Nick Scott is an American E-Wrestler currently working for WRF. He currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. He and his wife, Jessie, have two children, a son, Owen (2), and a daughter, Rose (1).

Nick Scott
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Nick Scott]]
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Height 5'11"
Weight 235 lbs
Date of birth October 6, 1980
Place of birth Cincinnati, Ohio
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Resides Cincinnati, Ohio
Billed from Cincinnati, Ohio
Trainer Les Thatcher
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Debut Februay 19, 2003
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Early Years

Nick grew up watching wrestling and knew it was what he wanted to do his whole life. As a boy, he watched the WWF for his hero, the Ultimate Warrior. As he grew older, he grew to greatly appreciate the technical wrestlers; like Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Mr Perfect, and so forth.

In his teens, seeing the competition of WWF and WCW growing stale, Nick found himself drawn to ECW. The style and competitive nature of the athletes of ECW was like a drug. And the hardcore submission style of one man made NS truly want to be a wrestler: Taz.

Being short and stocky himself, Nick felt akin to Taz and soon took up amateur wrestling at his high school, and at 18 years old, as a high school senior, made his pro debut in his hometown, Cincinnati.

Starting Out, Breaking into the Wrestling Business

Nick's professional wrestling aspirations were severely hurt when ECW closed its doors. Nick wanted to perform in the legendary ECW arena for the company.

After a few years on the Indy circuit and Japan, he found his way to Rocky Mountain Wrestling and now Wrestling Revolution Federation.


WRF, First Stint

For months, Nick wrestled in both RMW/NAWA and WRF. During that time, he became a dual champion holding both the WRF United States title and NAWA Kaos title, until WRF closed its doors in November of 2005.


2006 had its ups and downs. He captured the NAWA (formerly RMW) World Championship from “The Canadian Wrecking Ball” Eric Desalve on April 28th in the main event of the Meltdown pay-per-view, and held it for nearly four months, losing to Pandora at the Shockwave pay-per-view on August 25th. Nick suffered a severe injury, suffering damage to his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) in his right knee. Nick would come back months later, facing Eric Desalve at the Razamanaz pay-per-view, but was unable to reclaim the NAWA World Championship at that time.

Split from NAWA / Return to WRF

Towards the end of 2006, Nick would become co-owner of the NAWA alongside Jim Hewlett. Nick would also go on to establish his own developmental federation for the up-and-coming stars of NAWA, to Hewlett’s chagrin. The two would have a drastic falling out, and Nick would leave NAWA and vow never to return.

After leaving NAWA forever, Nick returned to the WRF on April 1st and brought with him the Original WRF United States Championship. Nick would feud with the, then, United States champion, ST Strickler.

In Wrestling

Finishing Maneuvers

Favorite Moves

Championships and Accomplishments

Wrestling Revolution Federation United States Championship (9/25/05 Hellbound PPV vs. E-Mac, WRF “Closed” in November of 2005 with Nick Scott never having lost the title. Lost a Unification match against ST Strickler for the newly reinstated WRF US title on May 14, 2007.)

Rocky Mountain Wrestling /North American Wrestling Alliance Kaos Championship (11-21-05, vs. Ashe Ervine. Lost to Lloyd Banks on 3-10-06)

North American Wrestling Alliance - World Championship (4-28-06, vs. Eric Desalve. Lost to Pandora on 8-25-06)


Jessie "The Body"

Tony Spiccoli

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