Niqolie Kross
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Niq Kross

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Real name Niqolie Michael Kross
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Height 6'1"
Weight 246lbs
Date of birth September 20th, 1988
Place of birth Buffalo, New York
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Resides Buffalo, New York
Billed from Buffalo, New York
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Niq is the average guy. There is inherently nothing special about him. He isn't the fastest guy, the smartest guy, or the strongest guy. But he has always had a shear cut wit and ambition. These skills along with his willingness to do what ever it takes to get the victory, is what he believes will give him a strong edge in a long and fruitful career. He is currently a paragon of wrestling, in the Volatile Wrestling Alliance and the Supreme Championship wrestling organization, Best of Wrestling, Extreme Cross roads wrestling.

Early Career

Niq debuted in Volatile Wrestling Alliance by attacking Travis Daniels. He then went to have a feud with Travis, which was short lived. Niq ended up having a fall out with the company because of his cousin, Dante Leonhart, and was released a show later.

The HVW/FTWO mistake

In an attempt to give the finger to the VWA for releasing him, Niq joined up with HVW and FTWO. He was given a huge push in FTWO, culminating in him facing off against Eric Herrera. Niq was told to take a fall for Herrera back stage, and hated the idea, ending with him doing it still to show his professionalism, but then leaving both companies afterward. His cousin followed suit.

Supreme Championship Wrestling/Majestic

Niq was invited into a company that went by Supreme Championship Wrestling, and given full creative control over himself. He used this power to have long time friend, Brayden Walker join him to form the Tag Team, Liberation.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • The Kross Out A face plant Cobra Clutch submission hold
  • A spear
  • Carry Your Kross Top rope cross splash
  • Krossafiction Cross body block
  • Kross your heart rings of saturn
  • Full Nelson facebuster

  • Signature Catchphrases
  • You've just been liberated
  • "Here is something to remember me by"
  • "That is your Kross to Bare"

Championships and accomplishments

-He has never been pinned or submitted -Retired Nicholas James/Joshua Gyrtrke -Ended Dante Leonhart's undefeated streak -Sent Travis Daniels to the hospital on his first match -Paragon of Wrestling -Started Liberation -Pissed on HVW


  • Niq is a family man. Thought usually shown living in an apartment, he actually owns his own house in which he has an extension put on for his mother.
  • Niq really is related to Dante Leonhart. Their fathers are brothers.
  • He has an insanely short temper off camera. He has been known to throw tantrums.
  • Niq joined ECW because his friend, Dylan Cent, suggested it to him.
  • Niq has an 11 inch penis

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