Nick Copani
Real name Nicholas Copani
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Height 6'1"
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth February 26, 1984
Place of birth Milan, Italy Flag of Italy
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Billed from Long Beach, California Flag of the United States
Trainer Fabio Copani
EUW, CFW Many more
Handled by Anthony B.
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Debut 2006
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Nick Copani was born in Milan, Italy in 1984. He stepped onto the professional scene in early '05. Copani has not been seen on television since his release from CFW in late 2007. In April 2009, Copani signed with FCW, hoping to resurrect his wrestling career after a short break. He was trained by his father, a legend in Italy, Fabio Copani.

Personal Info

Nick Copani lived in a hard-knocks area in Italy where there were it was dangerous. He came to America to try and get away from those things. Because of where he was brought up, he knows the tactics to do anything and go all-out to win. He thrives on getting better and better. He will accept any knowledge from anyone to try and get where he wants to be.


Nick Copani was rumored to be going out with Carmela, but they broke up shortly after Copani left CFW for the final time.

Professional Wrestling Timeline

  • 2005: Moved from his hometown of Milan, Italy to Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • 2005: Debut of Nick Copani(in CFW; as Moralis Candoom)
  • 2005: First Title won(CFW CT Championship)
  • 2005-2006: First wrestler in CFW to win the CT Championship three times
  • 2005: Held the CFW Tag Championship(with Tony Jones, as Nick Copani)
  • 2007: Held the CFW European Championship
  • 2007: CFW said they were closing, Copani went to Sin City Wrestling
  • 2007: Copani quit SCW and found out CFW was re-opening, asked to come back and the deal was successful.
  • 2008: After CFW was calling for a return, Copani asked to rejoin the company; No call was received back from Vickers.
  • 2008: Copani sent interest to Alpha Championship Wrestling to join their company; No call was received back.
  • 2009: Moved to Long Beach after living in Green Bay for four years; got back in shape to wrestle again.
  • 2009: Signed with Fusion Championship Wrestling but soon after quit, for who knows what reason, because the company was in good shape.

What is Copani currently doing?

Copani signed a contract with NorthStar Championship Wrestling in August 2010 after previously working for CBS studios for two years.

Notable Feuds

  • Casie
  • Nick Sedia
  • Scott "The Hammer" Jameson

Most Recent Match History

  • CFW TV 5/2/07

Return vs Debut Match
Nick Copani vs "The Outsider" Jared James

  • CFW Prime Time Wednesday Night 5/9/07

European Championship Tournament Qualifier
Nick Copani vs Casie

  • CFW Prime Time Wednesday Night 5/29/07

Singles Match
Nick Copani vs "The Heat" Nick Sedia

  • CFW SuperCard VII 6/5/07

Battle Royale for the Television Championship
Nick Copani vs 15 other CFW Superstars

  • CFW Prime Time Wednesday Night 7/4/07

European Championship Tournament Qualifier
Nick Copani vs Scott "The Hammer" Jameson

  • CFW TV 7/11/07

Fatal 4-Way for the European Championship
Nick Copani vs "The Heat" Nick Sedia vs "The Outsider" Jared James vs Jake Durnin

  • CFW TV 7/25/07

Main Event
Nick Copani vs "The Real Show" Terry Marvin

  • CFW:Revenge 2007 7/29/07

European Championship Match
Nick Copani vs "The Heat" Nick Sedia

  • CFW:Revenge 2007 7/29/07

CFW Rumble (Winner gets a shot at the CFW World Championship at CFW's next PPV Wrestlefest)
Nick Copani vs 29 other CFW superstars
LOSS(27th Eliminated)

  • CFW Prime time Wednesday Night 8/08/07

European Championship Match
Nick Copani vs Kierian O'Brien

  • CFW Wrestlefest 08/26/07

European Championship Match
Nick Copani vs "The Heat" Nick Sedia

  • CFW Prime Time Saturday Night 9/1/07

Ruler of the Ring Qualifier Match
Nick Copani vs Adrian James Riley

  • CFW Prime Time Saturday Night 9/1/07

(Main Event) 6 Man Tag Match
Baby Bling, Fred Debonair, Adrian James Riley vs. Jack Diamond, Nick Copani, "The Freak" Shawn Jackson

  • CFW TV 10/3/07

Debut vs Debut Match
Nick Copani vs Brian Slack

  • CFW TV 10/10/07

Tag Team Tournament Match
Nick Copani & Sonja vs Dirk Bentley & Morbid Wolf

  • CFW TV 10/17/07

Singles Match
Nick Copani vs Bodzilla

  • CFW TV 11/7/07

Singles Match
Nick Copani vs Adam Majors

  • SCW 11/14/07

Tag Team Title Match
Nick Copani & Bodzilla vs Sovereign(Tommy Phoenix & Axle Vengeance)

  • SCW 12/7/07

Singles Match
Nick Copani vs Morbid Wolf

*NSCW 8/7/10

Singles Match

Nick Copani vs Moore Cowbell


*NSCW 8/28/10

Singles Match in the TV Title Tournament

Nick Copani vs Blake Straker


Move Set

  • Finishing Moves
    • NCS (Shooting Star Press Leg Drop)
    • Copani Plex (Perfect Plex)
  • Moves Often Done
    • 1.Boston Crab
    • 2.Head lock
    • 3.Ankle Lock
    • 4.Drop Kick
    • 5.Arm Wrench
    • 6.Swinging Neckbreaker
    • 7.Angelwing Suplex
    • 8. Head Scissors
    • 9. 180 Gullotine Leg Drop
    • 10. Leg Drop
    • 11. Pheonix Splash
    • 12. 450 Splash
    • 13. 360 Splash
    • 14. Moonsault
    • 15. Asai Moonsault
    • 16. Spiral Tap
    • 17. Dragona
    • 18. Hurracanrana
    • 19. Sun Set Flip
    • 20. Wrap Around DDT
    • 21. Luchadore DDT
    • 22. Tornado DDT

Championship/Title History


The CFW European Championship was the last title Copani held in CFW.

  • CFW CT Champion 3 Times
  • CFW European Champion
  • CFW Tag Champion (W/ Tony Jones)
  • SWF Fuck-The-Fed(FTF) Champion
  • EUW Tag Champion 3 times
  • EUW Pure Champion 2 times
  • EUW Television Champion
  • UXW US Champion
  • AWF World Champion
  • AFC IC Champion
  • AFC World Champion

Other Info

Theme Song:
FCW: "Like Yeah" by Tech N9ne