New World Warrior sometimes known as The New World Warrior or NWW (born ????) is a professional wrestler who worked for R4GE and a the former R4GE Television Champion, recently NWW has appeared in G-2 Wrestling.

Personal life

Very little is known about The New World Warrior. He claims to be from "The Great Mountain" and sent by "The Gods who mortals neglect", he tells long often confusing stories about how he was "forged" and "cast" by them to be a great undefeatable warrior.

Pro Wrestling R4GE

The New World Warrior debuted in R4GE in early June 2007 defeating Matt Crisis on his debut in a short squash match. His second match was against Matt Giovanni and The New World Warrior won in a similar fashion, strangely enough neither man has been seen again in R4GE since The New World Warrior defeated them.

These two wins quickley shot The New World Warrior up the R4GE Television Championship Rankings. He won the belt by defeating Loki at the end of a 6-Man Gauntlet where Nick Maggio, Jamie Vaccaro, Badre Bally and KiD also competed. The following week The New World Warrior had a confrontation with R4GE General Manager Jimmy Chisel, despite never uttering a word during it The New World Warrior lifed Chisel over his head and shook him before kidnapping Chisel's "Assistant" Aiee The Midget.

At the Pay-Per-View Civil Unrest The New World Warrior defeated DraVen and Nick Maggio in a triple threat match after Aiee ran in delivering a Flying Aiee-Slap (Forehead Slap) to DraVen before The New World Warrior finished him off. On The TNT following the PPV, The New World Warrior sent Aiee The Midget to compete in a match with AnZaC and Moriarty Einstein in which NWW himself had been booked. Aiee ran out of the match after Moriarty Einstein tried to attack him, after this NWW vanished for a week leaving Aiee to take his place on the 9th August TNT in an interview, as Aiee can only say "Aiee" (hence his name) this resulted in a game of charades between Aiee and Jimi Locss.

Ever since he had arrived in R4GE, NWW played games with R4GE Interviewer Jimi Locs. He did not speak whenever interviewed. This started after Locs attempted to get a response from NWW after Nick Maggio had cut a promo on him, Locs grabed NWW's shoulder and this displeased him. In the build up to the Civil Unrest PPV NWW sent Locs on a journey throughout the R4GE Arena to find him and interview him. NWW's various tricks included having Aiee place an "Out of Order" sign on an elevator door and forcing Locs and his crew to take the stairs and sending them to search for room 227 on the top floor of the R4GE Arena; Locs arrived on the top floor only to discover all the rooms were numbered 227! NWW has also appeared have "possessed" Locs on occasion appearing to speak through him and force him to shout "AIEEEE" (the only thing Aiee The Midget can say, which was the only thing NWW would say at the time), he has also throttled Locs on occasion.

Imagery and Hidden Meaning?

NWW uses a lot of imagery, during Jimi Locs "Hunt for The New World Warrior", the door number 277 was a reference to the date of Civil Unrest (22 July) and behind each door was a cardbord cut-out of Nick Maggio with various body parts ripped off. He has had various words painted on his body with various hidden meanings such as writing his opponents names in red on his arms and wiping them off.

In promos NWW often reveals a self-deprecating sense of humour even if it may be unintentional often repeating phrases such as "The New World Warrior is no challenger...THE NEW WORLD WARRIOR IS CHALLENGED! THE NEW WORLD WARRIOR IS CHALLENGED!" or even making allusions to wishing to preform sexual acts (once saying he wanted an oppoenent to feel his "power...throbbing...within") on his opponents or even having being abused himself i.e. whenever he speaks of his training in the Great Mountain which has included "Ice daggers" (a phalic symbol?), "Temples of Fire", animal attacks and allusions to strange rituals involving self-mutilation

Disappearance and Reappearance in G-2 Wrestling

The New World Warrior had his final match to date at R4GE's Proving Ground event, where he was defeated by Loki. This was NWW's only clean defeat in R4GE and his second over all (having previously lost to Jimmy Chisel thanks Loki and Aiee The Midget interfering.

On June 4, 2008, The New World Warrior was announced as participant in G-2 Wrestling's Invitational Battle Royal.

Wrestling Facts

Favourite Moves

  • Splash
  • Clothesline
  • Running Clothesline
  • Double Stomp
  • Press Slam


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