Height: 6'3" Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: Currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio

Birthday: August 17, 1984 (25 years of age)

Major accomplishments: 2x R4GE Television Champion (Total 83 days with the belt), G-2 Heavyweight Champion (current), First #1 entrant to win G-2's Golden Gauntlet (Golden Gauntlet III)


Finisher: Sweet Dreams - an F-5 into a DDT landing

Signature Move: Night Terror - an Ally-Oop Powerbomb (Fall backwards, sending opponent face first onto the mat)

Submission: Half-Boston Crab

Favorite Moves: Anything powerful, not a technical wrestler.

-Powerbombs: Jackknife, Batista sit-down style, traditional standing

-Suplexes: German and traditional vertical

-Submissions: Any Boston-Crabs, Abdominal stretches, Also a fan of the Triangle Choke, Moves are sparsely used

-Early moves to soften opponents: Punches, Kicks, nothing special, may throw in the occasional power move. Will do so until opponent is at a disadvantage (e.g. in the corner, dazed, etc...)

-Power Moves: Sledge to face (ball up hands together and strike opponent), Drop kick, Electric Chair, Jack-hammer, spear, Shoulder to midsection, forearm smash, Bulldog, DDT, suplexes, powerbombs, Dominator, Crucifix (Border Toss), backbreaker, atomic drop, Black-hole slam, sidewalk slam, chokeslam.

-On the Defensive: John may resort to submissions to attempt to slow the pace of the match, or may roll out of ring to regain composure. Nightmare will just blindly rush his opponents until he is out of gas.

-Extreme: Nightmare will do anything, John is more hestant.


Nightmare is the most common form of the unstable personality of John Marcus. He's gone through many incarnations, from John Marcus (his birth name), to Nightmare, to ENEMY. In his youth, he went from mental hospital to mental hospital for a few years, before finally being released to his parents at the age of 17. He met and befriended a girl named Jesse. The two became romantically linked, and John became more prevalent as the days went by, but a botched robbery, leading to Jesse's death, would throw John into a rage, ultimately shaping him into Nightmare. For years he attempted to "punish the world," to make them all "see the world for what it really is." He finally stumbled into R4GE, where he had a strong beginning, followed by a forty-five day Television Championship reign. He feuded with Max Hatred before his reign, and won the belt off of Dean Jaggs due to an interference from Kokane (the two were feuding at the time). Nightmare would later go on to pin Jaggs for his first title defense the following week. Nightmare lost the title at Lights Out to the seven-foot tall monster Colossus. Nightmare had his biggest match against Ken Fuqua for the R4GE World Heavyweight Championship, which he lost. Shortly after, he left R4GE for a few months, coming back as the lurker 'ENEMY'. He would re-debut as John Marcus and take the R4GE Television Championship from Logan Gable, by way of a Dean Jaggs interference. This would lead to a best of three series for the title, the final match being decided at Breaking Point, which Gable won. Shortly thereafter, Nightmare left R4GE for good, beginning a three-year absence from the wrestling business. Suddenly, in June 2009, he came back onto the scene in G-2, quickly challenging Duros for his Openweight championship. The two quickly developed an intense dislike for one another, spawning one of the most bitter feuds of 2009. It all came to a head at G-2's November PPV "The Clash in Conroe," when Duros defended his belt against Nightmare in a casket match. This defeat, at the hands of a man who used his painful past against him, seemed to demolish any lingering control John had over his alter ego, resulting in a more focused, intense Nightmare. With this new attitude, Nightmare made it to the finals of G-2's #1 contender's tournament, losing to the eventual Heavyweight Champion, Joe Muddin. Only a few weeks later, Nightmare entered into G-2's staple event, The Golden Gauntlet, as the #1 entrant. At The Golden Gauntlet III, Nightmare claimed his first G-2 Heavyweight Championship, defeating 10 other men and pinning Chris West to win the title. He is the current G-2 Heavyweight Champion.

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