneClownSkeleton after he returned from his near-career ending injury. ICS had betrayed her by allying with The Great One to steal her second tag team championship from her and Emma, and here at Trafalgar Ivy got one on one revenge, but the issue was far from settled. The Hatebreeders went up against Bob Van Dam and Tyler Sutton, who allied himself with Bob in a bid to prove his extreme nature. Durian Summers was able to successfully pin Father Damian in a triple threat that included Cam Pipes and earn entry into the International Title scene. Once again, Poison and Reyna performed a dance of brutality as they teamed together in their debut match to disassemble the Self Proclaimed Exiles, only to let their simmering rage boil through. Bret Rayne was able to successfully defend the Universal Title against Andrew Hart by tricking AC Benham into resetting the match and then stealing a pinfall. This did not please Hart. However, the night's true focus was on one thing - the War Games. Revolution had been tearing its way through the hallowed halls of nNLW for months and months, and all those that got in its way were left bruised and beaten. But then a group of nNLW wrestlers united to stand against them, and formed the Crusaders. Lead by Emma Frost, they stood up to Revolution. The conflict finally culminated at Trafalgar, as the Revolution went up against the Crusaders, with the stipulation that the losing team disband forever. If Revolution won, there would be no one standing in their way to gain dominance over nNLW, but if the Crusaders won, their company would be free from Revolution's avarice. When the time came, Revolution was represented by Furious George, Jihad, R.E. Rage, the surprise returning Dio Brando, Tristan the Irish, and Rex Butler. The Crusaders put away mutual distrust as Ignavus, Emma Frost, Karl Baller, Sci-Fi Man, Jada Star, and Divebomb all fought valiantly against Revolution's assaults. In the end, after Rex betrayed Furious to take him out of the match, Emma was able to force Jihad to tap out thanks to the aid of all her team mates, and the Crusaders were able to free nNLW from the threat of Revolution once and for all!

Ascension Day ~ March

Ascension Day is a day for christening the rise of a megastar. It is a chance for the roster to become more than themselves!

Theme Song: Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Past PPV Recaps

Ascension Day 2006 ~ Ascension Day started off as Furious George and Emma Frost carried over the Revolution and Crusade battle, even without their armies behind him. The founders of the respective movements came to blows, and the loser would have to leave 2NLW forever. One Brute Slam later, and Emma was gone. Then one last Brett Rayne vs. Andrew Hart Universal Title match happened, and this time Brett was able to capitalize on Hart's distraction when Walken's music played and Rayne rolled him for a pin. Then, finally, it was time for the Royal Rumble of the night. Many superstars came and went, including the return of Xille and the debut of many others. Even Mr. T and Chuck Norris came to blows within the match! It was Dark Angel, however, who walked out of the night victorious, last eliminated Rage for her shot at the Levelopolis main event!

Levelopolis ~ April

The 2NLW had aged a year, and had reached the time for the biggest stage of them all! Levelopolis is the largest stage known to 2NLW!

Theme Song: Mercy Drive - Burn in my Light

Past PPV Recaps

Levelopolis 2006 ~ The very first Levelopolis made for a night that will never be forgotten. Xille returned and defeated Tristan with a suicide dive Last Mile. Rex Butler annihilated Tyler Sutton to claim control of Belle Black forever, and then threw him off the Archivetron to send a message. The XWA came to 2NLW when a XWA World Title defense happened here at nNLW! Jeremy Graves put the title on the line against Big Dog, Bob Van Dam, and Jacob Anarchy in a stunning TLC match. Andrew Hart returned to nNLW in spite of his suspension, and risked being fired. But that was not Hart anymore, not really. We don't know who it was that showed up and destroyed the American Idols judges. The bitter rivals Poison and Reyna came to blows in a match that defied humanity, the Barbed Wire Massacre. Poison defeated Reyna so savagely, that Reyna died hours later. Divebomb came out and introduced his new partner, Viewfind, and the GPA came raging into nNLW! Ignavus and Furious George came to battle in the final culmination of the Revolution movement, with the stipulation that the winner would name the new General Manager to replace Walken. Furious won, and summed the Ultimate Warrior for the new job, who declared war on all those who were weak. History was made, however, when for the first time in 2NLW history, all four of the titles changed hands in a single night! Jada Star was able to reclaim the Feminine Title when special guest referee, and Babe Champion, Amy Dumas made the three count, and Ignavus came out to celebrate with her. Ivy Demona gained revenge on ICS and TGO finally with Sci-Fi Man by her side, and upset the tag champions. Karl Baller was able to use Rage's cockiness against him and finally stopped the over eight month International title reign of R.E. Rage. And then, in the main event, Dark Angel faced off against Brett Rayne for the Universal Title. Although the new alliance of Rage and Rayne almost defeated Dark Angel, Belle Black reunited with her long lost sister and helped her cheat her former boyfriend at his own game, and scored the very first pinfall on Brett Rayne ever. The first Levelopolis closed as Dark Angel and Belle Black, the Black sisters, celebrated!

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