Nick Nitro is a wrestler working for GWA currently.He now currently works for GWF and ECHW all apart of the GWA.


Before coming into GWF Nitro was in Las Vegas Pro Wrestling. LVPW for short. Nitro went to face Ace Starwind for his debut match, which Nitro won with ease. He later went on and won the LVPW Lightweight Championship. During his time in LVPW he met Danny Mainer and SheltonSplash. Nitro grew a friendship with the two, until Danny turned on Shelton by ganging up on him with a fellow heel superstar Mikey Badass, the first person to beat Nitro. Nitro won a number one contender match for the Heavyweight Title, but before he could face the current champion the fed was closed down.

Nitro in GWF

Nitro came into GWF because he heard many great rumors of it. Nitro made his GWF debut against Biscotti 2 Hotty, which he easily won. Nitro has went toe to toe with many GWF legends such as Bryan Daniels, Harry Jackson, AT Fire, and the list goes on and on. Despite many tries Nitro could never win gold. Nitro was put in the T4 Tournament. He was randomly selected to team up with AT Fire. The two made it all the way to the finals were they beat LLLG for the Titles. Nitro was selected to take part in a tournament for the GWF Undisputed Title. The finalists were to the voted on by the fans to see who faced Ken Davidson at Ultimate Decision. Nitro lost the tag titles days before UD when Harry Jackson and Dave Shadow cheated to win. Despite being one of those finalist Nitro didn't get enough votes. Instead Nitro was put in a Triple Threat Money in the Bank Qualifying match against Dave Shadow and AT Fire. Nitro won the match and is garunteed a spot on the card at Rise & Fall 2. Nitro didn't win the match, but he did make a huge impact. Nitro was in a small feud with Don Ferral which happened in GWF and ECHW.

Nitro in ECHW

Nitro saw another federation on the rise. East Coast Hardcore Wrestilng, or ECHW. Yet another hardcore fed Nitro is in. Nitro has gotten his share of hardcore so far. Nitro was in a feud with co-owner Dave Shadow for the ECHW World Heavyweight title. On the very last show Nitro won the title from him. A few months later ECHW was re-opened. Nitro was in a tournament to name the vacant ECHW World Title. Nitro didn't win. Nitro then took place in a match against Anthony Kage to name the number one contender for the Mid-Atlantic Championship. That match turned out to be one of the greatest matcher ECHW has ever had. It ended up in a draw so both men were promised title shots. The next week Nitro went against the then current Mid-Atlantic Champion, Don Ferral, and won to become the second man in ECHW history to hold both the Mid-Atlantic Title and ECHW World Title.


In LVPW TKO & Rear Naked Choke

Current Finishers Nitro Driver- Cradle Shock & Nitro Star Press- Shooting Star Press

Titles Won

LVPW Lightweight Championship Won from Tony Mangello. Forced to vacate title because of LVPW closing.

GWF World Tag Team Championshp Won vacated titles with AT Fire at VV. Lost it to Harry Jackson and Dave Shadow.

ECHW World Heavyweight Chapmionship Won from Dave Shadow on the last ECHW show. Forced to vacate because it was the last

ECHW Mid-Atlantic Championship When ECHW re-opened Nitro won it from Don Ferral. He is still the current champion.

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