The New Revolution Wrestling League
Federation Name The New Revolution Wrestling League
Abbreviation NRWL
Date Opened November 29, 2003
Owner(s) Mr. Charles and Mr. Sunderland
Federation type Roleplay, Angle, Video
Website Official Site

The New Revolution Wrestling League (NRWL) is an e-federation that blends a unique mixture of traditional e-federation styles and adds its own elements to make it stand out. It varies from other e-federations in the sense that it is the first (to this writer's knowledge) that delivers videos of its shows. The NRWL was established in the winter of 2003 by Mr. Charles (CEO) and Mr. Sunderland (Company President).

NRWL Adam vs Fred

"Hardcore" Adam attempts to drop Flawless Fred with a jumping DDT

NRWL Fireburner vs Marcus

Marcus gets blasted by the big boot of Fireburner

Championship Belts

Current Championships

NRWL Championship - The highest prestige a wrestler can hold in the NRWL.

Past Championships

Interdivisional Championship - During Season 1 (when the NRWL was divided into Divisions) and during Season 2 (when the NRWL was divided into companies), it was the highest achievement a wreslter could possess. Any wrestler from any Division or Company could challenge for it.

Warrior Championship - During Season 3, it was a secondary championship honor, but arguably a more difficult award to hold. It must be defended every week.

Division 1 Championship - During Season 1, the highest achievement offered only to Division 1 wrestlers.

Division 2 Championship - During Season 1, the highest achievement offered only to Division 2 wrestlers.

Division 1 Warrior Championship - During Season 1, the second highest achievement offered only to Division 1 wrestlers.

Division 2 Warrior Championship - During Season 1, the second highest achievement offered only to Division 2 wreslters.

Tag Team Championship - During Season 1, the status awarded to the best tag-team. Tag teams members could be exclusive or mixed between Divisions.

Hardcore Championship - During Season 1, the award given to the best hardcore wrestler. Available to both Division 1 and Division 2 talent.


Unlike most other e-feds, the NRWL is not active all year round. Instead, it breaks it action up into “seasons”. Seasons have no set time frame, but typically start in late fall/early winter and end in late winter/early spring.

The NRWL also deviates from the norm in the fact that it's a highly visual federation. Images and videos play a huge part in the federation. Videos of the matches are posted or e-mailed to the handlers. Snapshots from videos are used in the wrestlers' bios and photo albums.

The NRWL roster has a fixed number of active wrestlers (typically around 20). Wrestlers are given one month contracts. After the month is over, if the wrestler is performing up to par, he/she has the option to renew his/her contract. If the wrestler's performance is lacking, then the NRWL has the option of not signing the wrestler for the next month. Another wrestler will then be signed to take his/her place. After another another month is up, the released wrestler can try to renew his/her contract, if the NRWL executives find there is any wrestler not performing to standard.

This "Revolving Door Contract Policy" is done for two reasons. The first being to keep the federation fresh with new and exciting talent and characters, and eliminating dead-wood. The second reason is to give the handler an "out" if he/she wants to bring in a new wrestler and doesn't want to use the cliche' "injury" or "suspension" reasons.

Inaugural Season

Like all companies starting out, the NRWL made a few mistakes in its first season. The executives wanted the NRWL to make a huge splash with its arrival. Since, in Season 1, the one-month contracts rule and set roster number didn't exist, the roster reached the upper bounds of 50+ wrestlers! There were so many wreslters that the NRWL split itself and the roster in two halves: Division 1 and Division 2.

more to come...



  • Abbadon (half of the Sons of Darkness)
  • Apollyon (half of the Sons of Darkness)
  • "The Polish Powerhouse" Bruno Kowalski
  • Doomsday
  • Ingoyama
  • "The Star Player" Johnny Young
  • Mark Blood
  • Marty Anderson
  • Meinrad von Brakkus
  • Mikey Armstrong
  • Pedro Muchacho
  • Rex Anarchy
  • Scotty "The Body" Paris
  • Slam Jackson
  • Storm Harrison


  • Nick Belhor (manager of the Sons of Darkness)
  • Trixie (valet to Scotty "The Body" Paris)


  • Akira Kusanagi
  • The Assassin
  • Atlas
  • Balance
  • The Bean
  • Biff Slamkovich
  • "Bad Lands" Bill Stanton
  • Bobby Bombay
  • The Boss
  • Brutal
  • Caleb
  • THE Casey Gains
  • The Convict
  • Cro-Magnum
  • Crux
  • Cujo
  • Death Man
  • The Druid
  • Dr. Pain
  • Fireburner
  • Flawless Fred
  • Gangsta
  • Ghostly Image
  • Gunloc
  • "Hardcore" Adam
  • "Hardworkin'" Dave Smith
  • IronJaw
  • Joe Bash
  • Kung Food
  • LaZor
  • Lord J
  • Mack "The Knife"
  • Marcus
  • Master Crag
  • Max Destruction
  • Mr. Lifeguard
  • Punker
  • Quasar
  • Red Love
  • Ridge
  • Shawn Roberts
  • Tattoo Rodeo
  • Terry Bombay
  • Tex
  • Titanic Tim
  • "Vicious" Tommy Violence
  • U.S. Abraham
  • Viking
  • WarHead
  • Window Pain

Hall of Fame

  • Fraust
  • Mike Blood

OOC Notes

The NRWL was created by a small group of two brothers and two friends who all live in the same area. The wrestlers come from many different origins: made up specifically for the e-fed, action figures from when we were kids, video game characters, wrestlers made up while wrestling in the back yard as kids, etc.

Official Site

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