Nicholas Acratus Corvo
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Nick Corvo
Height 5'10"
Weight 215 lbs.
Date of birth December 22, 1983
Place of birth La Grange, IL Flag of the United States
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Chicago, IL Flag of the United States
Trainer Breyer Wellington
Mike Quackenbush
Chris Hero
Full Throttle Wrestling
Handled by
Win/Loss Record
Debut August 17, 2004 (UWE)
Nicholas Acratus "Nick" Corvo (born December 22, 1983) is an American professional wrestler who is currently part of Full Throttle Wrestling. Nick started wrestling in a small company of the name of UWE and has since then branched out to become a respected wrestler in the business.


Wrestling Internet Federation (WIF)


Nick was one of the first superstars in the Wrestling Internet Federation and was one of the most confusing. Originally Nick came into the league wearing a mask and being as bizarre as they come. He was one of the federations rising stars and quickly earned a chance at the WIF World Heavyweight Championship. He lost his match with Mike Crow, but quickly rebounded and became the first International Champion in WIF history. Nick Corvo held the WIF International Championship on January 21, 2005 until May 7, 2005, where Nick's unlikely suicide made the championship vacated.


Nick returned in a storyline where he came back from the dead. He had a short run with a few wrestlers but his most famous bout was with a man named Liano. The feud was short lived for Nick Corvo disappeared after facing Liano for the last time. He was accepted into the WIF Hall of Fame in 2006, along with other WIF talent such as Mike Crow, Dev, Midnight Rocker, Mage, and Skye Mercado.


On the June 25, 2007 WIF DeathRow, Nick Corvo made a small appearance during the match of Mexican Samurai vs Alexander Payne. The lights went out, and when they came back on both men were down and Corvo appeared video taping from the turnbuckle. His profile in the WIF Hall of Fame has been updated. On July 1, 2007 WIF hosted Inter-Action. It was decided that Nick Corvo would end up facing Bryan Kennedy, Tim Timmons, and Desire for the WIF Internet Championship in a Tables Battle Royal match voted by the WIF fans. Nick Corvo faced Desire as the last two men and went on to become the WIF Internet champion. On August 26, 2007, Kenny Ventola beat Nick Corvo to become the new WIF Internet champion. Nick Corvo was released from the company shortly after his defeat.

Full Throttle Wrestling (FTW)


Nick Corvo was signed to Full Throttle Wrestling, July 4, 2007. He made his debut as a mysterious masked wrestler that aligned with DeMonte Willis. Since then Nick has gone on to win his debut match up against former rival, Brandon Banks and stars in the faction and tag team known as Projekt Revolution.

With only months going by with Nick into the company it's doors quickly closed. Because of lack of finical support the company released it's talent and paid a found farewell to the short run of the company. Nick gave very kind words and claimed it was one of the best places he has been in yet. After the closing of the company Nick continued to go to local and independent shows around the country.


Full Throttle Wrestling re-opened in 2008. With WWS closing down it gave FTW the chance to buy the rights back to their copyrighted material and video library. The company opened with a bang and it wasn't long before Nick made his presence known in the company he once loved.

Nick Corvo entered the company as the official FTW enforcer. The position was offered by general manager Chad Jamison in hopes of having Corvo eventually join the active roster. After hunting down the "Blood Bandit" that was causing havoc, who turned out to be none other than former general manager of WWS, Stu St.Clair, Nick returned to the active roster. He was thrown into a number one contendership tournament for the newly named FTW Shockwave Championship. Nick took on Stu St.Clair in his first match back in FTW and ended up getting the win.

Nick went into FTW Apocalypse, June 11, 2008 being booked for two matches. The first match Nick was filling in for Thew Carvell, as Stu St. Clair's partner for the FTW Tag Team Championships, after Thew left FTW. The second match was a three way match consisting of Zero, and Nick Malone for the FTW Shockwave Championship. Nick's first match was against Nick's former WWS tag team partner Ken the Killer and Ken's new partner Kiz. Stu St.Clair and Nick put there hatred for each other aside to focus on destroying Ken the Killer's chance at gaining yet another tag team championship. Stu St.Clair was about to be given Ken's finishing move, the Tiger Driver, as Nick rolled in and super kicked Ken in the jaw. Stu rolled over on Ken to get the win. After the match Kiz viciously attacked Ken and Nick came in to make the save. In the second match Nick was the first to get eliminated by Nick Malone, Zero went on to pin Nick Malone to be crowned the first FTW Shockwave championship.

Manifest Destiny quickly became the number one contenders for the FTW Tag Team Championships at FTW Apocalypse. This started a feud between Ravi Moon and Joseph Rios with Stu St.Clair and Nick Corvo. At FTW Killer Instincts, July 16, 2008, Manifest Destiny took the Tag Team championships off of Habeas Corpus. Nick went on to showcase his talents by beating Jay Walters on the July 23rd, 2008 edition of Outbreak. Then winning the Brandon Banks Invitation Over-The-Top 5 Man Battle Royal on the Special Edition Outbreak on July 30, 2008.

On the August 6th, 2008 edition of Outbreak that his long time feud with Jason Punk was revived as the two fought to a no contest. The two would meet each other again at FTW Boiling Point where Jason Punk would face Nick in a stretcher match. Nick Corvo would be the one wheeled out of the arena that night as Jason Punk was victorious but the feud didn't end there. A Pick Your Poison stipulation was added to the September 17, 2008 edition of Outbreak. Nick would pick his long time rival, Ken the Killer to face Jason Punk. While Punk choose his enemy and Nick's former partner Stu St.Clair. At Keyboard Carnage it was decided that Stu St.Clair and Jason Punk would face the forced together revival of Deathmask Divine. The fans got to vote that the winning team either got a #1 contendership match for the FTW World champioship, a tag team title shot, or a championship shot at the Inferno championship and Shockwave championship. The fans voted for the winning team to face one another for the #1 contendership for the FTW World championship. The match was brutal but in the end Nick was able to reach up and tear down the contract. This set up for one of the greatest feuds in FTW history, Nick Corvo vs. Ken the Killer for the first time. At FTW Monster Mash Nick faced Jason Punk for the final time, being able to get the victory over him in a match that had current FTW World champion Billy Jackson as the special referee, who Nick Corvo attacked in a tag team match earlier that month.

Fanatics Wrestling Federation (FWF)


Nick Corvo made a huge impact on the Frantic Wrestling Federation, although he was very successful little is known about the history of this now extinct federation. Nick Corvo was the longest reigning FWF Shockwave Champion. He was the second man to hold it and was the poster boy of the Shockwave division. He was also the leader of Chi-Town's Finest along with G-Fo, Jason Danielson, and the latest recruit Jason Punk. The faction was the only successful faction in FWF history and held the FWF Tag Team Titles for the majority of the federation's run. Nick eventually disappeared from the FWF and dropped his Shockwave Championship. Fanatics Wrestling Federation, simply, no longer exists.

Worldwide Wrestling Society (WWS)


Nick signed with WWS in November 2007. Since singing with the industry Corvo has shown promising improvement. The company have taken eye to Nick Corvo. Nick debut facing his long time on Death Proof going up against Ken the Killer. The two had a long fought match but it ended when a new tag team on the scene, Re: Generation Y, attacked Nick and Ken. After the first show of Death Proof two masked men attacked Re: Generation Y.

A week later Nick Corvo and Ken were revealed as being the masked men who attacked Re: Generation Y and they called themselves Deathmask Divine. Nick and Ken went on to feud with Re: Generation Y picking up a fair amount of losses and victories but also a WWS World Tag Team title match. The stipulation being whoever won got the rights to, Re:Generation Y's manager, Sonja Maria Lickinova for a month. At WWS The Final Chapter, December 23, 2007, Deathmask Divine faced Re: Generation Y to crown the first WWS World Tag Team champions. The match ended with Nick Corvo hitting the Corvoshock on Taggart Tagatito to pick up the win. After the match was over Nick assaulted Re: Generation Y's manager Sonja Maria Lickinova. Nick Corvo and Ken the Killer placed the blood of Re: Generation Y on their championship belts and claimed it was only the first in many more to come. Later that night Deathmask Divine ended up joining forces with the Atheist Alliance, a vicious faction that was hellbent on controlling the WWS, lead by Phenetic.


Corvo went on to have a few matches in between the time he start to focus on his former stablemate, Jason Punk. The feud is being said to be one of the highest profile feuds in the WWS ever. Nick Corvo was named the number one contender for the WWS World Heavyweight championship and was immersed in a world of his own. Ken was tried making several attempts to reach Nick but things only have drifted further apart between the WWS World Tag Team champions. Nick added a valet, Elahna Darling, and began to wrestle with a mask on occasion. The mask first appeared on January 27, 2008 in the Jason Punk vs. Nick Corvo match for the WWS World Heavyweight championship. The mask was put on by Corvo in the middle of the match and was a startling presence to those in attendance. Corvo's actions became quicker and fiercer than ever before and the mentality of the match changed drastically. Nick won the match and was crowned the second WWS World Heavyweight champion after hitting the "It Came From Chicago" twice on Jason Punk. Nick was the last person to hold the WWS World Heavyweight championship.

Deathmask Divine lost the WWS World Tag Team championships when Nick Corvo walked out on Ken The Killer in the middle of a title defense match. This later lead to Nick and his group, the Oracle of Destruction, to take Ken The Killer out. Nick Malone came in first and began to attack, as Nick made his way outside the ring. Ken fought off Malone and the rest of the Oracle, before Nick slid back in the ring with a baseball bat in hand. Nick viciously attacked Ken's knees with several blows to them. This injured Ken for the rest of his WWS career. Ken swore on his grave to get his revenge on his former tag team partner, Nick Corvo. The mask continued to make its presence known until the company folded. Nick has not been seen wrestling with a mask on since.

In Wrestling

Nick Corvo ItCameFromChicago

Nick Corvo performing his finisher It Came From Chicago (Air Raid Crash) on opponent.

  • Finishers:
  • Corvoshock (Swinging reverse STO)
  • Corvoshock Combination (STO backbreaker followed by a swinging reverse STO)
  • It Came From Chicago (Air raid crash)
  • Pinhead's Puzzle Box (Electric chair lift dropped into a three-quarter facelock iconoclasm)
  • Signature moves:
  • Double knee backbreaker
  • Springboard tornado DDT
  • Straight jacket lung blower
  • Straight jacket neckbreaker
  • Cross knee inverted bulldog
  • Cross legged brainbuster
  • Double underhook backbreaker
  • Pumphandle reverse piledriver
  • Arm wrench w/ mule kick
  • Curb stomp
  • Spear
  • Arm triangle facebuster
  • Straightjacket northern lights bomb
  • Superkick
  • Hammerlock legsweep DDT
  • 6-1-Knee (swinging knee lift to a rope hung opponent)
  • Dropkick to knee
  • Enziguri
  • Double underhook DDT
  • Spinebuster
  • Yakuza kick
  • Exploder suplex
  • Reverse Indian deathlock surfboard
  • Texas cloverleaf with armlock
  • Border city stretch
  • Scarecrow submission
  • Bridging grounded double chickenwing
  • Top rope double stomp to head
  • Springboard moonsault
  • Senton back splash
  • Frog splash
  • Sitout springboard backflip three-quarter facelock diving reverse DDT
  • Double knee attack
  • Running corner dropkick
  • Running senton
  • Stiff lariat
  • Power–breaker (powerbomb onto the knee)
  • Running dropkick–style high knee strike
  • Rapid knife edge chops to the chest of an opponent in the corner
  • Testicular Claw
Nick Corvo TesticularClaw

Nick Corvo performing his signature move the Testicular Claw.

  • Wrestling Themes
  • "Burnt Tongues" by Your Demise (Current)
  • "The Color of Money" by Bury Your Dead
  • "Never Wanted To Dance" by Mindless Self Indulgence
  • "Set Me Free" by Velvet Revolver
  • "Miseria Cantare - The Beginning" by AFI
  • Nicknames
  • The Iron Man
  • The Chi-Town Sensation
  • Notable Feuds
  • Jason Punk
  • Ken the Killer
  • Stu St.Clair
  • Liano
  • Nick Malone
  • Zero
  • Jay Walters
  • Managers

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Worldwide Wrestling Society
  • WWS World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • WWS World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Ken the Killer
  • Frantic Wrestling Federation
  • FWF Shockwave Championship (1 time)
  • FWF Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Chi-Town's Finest
  • Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment
  • UWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time)

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