No Man's Land is the May pay-per-view for the Championship Wrestling Federation, and the second pay-per-view in CWF history. Updates will be edited in as soon as possible.

Match Card


Dane West was handed only his second loss in the CWF after Asylum pinned him in the main event. While going for the Texas Scrambler, Sergeant Eversmann came into the arena and hit West in the head with his army helmet. Asylum became the first-ever two-time CWF World Champion.

The Television Championship stayed in Mental Jack's hands, after a surprising victory against Judgment and VND. After the match, VND speared Jack due to his own frustrations, and demonstrated how easily he would have won the match. Only time can tell who will come out with it after all is said and done.

The Corporate Enforcers took the titles away from The Wicked Clowns, thanks to a little help from Mr. Demonical, their manager. Despite Anthony Romeri's specific instructions for Demonical to stay out of the way, Demonical used his power to enter the ring and screw the Clowns. After the match, Demonical and Romeri had a physical altercation, resulting in a mysterious phone call.

The Global Championship is just getting off the ground, and a stunning victory by The Boss puts that title in good company. Sergeant Eversmann was thrown out of the ring at the last possible second, giving The Boss his first taste of gold in the CWF.

In possibly the most exciting match of the night, Janitor took out the trash in a Mop Match over Nabeel Nawaz. A hard-fought victory for the resident custodian gives hope to all the underdogs in the world.

In the only non-title singles match of the night, Devlyn Michaels took out the up-and-coming Matt Frazier with some help from Discyple, his manager. Michaels is fast rising up the ladder, but Frazier still needs to find his footing in the company.

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