Character Name: Nick Foster

Height: 6 ft 1

Weight: 240 pounds

Home Town: Liverpool, England

Entrance Theme: Sorry, You're Not a Winner by Enter Shikari

Entrance Style: Foster walks out to the top of the ramp through falling pyro and interacts with the crowd as fitting with his persona (heel or face)

Style of Wrestling: Mixed Martial Art style technicality, brutality and submission.


The FCC (Fireman's Carry Cutter) - Lifts opponent onto shoulders in the fireman's carry position, twists his body forward in the fashion of an F-5 before dropping to the mat whilst holding opponents head. A cross between the F-5 and an RKO

The Triangle Choke - Self Explanatory

Background: Foster hit despair stemming from his arrogance and took solace in wrestling.

Career Accomplishments: 2x WCSF Tag Team Championship (The Mafia) Stables: The Mafia

Former Associates/Partners: Mark Thomas, Johnny Devine, Amen, Charisma, Shane Evans.

WCSF Career So Far....

Nick first debuted against Sean Knight on Asencion where he was narrowly beaten. He captained a 4 on 4 tag team match against a High Voltage team which included Anthony Blake, but they also lost thanks to a lack of teamwork by his teammates. Foster eventually made his Unleashed! debut against the Maniacal Steve Sinistra and despite losing, he showcased his talents and what he could do. Nick was then involved with a personal disbute involving the Mafia. Blair 'The Player' Trotter had fallen out with Johnny Devine and the Mafia was falling apart. Devine had challenged Trotter to find a partner and face him at the next PPV. However the stipulations being whoever lost had to leave the company. Devine had aqquired the services of Mark Thomas and Trotter still couldn't find a partner. Whilst in the middle of a verbal confrontation between the two former friends and partners, Nick Foster inturrupted and announced himself as Blair's partner.

The Mafia

With a huge weight on his shoulders, Foster took part in the tense match trying to protect his partner's career. However, towards the end of the match, Nick shocked the wrestling world when he delivered a Fosterfication to Blair Trotter and aligned himself with Devine. With this, a new Mafia was born. Week in, week out The Mafia began to raise carnage on unleashed! they took over authority when they 'purchased' the referee's. Devine and Thomas won the WCSF tag titles but as the Mafia are a team, Foster was eligible to defend the gold too. He stepped into Annihilation alongside Mark Thomas, defending the titles against Craig Bell and his first ever opponent Sean Knight. The Mafia came out victorious. Foster and Thomas would become the regular team for the Mafia, defending the tag belts against various opponents and reigning over the tag division until their defeat at the hands of the makeshift team of rivals Mike Maverick & Tristagi. After the match Foster would be attacked by his partner Mark Thomas, who left the Mafia. Foster was then on his own. He struggled to find his way as a singles competitor again, having mild success as a solo wrestler while Devine chased the WCSF Rampage Championship. Foster would lose to Sean Knight which enabled Knight to not have to wrestle in a dress anymore. After that, Foster would go on to try and gain entry into the Gold Rush Ladder Match at Revolution IV. He lost a Contract on a Pole match at Nothing to Lose against Johnny Briggs, Shane Evans, & Sean Knight when Briggs got the win.

Growth of the Mafia

On the special 3 hour WCSF Mayhem, Shane Evans would join the Mafia, thereby enhancing their strength as Johnny Devine tried to build an army to try and help him gain the elusive WCSF Title he coveted. Amen would join the next week, adding another strong member to the stable. Foster would develop a problem with the Gangsta Nation, who had been mocking him and the Mafia. He would enlist the help of fellow Mafia member Shane Evans to attack Jay Kraus backstage. The next week it was announced that the team of Foster and Evans would meet Gangsta Nation at Revolution IV for the WCSF Tag Team Championship.

Tag Team Champion with Shane Evans

At Revolution IV, Foster and Evans defeated Gangsta Nation to win the WCSF Tag Team Championship. The following night on Carnage, Evans and Foster taunted Rage Mishima, and then attacked him after his match later on in the night, but Mishima's cousin debuted, clearing Evans and Foster from the ring, then Mishima made it known the Yakuzas were returning, and coming after the tag titles.

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