[[Image:|px|Image of Nicole]]
Real name Nicole Stevens
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Height 5'6"
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Date of birth May 23rd
Place of birth London, England
Date of death
Place of death
Resides London, England
Billed from London, England
Handled by
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Nicole is the oldest of the Stevens siblings, we didn't see her until Ben's feud with the Outcast. Ben's family, mainly Nicole where targeted bt Outcast as he looked to strip Ben of everything he had and wanted. During this time Nicole played a key role in reuniting Ben with the rest of the family who he had not see for years as he had felt like an unwanted child. As the feud between Ben and Outcast came to a close it looked like Nicole had turned her back on Ben by siding with Outcast and agreeing to marry him. In truth this was a trick by Nicole to help Ben win back the IC title from Outcast.

Since then Nicole has become a source of strength for Ben, making appearances in OUW to support her younger brother. Not one to get in the ring and mix things up, she is well aware there maybe a time when she may have to, to help Ben. Preferring to stay on the outside of the ring and use her carm and wit, OUW is still to see what Nicole can do within the ring in a competitive match. Could there be a second lethal weapon within the family?

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