Nic Williams
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Ring Names Phreak
Nic Williams
“The Gentleman” Nic Williams
Nic McGregor
Height 5’7” (144cm)
Weight 210lbs (95kg)
Date of birth 15th August, 1979
Place of birth Bakersfield, California
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Resides Duncan, Oklahoma
Billed from Duncan, Oklahoma
Trainer Unknown
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Nicholas Scott Williams, also known as Phreak and Nic McGregor, is a professional wrestler working for Global Extreme Wrestling and Ultimate Internet Wrestling Federation.

Early Life

Nic Williams was born an orphan in Bakersfield, CA. As an infant he moved with his adoptive mother to Ft. Worth, TX. She soon vanished and he was shipped between family members for much of his childhood. His favourite guardian, his uncle Mike, joined the navy, from which point he was put into the care of his grandmother and aunt. The women abused Nic and he was taken into care by social services and moved to another foster home. They too abused the boy and after four years Nic had himself put back into his grandmother’s care while he being was transferred to living with his mother. Nic and his mother moved to Oklahoma while he was still an adolescent.

Nic was bullied upon attending school in Oklahoma and took up fighting, both trained and untrained, as a measure of self-defence. He credits his late step-father, a policeman, for teaching him most of what he learned about nonlethal combat and safe takedowns. Nic turned the tables on the bullies who controlled the school, curbing their reign of terror, and consequently found himself receiving good grades even when he didn’t deserve them.

During his ninth grade year Williams moved to Tulsa, to join the ThunderBird Military Academy. However, he found himself unsuited to the strict structure of military life and sunk into depression. He attacked two sergeants and after thirty days in prison was dishonourably discharged. As he left, he encouraged some members of his squad to go AWOL and accompany him back to the city proper for a massive bender. After this, and escaping the Academy’s subsequent wrath, he returned to school and completed his education with straight A grades, which were awarded primarily for being a tough guy who kept the school’s troublemakers in check. Following graduation he disappeared off the radar.

His first known activity since then was 2001, when he was discovered dying after a having had huge overdose and moved through rehab and then mental health clinics around Oklahoma. Upon release, he found himself prospering in life and got married. Unfortunately, he discovered that his wife was having an affair and once more seemed to disappear from the face of the Earth.


Although no formal record of Nic Williams exists during this time, he had in fact adopted the identity of Phreak, a.k.a “The Phreakish One,” a dark, twisted goth-like juggalo, and taken up professional wrestling. He competed in the UWO between 2002 and 2004 in various hardcore matches while learning technical wrestling from the veterans. He was successful during his time with the company, winning various championships, but was released in 2004 following a no-show. Williams, now under his birth name once more, found himself on the streets of Oklahoma City. After three months in jail, Nic found himself homeless and driving a taxi cab for income. One passenger during this time was Brandon Bishop, a wrestler with Impact Zone Wrestling. The two got to talking and discovered that they were both wrestlers. Bishop realised he had heard of him, as Phreak, and wangled Williams a test match with IZW and helped him find somewhere to live. Williams soon joined their main roster became a popular and successful performer for the company, but once again would vanish without warning.


Phreak surfaced in the Ultimate Internet Wrestling Federation, appearing and disappearing with regularity. He also joined Global Extreme Wrestling, feuding with Hannibal Caine in the former promotion, and forming The Karnevil in the latter with Klown and Bay-B Dogg, although he was put out due to injury for a significant portion of the stable’s tenure. After the faction disbanded and his tag-team partner Dogg was injured, Phreak began competing under his real name in both promotions with the gimmick of “The Gentleman”, a chivalrous yet patronising gentleman brawler who professes to be honourable yet cheats when no-one is watching. At GEW’s Winter Bash 2007 pay-per-view, he wrestled two matches, one as The Gentleman and one as Phreak. He repeated this on the following instalment of Friday Night Chaos. When Dogg returned, she challenged Phreak as to his real identity. The following week the two had a hardcore match in which Williams revealed that he was indeed Phreak. They would go on to put together a team known as The Dead Precedents along with Shawn Michaels, Troy Gafgen, Rhys Matterson and Bailey, to fight the 'pure wrestling' faction of Triple H, Kameron Chase, Jeff Hardy and GEW World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Phreak was booked as number one contender to Orton's championship but the match was called off when Orton suffered a family emergency. Since then Phreak has been injured, working on a lighter schedule, but has vowed to claim the title, now in the possession of Triple H. He since to GEW programming under the name Nic McGregor, with the gimmick of a fixer-for-hire, but was later released again.

Championships & Accomplishments



  • 2x UWO Intercontinental Championship
  • 2 x UWO North American Championship
  • 2 x UWO Television Championship
  • 1 x UWO Tag Team Championship (by himself)



In Wrestling

Finishing & Signature Moves

  • Gentleman’s Agreement – Inverted DDT
  • Falling Out – Sharpshooter with chinlock bridge
  • Phoenix Splash
  • Top rope guillotine legdrop
  • Dragon sleeper
  • Armdrag
  • Springboard armdrag
  • Pendulum backbreaker
  • Pumphandle backbreaker
  • Corkscrew body press suicida
  • Neckbreaker drop
  • Springboard clothesline
  • Catapult clothesline
  • DDT variants
  • Dropkick variants
  • Flying headscissors
  • Spinebuster
  • Gutbuster variants
  • Piledriver variants
  • Reverse Russian legsweep
  • Inverted facelock swinging neckbreaker
  • Gory Special 2000
  • Crossface chickenwing
  • Bodyscissors crossface chickenwing
  • Chokehold

Theme Songs

  • "Meaning of Life" by Disturbed
  • Time Bomb - Godsmack


  • The Phreakish One (as Phreak)
  • The Man You Will Love To Hate (as The Gentleman)


  • ”You will love to hate me!” (as The Gentleman)

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