Nick Kang
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Nick Kang]]
Real name Nicholas Kang Wilson
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Height 5'11
Weight 190
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Place of birth Los Angeles, California
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Resides Los Angeles, California
Billed from The City of Angels
Trainer Henry Wilson
CWF Ignition
Handled by None Needed
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Nicholas (Kang) Wilson was born in Los Angeles, California to Henry Wilson of the LAPD. Along with his brother Cary, Nick grew up on the mean streets of LA.

Henry Wilson worked underocver mostly, before a drug case gone bad resulted in Henry's suspicious disappearance. After an extended stay in china, the newly renamed Nick Kang became part of the LAPD, but his loose cannon attitude led to his suspension.


Although he was recently suspended indefinitely from the police force due to repeated incidents of excessive brutality, property damage, and refusing to follow orders, Nicholas Kang (Wilson) was recruited into the E.O.D. as the group's first field agent. The same over-the-line methods that got him thrown off the force enable him to succeed at the E.O.D.; his arrest record speaks for itself. Kang's skills in martial arts are only matched by his ability to expertly dual-wield firearms and drive like a Hollywood stuntman.


While still under the enforcement of EOD, Nick received an email regarding a wrestling promotion called CWF. Nick has been under CWF contract for almost a month now, and is currently in the hunt for the TV Title.

After wins against both Awesome Joe and the champion Mental Jack, Nick was granted a rematch. On the August 26th episode of Igntion, Nick won the title by choking out Jack.

After the match however, Mental Jack snapped, destroying Kang with brutal chair shots and the devastating Crossface Chickenwing. Kang was left motionless in the middle of the ring with the title as Jack walked away quietly.

Kang's reign did not last long, losing to newcomer Shawn Fury recently on Ignition. Kang hopes to regain his title on the Hellbound rematch.

Unfortunately, once again he lost to Fury in a brutal, brutal match. Nick is now under a loding streak, losing 4 of his last 5 matches.

Wrestling Facts

Theme Music - Sickness by Disturbed

Current Fued - The Untoucables, Kaeden and Gunn

Finishing moves - Casualties (GO2SLEEP) - Police Brutality (Rolling Cutter)

Tag Team Partner - Mr Amazo

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