Nicolas Slater
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Nicolas Slater]]
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Height 6'3
Weight 234 lbs.
Date of birth October 7, 1984 (age 22)
Place of birth New York City, NY
Date of death
Place of death
Resides New York City, NY
Billed from New York City, NY
Handled by Kid Charisma
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Debut February 28, 2007
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Nicolas Morfe Slater (born on October 7, 1984), better known by his ring name "The Golden Guy" Nicolas Slater" is an American professional wrestler currently working for Fanatics Wrestling Federation.

Personal Info

Early life

Nicolas Slater is a Dominican-American, born to two parents from the Dominican Republic. Slater's parents separated when he was five so he lived with his mom over the summer and dad during school. He and his mom lived in the infamous Marcy Houses. Nicolas always wanted to be a wrestler since he was 13, put never could afford proper training until on his 18th birthday, he played the Mega Millions lottery game, winning 40 million dollars.

Slater instead of retiring like most lottery winners, used the money to go to the best wrestling school in America. After 4 years FWF General Manager Gary Stevens saw talent in Slater and signed him to a contract.

Wrestling career

Fanatics Wrestling Federation

In his FWF debut, on the February 28 edition of FWF Retribution, Slater defeated former FWF International Champion, "The Key" RobyD via crossface chickenwing. The next week, Slater allinged himself with Joe Storm calling themselves the Dukes of Devastation. They defeated Bret Owens and Shawn Sousa to become the #1 contenders for the FWF Tag Team Championship. Joe Strom was released from his FWF contract during the week, so The Dukes of Devasations #1 contendership was inactive. On March 28, after ending Bambu's undefeated streak, Slater clamied that DOD was not dead and he would reveal his mystery partner during the No Regrets PPV.

The Dukes of Devastation would face the Adams Davis Connection and Masters of Disaster in a Triple Threat Ladder match for the #1 contenders for the FWF Tag Team Championship. Slater revealed his tag partner to be the debuting Phenetic. The New Dukes of Devastation would lose to the Adams Davis Connection with Nick Davis climbing the ladder grabbing the contracts.

Next week on Outbreak, Slater was upset by Sean jade a Shockwave wrestler who had not wrestled in weeks. Slater and Phentic was scheduled to face the New Generation Stars on the4/18 edition of Outbreak but the FWF Tag Team Champions interferred before the match went underway.

Maximum Wrestling X

It is rumored that Nicolas Slater and MWX GM Tyler McKnight are undergoing contract negotiations although nothing is confirmed yet.


  • Finishing and signature moves
    • 5-Star Frog Splash
    • Crossface chickenwing
    • Flip Piledriver
    • Muta lock
    • Rolling German suplexes
    • Moonsault
    • Asai Moonsault
    • Sharpshooter
    • Delayed Vertical Suplex
    • Suicide Dive
    • Grapevine Ankle Lock
    • Hurricanrana
    • Missile Dropkick
    • Figure Four Leglock
    • Superkick
    • Superplex
    • Diving Headbutt
    • Backhand Chop
    • Corner-to-Corner Missile Dropkick

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