Nick Rijkaard
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Height 5'9
Weight 218lbs.
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Resides Concord, NH
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Debut 2007


Waking up one day in a roadside ditch with mysterious scars and no memory even of who he was, Nick Lion is on a quest to find out the truth about his past and to regain his former life. After days of wandering aimlessly, Nick stopped suddenly at the sight of an FMW promotional poster. He knew somehow, without question, that the man on the billboard was the one who held all the answers to his predicament... the C-4 champion Dr. David Diabolical.

Turned away at Diabolical's dressing room door by what could only be described as a henchman, (who stated in no uncertain terms that "The boss" didn't meet fans) Nick resolved to fight his way up through the ranks and meet this doctor on a more equal footing. As he began his inaugural training at the famed developmental territory NEW, he was amazed at how naturally the holds and manoeuvers came to him. Could it be that he had wrestled before, in his past life? When asked for a name to go by in the business, he gives the moniker Nick Lion. Something feels familiar about the name to him.

Nick Lion is an easy-going wrestler outside the ring, but he will always try to intervene when he sees an unfair situation. He feels shooting pains in his head and sometimes even hears strange voices. However, he is not sure whether to blame these on the incident which left him in a ditch with amnesia, or on his bizarre and unhealthy style of alcohol intake. (2 shots of vodka mixed with a pint of beer. No ice, no lemon, no parasol, thank you) Nick has no family or friends as far as he is aware, but he is easily distracted by a pretty face. Though his ultimate goal in FMW is of course to find out the truth behind his past, Nick Lion his discovered in himself a competitive wrestling spirit, and he intends to enjoy every minute of the journey.

New Era Wrestling

Nick Lion got off to a controversial start in NEW at 1.3 as his inaugural tag team match ended almost immediately in a win via disqualification, but he spent the next several minutes being beaten on by The Celt, NY Stallion and others.

After this eye-opener, Nick vowed to make things happen in NEW rather than be consumed by events. He challenged the bragging Celt to an I Quit match, which the cocky upstart accepted believing that he would win the NEW title and be immune from Nick's challenge. While The Celt lost in a hard-fought Deadly Draw match at Lethal Injection, Nick had turned his attention onto the Full Metal Debate, winning the NEW bracket despite neglecting to even answer over half of the questions.

Armed with this victory, he gained the power to make the I Quit match he wanted, and opted to face The Celt at NEW 2.1 with the #1 contendership at stake. After overcoming The Celt in a match where pride was on the line and which Nick only managed to win after knocking his opponent unconscious, he found out that he would fight NY Stallion for the New Era Heavyweight Championship at FMW's Circus Maximus PPV.

Nick was able to triumph at Circus Maximus, claiming the belt and beginning a love/hate relationship with NEW's commissioner Mike 'Brawler' Nunez. Growing overly protectionist of his development fed, Brawler was keen to make use of Nick's reign, but at the same time wary of losing the rising star to the main roster. Throughout this period, Nick cultivated a friendship with Matt Dunn, which led to the informal pairing known as the British Lions.

Successful title defences followed, with the Lion victorious over Steven Taylor, Travis James and Brawler's chosen representative Pure Extremist. After defeating PX at NEW 2.4, Nick finally ended the indecision over his future, signing an FMW Alchemy contract on the NEHC belt and putting the controlling Brawler through a table.

The British Lions

In their FMW Alchemy debut, Matt and Nick were matched against the formidable SoCal Connection (later the Dogs of War) for the Full Metal Tag Team Championships. Though they were 'not supposed to win', Nick pinned Korran Halycon in a stunning upset to finally unseat the long-standing champions. The British Lions had arrived, and Nick had carved his own place in history by becoming its first (and to date, only) dual champion by simultaneously holding the NEHC and FMTTC belts.

The euphoria was short-lived, however. Nick suffered his first defeat the following week, when British Lions and Slegna were beaten by SoCal and Christian G. Smitten in a six man tag match. Derailed by the defeat, they went on to a poor showing at Ground Zero and relinquished their championships back to The Sublime and Korran Halycon.

After Ground Zero, the British Lions were matched in a steel cage against the feuding duo of Adrian and Dr. Diabolical, whose combined experience and ruthlessness outmatched the brash rookies. Their next match was a #1 contenders' match, and a chance to face the SoCal Connection for the belts one more time. In a close contest though, the in-form Commedia dell'arte emerged victorious and went on to challenge the champions.

In an effort to repair the comradeship which had seen them originally become champions, and to reverse their recent losing streak, Nick set himself and his partner up with singles matches against different opponents. Though both won their matches, Matt emotionally attacked Nick after he had defeated Gabriel Lance, ostensibly insulted that Nick had thought that Matt needed help earlier in the night.

Though the team uneasily made up, a match was made between the two for Ultimatum, so they could put aside any grudges and move onwards as a team. It was at that time that Matt chose to show his hand, to crush Nick by revealing that their entire friendship had been a sham to facilitate the rise of the man now calling himself Mortus. The defining image of this betrayal was the dramatic re-enactment of Nick's death in a mob hit, which tore deeply into his psyche.

For the entirety of the 4.x cycle, Nick had been struggling to find the details of his missing past. Left with only the clue of his real surname 'Rijkaard' by Dr. Diabolical, Nick searched until finally meeting with his brother David Rijkaard (who, unbeknownst to both, is Dr. Diabolical's alter ego). Seizing this familial discovery with both hands, he rebranded himself as Nick Rijkaard.

At Ultimatum, Nick Rijkaard fought against Matt Dunn, finally unveiled as the monster Mortus, who was able to capitalise on Nick's unwillingness to fight and emerge as the winner of the British Lions' showdown.

The two met again at Alchemy 5.1 in a Buried Alive match, where Mortus' brother Lictor attacked Nick with a shovel and gave the win to his older brother. Suffocating under six feet of earth, Nick was shockingly rescued by Dr. David Diabolical, who planned to use Nick as a mercenary of sorts in his goal to stabilise Alchemy under NME's control.

Diabolical pitted Rijkaard against Dante Jones in a cage match at Alchemy 5.3, promising Nick with more details of his hazy past should he win. During the match though, the doctor would not accept escape from the cage and forced Nick to re-enter the fray, where he was pinned by Jones. Nick then realised that Diabolical would not be forthcoming with his end of the arrangement, and began a crusade against the man whose presence had haunted him since his first day in NEW.

Enemy of the NME

Nick's war against Diabolical and NME began at Alchemy 5.3. In a singles match against the TNT champion Neutron Star, Nick claimed his first win since Gabriel Lance. Later in the show he aided Dante Jones and Alex O'Rion in driving back the combined force of the NME, as they tried to put Jones out of commission following the main event. Nick must now face off against the C4 champion Hostyle, before finally engaging his nemesis at Death Row.

Wrestling Facts

Theme Music

  • "Hero" by Machinae Supremacy

Finishing Moves

  • Rijkaard Reflexion - Top rope Shooting Star flip into hurricanrana on standing opponent
  • Over And Out - Lionsault, connecting with standing opponent and dropping them with a diving reverse DDT
  • Deadlock - Double crucifix armbar, using both arms and legs to pull back on opponent's arms
  • Roll-up Of Doom - Schoolboy pin with thumb thrust up opponent's anus to disorientate


  • Throat thrust (Kane)
  • Discus punch (AJ Styles)
  • Spinning backfist
  • Dropkick
  • Charging clothesline
  • Spear
  • STO
  • Complete shot (Scott Steiner)
  • Standing armbar
  • Jawbreaker (Jeff Hardy)
  • Standing Hurricanrana
  • DDT
  • Inside cradle (Marufuji)
  • Impaler DDT (table-break speciality move)
  • Spinning spinebuster
  • Tazmission
  • Reverse DDT (Christian)
  • Chop block
  • Chickenwing armbar
  • Standing moonsault
  • Single-leg Boston crab
  • Top-rope knee drop (to fallen opponent)
  • Top-rope elbow smash (to standing opponent)
  • Suicide dive

Promo Scores

Out of a maximum 5.0

  • Alchemy 3.3 - 4.3
  • Alchemy 3.4 - 4.23
  • Ground Zero - 4.2
  • Alchemy 4.1 - 4.28
  • No Holds Barred - 4.27 (the writer's other character Innilock competed instead of Nick)
  • Alchemy 4.3 - 4.4
  • Alchemy 4.4 - 4.21
  • Ultimatum - 4.4

Out of a maximum 10.0

  • Alchemy 5.1 - 7.78
  • Alchemy 5.2 - 8
  • Alchemy 5.3 - 8.1

FMW championship reigns

FMW Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
The SoCal Connection
First Reign Succeeded by:
The SoCal Connection
NEW Heavyweight Championship
Preceded by:
Steven Taylor
First Reign Succeeded by:

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