The New Year Cage Is a-6 Participants Match Created In The World Wrestling Television.


Th Match Contested In A Steel Cage,Inside A Steel Cage,Inside A Steel Cage,Inside Punjabi Prison. The First Stage is 2 Man,In A Regular Steel Cage Match.As One Of Them Escape To The Other Steel Cage,One Man Join The Match.When Someone Escape From The Punjabi Prison,The 6 Man Join The Match,And The Match Become "Fall Count Anywhere"(Before It,You Can Pin Only In The Cage That Release Man).The Last Man Standing Will Be The WWT World Champion.The Match Were In New Year Broadcast Pay Per View.


So Far,There Has 2 New Year Cages Matches.

New Year Cage I

SpongeBob(C) VS Mikey,Snap,Zim,Shikamaru And Danny Phantom

Elimination # Wrestler Entrance Eliminated Elimination Move
1 Invader Zim 4 By SpongeBob Spongy Edge
2 Mikey 2 by Danny Phantom Ghost Slam
3 Snap 6 by Shikamaru S Factor
4 Shikemaru 3 By SpongeBob Spongy Edge
5 SpongeBob 1 by Danny Phantom Roll Up
WINNER Danny Phantom 5

New Year Cage II

Shikamaru VS Zim,VS Youngblood,VS Danny,VS SpongeBob VS Garra

Elimination # Wrestler Entrance Eliminated Elimination Move
1 Danny Phantom 3 By SpongeBob Roll Up
2 Garra 5 by Zim Alien Spear
3 Zim 4 by Youngblood Pirate Clothline
4 Youngblood 6 By Shikamaru S Factor
5 Shikamaru 2 by SpongeBob Headspring
WINNER SpongeBob 1

New Year Cage III

Youngblood VS Shikamaru,VS Chouji,VS Danny,VS SpongeBob VS Garra.

Elimination # Wrestler Entrance Eliminated Elimination Move
1 Danny Phantom 2 By SpongeBob Spongy Edge
2 Garra 5 by Shikamaru S Factor
3 SpongeBob 3 by Chouji Banzai Drop
4 Chouji 4 By Shikamaru Pin After Chouji Miss Banzai Drop From The Cage
5 Shikamaru 6 by Youngblood Pirate Clothline
WINNER Youngblood 1


  • In The 2 First New Year Cage,SpongeBob Draw Number 1,And Get To The Last 2
  • Every New Year Cage,The Champion Start,And Survive The Last 2
  • SpongeBob Compete In The First New Year Cage,As A Champ,And Lose,In The Second As challenger And Won,And In The Third As Challenger,And Lose
  • Shikamaru,SpongeBob And Danny Phantom Were In Every New Year Cage Match

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