Nick Pastley
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Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth May 12, 1984 (Age 23)
Place of birth Rock Wall, TX
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Resides Los Angelos, CA
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Trainer Chris Rush
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Debut February 2, 2006
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Chad Nickolas Philmark (Born May 12, 1984) is a professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Nick Pastley, and is currently a free agent.

Early Career Years

Nick Pastley started out in the BWA (Backyard Wrestling Alliance), and was trained there by Chris Rush, brother of former-UHW superstar Clint Rush. He only stayed there a little while before he started training for real professional wrestling.

Supreme Wrestling Federation

Pastley was soon picked up by a small time fed named SWF. While the fed only lasted a short period of time, it was long enough for Pastley to win a tournament to name a champion. To date, this is the only championship that Pastley has ever won.

Insane Wrestling Federation

After the closing of SWF, Pastley was picked up by a federation named IWF. While Pastley didn't necessarily fare well in the ring, he was probably most known for his backstage conflicts with IWF Owner Richard Hackman. Pastley's chosen style of promo was deemed 'controversial' by many, and soon Pastley had started calling himself "The Most Controversial Superstar on the Planet". Pastley grew in arrogance, and the majority of the locker room began to get fed up with it. Pastley began getting call outs, even by champions. Before Pastley could really achieve anything in IWF, they closed their doors.

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • Nick of Time- C4 Muscle Buster
  • Rolling Reel - Green Bay Plunge
  • That's A Wrap - Top Rope Samoan Reversed Rolling Thunder

Theme Music

  • "Politicians" by Switchfoot

Championship Titles Held

  • SWF World Heavyweight Champion- 1 time

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