Cameron Williams, David Gage, Katie Lopez
[[Image:|px|Image of Cameron Williams, David Gage, Katie Lopez]]
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Weight 491 lbs.
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Handled by CWL91, roadwarriormatt
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Debut October 2007
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NexGen Alliance is an American wrestling stable consisting of David Gage, Cameron Williams, and Katie Lopez.


The NexGen Alliance began as a bitter feud between David Gage and Cameron Williams in a promotion called, IFCW. Both men competed against each other to prove that they were the better champion, David being the IFCW Heavyweight and Cameron being the IFCW Television Champion. The two even blackmailed a news journalist to get "dirt" on each other. IFCW eventually filed for bankruptcy and the two men were split apart. After months of negotiation, David Gage, Cameron Williams, and Katie Lopez aligned together to form one of the biggest heel stables ever.

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Williams and Gage.


The NexGen Alliance have signed an open contract with the company, Xtreme Wrestling X, and hope to become the first XWX Tag Team Champions ever.


Girlfriend/Manager of Cameron Williams, Katie Lopez.

Other Facts

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • Unnamed Finisher # 1: Top Rope Ace Crusher/I.A.I Combo
    Unnamed Finisher # 2: HEEL Heat Driver I/Leg Drop Combo

Championships and accomplishments

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