The New Phenomenon
[[Image:|px|Image of The New Phenomenon]]
Real name Sam and Joey
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Height Sam: 6'1 Joey: 6'3
Weight Sam: 243 lbs Joey: 221 lbs
Date of birth Sam: April 24 Joey: June 20
Place of birth Baltimore, MD
Date of death
Place of death
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Trainer Themselves
Sam: SNME Joey: N/A
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Debut 2006
Retired Sam: N/A Joey: 2007

Sam X and Joey Phenomenal, better known as the New Phenomenon were one of the newest and fastest growing Tag Teams on the E-fed circuit. Starting in ECW, where they took the ECW Tag Titles in their debut, and ran all the way to SNME. Sam and Joey took the SNME Tag Titles in their first match on Highway to Hell in SNME. They lost the titles to Booker T and Edge in a botched finish. They won the titles back in an Ultimate X match which opened the Last Stop. Sam and Joey held the tag titles until Unbreakable of 2007, where a double pin occurred. Sam X pinned Tyler Black after a frog splash from the top of a glass structure while Joey Leone pinned Phenomenal after putting himself through the glass. That was the end of a reign of greatness for the New Phenomenon.

Known for their cockyness, and rugged good looks, Sam and Joey were thought of as assholes by the other wrestlers in SNME. While they were extremely cocky, they backed it up with a nearly undefeated record, and one of the best in SNME. Of the two, Sam X was the wrestler, strong and technical, nobody could match up to him except Kurt Angle. Phenomenal was a very spotty wrestler, which sometimes led the New Phenomenon to defeat. More often then not though, they were victorious.

In the spring of 2007, Joey Phenomenal left SNME after a contract dispute and after failing to gain a World Title shot. Phenomenal was either fired, or quit. Sam is the current Custom Champion, and is managed by Paul Heyman. Together, they lead a reign of evil over SNME. Sam calls himself the "Herald of Evil", and has obliterated many opponents. He won the Custom Title in an 8-man Ultimate X match at SNME's Seven Deadly Sins.

Their manager, Darrell McCeaton, raised the boys since they started at the age of 18, and led them to greatness many times. Darrell is a convicted drug addict, and has been in prison for selling and possessing illegal drugs. He also has his license taken away forever because of a severe DUI where 3 people were killed. Not Darrell though, he is very perseverant, and would do anything to ensure a victory for the New Phenomenon.

Nobody knows where Phenomenal is. Many hope he will return, some don't.

Title History: ECW Tag Team Champions x1 SNME Tag Team Champions x2

Joey Phenomenal: ECW Tag Titles x1 SNME Tag Titles x2

Sam X: ECW Tag Titles x1 SNME Tag Titles x3 SNME Custom Champion x1 (Current)

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