Nina Estra
Real name Ninetta Dawn Estra
Ring Names Nina Estra
Nurse Nina
Height 5'6”
Weight 115lbs
Date of birth 27 May 1977
Place of birth Litle Rock, Arkansas
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Wanuakee, Wisconsin
Billed from Madison, Wisconsin
Trainer Paul Levins
Handled by
Win/Loss Record 11-19-00
Debut October 2001
Retired August 2002

Nina Estra, (born Ninetta Dawn Estra 27th May, 1977) is a retired American professional wrestler and valet. She is most famously known for her managerial work with Doctor Ian in FSW and UCW, as well as managing the New Breed in FSW.


The Start and FSW

Nina Estra never wanted to be cheerleader, homecoming queen, class president or anything of that nature. She wanted to wrestle, but being petite, blonde and rather pretty, she found it hard to be taken seriously.

She graduated high school and went on to college, studdying at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Psychology Department. With a degree in psychology, she still felt empty, enrolling on a wrestling course under Paul Levins, while taking several waitress jobs to pay the bills.

A graduate of the Wisconsin division of the Paul Levins School of Wrestling, Nina was introduced to on the rise FSW star Doctor Ian by Paul himself. The story goes that Ian met Nina while she was working in Starbucks, but he actually seen her trainning earlier that day and was tipped off by Paul where she would be working. She was initially brought in and used as a valet to his character under the name "Nurse Nina." Within two weeks though, the "Nurse" angle was dropped from her name and she simply used her name Nina. Within a month of competing in FSW, she quickly established herself among the top female stars of FSW, both in the sense of being a valet and a wrestler. However, there was a main issue between her and the other top female star of FSW, Stacey Sanchez.


FSW Promo shot

Nina and Stacey literally hated each other, both in the ring and out of the ring. There was bad blood between them, especially at the time when Stacey was Women's Champion in FSW. Nina eventually defeated her, but there was still issues between the two. Also during this time, Nina pulled away from Doctor Ian, he recruited a new manager while she went on her own way to wrestle.

After the establishment of a young team of rookies from the FSW Power Plant, FSW owner JJ needed a guiding force for the "New breeD" as they were aptly name, so he recruited Nina to "manage" the youngsters. Under her the New breeD became tag team champions (Josh Evetts and Exile) and Evetts also become Atlantic Champion under her management. However, when New breeD member Saltire began dating Stacey Sanchez, things looked grim for Nina. With Sanchez's involvement, the New breeD disbanded and Nina once again went back to competing.

As FSW began to close, Nina got another run at being Women's Champion, but lost her final Championship to her arch nemesis Stacey Sanchez.This was to be Nina's last competitive singles match. To this day, throughout her whole career, the one person she resents the most is Sanchez. She explained in a RF Video shoot interview, "We never saw eye to eye. We competed for friends and it was hard for both of us. In most places we would have gotten along but for some reason it was never like that in FSW. I was lucky Ian had a lot more pull than Justyn (Justice) and later Saltire. But thats things of the past now".

Back to the Valet / Independents


Supporting Doctor Ian in DAW

Following the close of FSW, she still maintained a close bond and friendship with Doctor Ian. Instead of wrestling, she joined up with her friend on the road and went back to being his manager in PwF. Under her guidance, Ian became PwF World and International Champion. She went with Ian then to the EHW and then to eWa. Again under her guidance, he became North American Champion. When his back injury returned late in the eWa run, Nina left joining up with Jackson Draven and Shane Marrioette in LAW, a small federation outside of New Jersey. She stayed on this for a year, paying the bills from the indie money she was earning, either wrestling or valeting.

However come the end of 2004 / start of 2005, Nina headed back home, with enough money saved to live comfortably for a while. Doctor Ian returned to the ring in 2005 in DAW and she made frequent visits to the wrestling circuit. This stopped however when he became UCWF commissioner, later president. He never turned his back on Nina, but she became so frustrated by his actions he became similar to how he was in FSW. Power hungry and the two lost contact. They however regained contact during his UCW spell and the two began talking on a regular basis again.
Nina Taylor

Nina and Taylor first meeting in UCW Talk!

Tommy Estra's Death

Nina's brother Tommy, a police officer in Wisconsin, was one night shot and killed during a drug bust. A single parent, Tommy left behind a daughter Natalie. Nina took it apon herself to look after the youngster, which Ian found admirable. In UCW, Doctor Ian had a shot at the World Championship and wanted to share this opportunity with Nina. Her father Joe was happy to look after Natalie, while Nina went with Ian on his oversea's adventure.

UCW in 2006

Nina went with Ian to Wales and at UCW Obsession, she helped him become Champion and was even his valet for the match. However, their affection grew for each other right around the Obsession Pay Per View. Ian went on to win the match and the UCW Heavyweight Championship and for the first time since her brother Tommy had passed away, things seemed right for Nina.

Ryan-Reynolds Reese-Witherspoon

Doctor Ian and Nina Estra

Unfortunatly, being associated with Ian put a target on her and niece Natalie Estra, whom Nina was now legal guardian of. Thanks to Greg Venom becoming number one contender to the UCW World Championship, his manager / girlfriend Taylor Monroe convinced Greg it would be a good idea to kidnap Natalie and leave her in the custody of the unstable Anthoni Young. It would be weeks before Nina would see Natalie again.

Ian would face Anthoni with his World Championship and Natalie's custody on the line, at one point it was all set for Anthoni to win, but his estranged brother Rayne Young turned up to put the match in Ian's favour, which he just about won.

The next week would see Nina in her final match, teaming with Doctor Ian against Taylor and Venom. Nina lost the match for her team when Taylor got the better of her. It was the last time she would step into a wrestling ring, not only as an active wrestler but also as a manager.

Appearances (2007 -)

Since her last competitive match in UCW, Nina has only appeared in promos shot by Doctor Ian. She moved back to Wisconsin in 2007, becoming the legal guardian of niece Natalie Estra and moving back home with her father Joe. In 2008, she returned to her roots for a while to work in Starbucks, before working as a pharm girl from 2009 - 2011. In 2010 she became the adopted mother of Natalie.

In recent times, Nina and Ian have relocated back to Waunakee, Wisconsin.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Complete Shot {Reverse STO)
  • Signature Moves
  • Levins Shooter (Sharpshooter)
  • Gold Roll Up (Head scissors into a victory roll)
  • One Night Stand (Superkick)
  • Even Flow DDT
  • General Attack Moves
  • Sunset flip
  • Victory roll
  • Russian Leg Sweep
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Leg hook Saito suplex
  • Head scissors takedown
  • Forearm Smash
  • Hair pull Gory special
  • Crucifix head scissors
  • Crucifix Pin
  • Hair pull take down
  • Roundhouse kick
  • Hand Stand Leg Drop
  • Bitch Slap
  • Sleephold takedown
  • Submission Moves

    Nina was happy leaving wrestling behind

  • Figure Four Leg Lock
  • Indian Death Lock
  • Sleephold
  • Cobra clutch
  • Ringpost figure four leg lock (illegal hold)
  • High Risk Moves
  • Diving heel kick
  • Missile Drop Kick
  • Wrestlers Managed
  • Doctor Ian
  • Jackson Draven
  • Shane Marioette
  • Exile
  • Josh Evetts
  • Saltire
  • JT Levins
  • Entrance Music
  • "Riot Girl" by Zebrahead (2006 - 2009)
  • "Don't Let Me Get Me" by Pink (2002-2006)
  • "Too Cool For School" by Fountains of Wayne (Used with Doctor Ian).
  • "Youth of a Nation" by POD (Used with the Young Gunz / New breeD)

Championships and Honours

  • Five Star Wrestling
  • FSW Womens Champion (x2)

Personal life

Nina was raised by her father Joe Estra, an oil rig operator, after her mother Laura Jean, left their family shortly following the birth of her youngest sisterTami . She also has one older sister, Carolynn, who lives in Wisconsin. Her elder brother, Tommy, was police officer who was killed in action. Following the death of Tommy, Nina became the legal guardian of Natalie Estra, Tommy's daughter. Natalie's mother is no longer in the picture.

Nina in Blackwood

She has been in an on-off relationship with Ian Brander since 2002. She, along with Natalie, is currently living with Ian in South Wales, United Kingdom, which is his home.

Nina has been engaged to be married twice. Firstly when she was in collage to her high school sweetheart Corey Lane. They separated following him being unfaithful with another girl. Her second engagement was to Geoff Kinkirk, a Wisconsin lawyer. They separated following her reconciling with Ian in 2008.

Nina is an avid fan of NFL team Green Bay Packers, her favorite player being Aaron Rodgers . She is a fan of Jazz music, in particular Big Band and the Swing Era.

Her favourite song is If Ever I Would Leave You by Robert Goulet .

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