Nick "Stahly" Stahl
Real name Nicholas Lee Stahl
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Height 5'10"
Weight 153lbs
Date of birth December 28, 1984
Place of birth Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Date of death January 31, 2007
Place of death Minneapolis, Minnesota
Resides Minneapolis, Minnesota
Billed from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Trainer Dark Prophet, YCPM, Derek Grant, Seth Drakin
Handled by Jeff McSorley
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Debut December, 2004
Retired {{{retired}}}

Early life

Born to his mother Pearl and father Patrick in the suburb of Brooklyn Park in 1984, he grew up in a decade of change. Cousin to Dark Prophet he grew up in a family that enjoyed Wrestling intensely. Prophet and Nick often went to WCW and WWF shows at the Target Center as well as Nick being in Boxing and Wrestling throughout school. His uncle Donald opened up a small Indy Federation in the family's "home base" of Fergus Falls, Minnesota; where he employed himself as soon as he graduated high school. Being younger than his more famous cousin, he always felt as though he was consistently in his shadow. When Prophet offered him a job alongside him in XHF in late 2004 he did not deny.

Early Pro Attempt

Though struggling to win matches and never holding a title, he followed Prophet to IPW and TWE where he met little success yet again. In all early professional attempts it was a lack of good booking that robbed him from having many wins. His gimmick given to him, based upon his relation to Dark Prophet and a possible lead into a feud with him was to call him "The Prophet" and do "prophecies" before a match much like Prophet did before. This gimmick was very unsuccessful for both men, and may have also added to his lack of success. All times he was a victim of the booking committees and left to train in what is now Dark Prophet's training/indy fed; where he was before. He disappeared for over a year, eventually being re-trained by Dark Prophet for skills on the microphone that he had otherwise lacked under the pressure of his early professional days.

PWX and an interesting goal

Signed to WVWF he was placed in the PWX division. His goal, however odd it seems, is not the typical World Title one. His goal is very oriented to how he has always approached his indy work, Hardcore and High Flying. The Cruiserweight is set to debut soon and with this he will be back in the Pros, to take another swing at success.

His Suicide

On January 31 of 2007 a news report was released telling of the self-inflected death of Nick Stahl. His motives are of his continued failure and mediocrity both in and out of the ring. In the end, addiction to Methamphetamine and Heroin was his downfall and he shall be missed.

His Gimmicks and Appearance

Rockstar/Classic Rock Fan(XHF): Dusty Jean Jacket, Acid Wash Jeans, Classic Rock T-shirts

Goth(TWE): Black T-shirt, Wool Trenchcoat(black), Black Eyeliner, Large Ankh or Silver Cross, Crow Facepaint

Current: Varies by what day it is. Typically he wears a black band t-shirts(Metal mostly), black or blue jeans, tennis shoes(usually non-name brand), Has a tattoo of his name on his back in black ink(elaborate design). Wears makeup(eyeliner especially), has ear, eyebrow, and lip piercings(sometimes does not wear the rings). Gothic Arm-Warmers and fishnet arm stockings often seen. Occasionally one will see him wear tripp pants with various sharpened keys, thumbtacks, and razor blades attached to the keyring holders. Gray eyes and black hair(spiked, messy or straight. About eyebrow length in front). Again, his attire varies greatly backstage.

In Ring Attire: Jeans as above, black Harley Davidson boots(not steel-toe), gothic armwarmers OR fishnets, elbow and knee pads(kneepads hidden under his pants), eyeliner and lipstick(color varies).


Extreme Finisher(Like the Van Terminator): Surefire Suicide

Description: Swanton from ladder to table on outside.

Set-Up Maneuver (if applicable): Opponent on table, steel chair on opponent or thumbtacks.

Signature Moves [Moves in this list should be those that are capable of winning a match]:

The Stahl(Swinging DDT Counter to any lifting Power move)

Hypothermia(Canadian Destroyer)

Seether(split legged moonsault, often done while holding a steel chair)

9th and Hennepin(Swanton Bomb; primary finisher)

Twin Cities Twister(Flying Tornado DDT)

Submission Match Signatures: STF

Leglock Sleeperhold(body scissors sleeper) Boston Crab



Other Moves: Arm Drag

Baseball Slide

Back Roll/Roll Press

Roundhouse Kick


Springboard Moonsault

Springboard Hurricanrana


Elbow Drop

Leg Drop


Bronco Buster

Various Chops

Punches(Jabs, hooks, other boxing or karate punches)


Fist Drop


Shining Wizard


Irish Whip

Spinning Heel Kick

Tiger Feint Kick





Entrance Themes

Closer - Nine Inch Nails (TWE and XHF)

Killing Time - Lullacry(PWX)


1x TWE Hardcore Champion

PWX Win/Loss Record


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