Name: Nightmare (Joe Morgan)

Username: Soul Rider

Height: 6'6

Weight: 312 Pounds

From: Parts Unknown

Gimmick: As Nightmare a monster, as Joe Morgan a MMA shoot figther.

Entrance Music: Die MF Die - Dope

Fighting Style: Powerhouse & Technical


-Powedriver (F-5 into powerslam)

-Morgan Lock-(The Gogoplata)

Signature Moves:

- Superman Punch

- Joehammer(Jackhammer)

Move set:

- Fujiwara armbar

- Back suplex side slam

- Reverse Powerslam

- Spinbuster

- Fallaway Slam to a Sit-Down Powerbomb

- Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock

- Triangle Hold

- Leaping clothesline

- Gorilla Press Slam into Powerslam

- Gorilla Press Slam into Spinbuster

- Bottom Drop (Rock Bottom)

- Backbreaker

- Multiple turnbuckle thrusts

- Standing double leg takedown followed by mounted punches or forearms

- Mounted Hammer fists/ Forearms/ Elbows

- Big Boot

- Spinning side slam

- Superkick

- Superkick to a kneeling or seated opponent

- Suicide dive

- Running knee lift


- Double underhook superplex

- 450° Splash

- Chokeslam From Hell

- Scoop Powerslam

- Running Powerslam

- Tilt-a-whirl slam

- Throat thrust

- Multiple Suplex variations:

- German Suplex

- Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex

- Snap Suplex

- Superplex

- Back Suplex

- Dragon Suplex

- Tiger Suplex

- Vertical Delayed Suplex

- Multiple Powerbomb variations:

- Deadlift Powerbomb/s

- Vertical Suplex Powerbomb

- Release Powerbomb

- Turnbuckle powerbomb

- Falling powerbomb


Joe Morgan can be a twisted monster when he wears the mask and becomes the monster known as Nightmare,but since revealing he was Joe Morgan,Joe became a force in E-Feds.Joe is acting as a face right now on most of the feds,but in most of them he is retired,after I decided to try and use new character.Joe is the perfect mix of power and teachincal skills,and he use a the perfect finisher called the powerdriver,a Move that I invited.He is an accomplished wrestler,and a legend on a couple of E-Feds.


2x EWN World Heavyweight Champion

WCW Undisputed World Champion

2x WCW World Heavyweight Champion

2x WCW Champion

CWS World Heavyweight Championship

USW World Heavyweight Championship

USW World Tag Team Championship

2x EWN World Tag Team Championship

EWN Intercontinental Championship

CGS United Stats Championship

CWS United Stats Championship

CGS Hardcore Championship

WCW Ironman Champion

Suplex World Tag Team Championship

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