Detroit, Michigan- Fox Theater Aug 17, 2007 7:00pm

Finals for the Midwest Jr. Heavyweight title Stardust def “Thunder” Josh Xavier when Dust hit the EOB (4:50)

Midwest Heavyweight title Steve Storm(c) vs. "The Hunter" Jason Hunt went no contest when Hunter didn’t listen to ref call (5;10)

Gantlet for the Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Trophy Cory Krisel def Skyfire, Dark Messiah, Ayo Tanahahi, Heaven, “Dangerous” Cody Hawk, “X-Man” Zac Jones, and Kentia Mursorio Heaven and “X-Man” Zac Jones by Kentia Mursorio (1:00) Kentia Mursorio and Dark Messiah by Skyfire (1:34) Skyfire by “Dangerous” Cody Hawk (2:35) “Dangerous” Cody Hawk by Cory Kriesl (2:37)

One more time AMW vs. Tokyo Death Squad went no contest when AMW was beaten down in the locker room

Can the Evil be stopped? Sinister Ways def. God's Forgotten when Kayne hit the Black out II on Heaven (1:20)

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