A No Show also commonly used with plural in referring to an individual or individuals that is No Showing or No Showed is the unattentive event in which the neglective handler(s) of an electronic wrestling character fails to participate in the post-text-submission of typewritten roleplays against assigned opponent(s) for the scheduled event card or either failing to submit a promo or segment for an event of an electronic wrestling federation while it is indispensably required for enrollment. The result of these cases are usually culpable to real-life circumstances, unmotivation and sometimes simple excuses.

Reasons for No Showing

The most essential duty of a handler is to ensure they submit content to their chosen E-federation. However, in routine cases, real life circumstances and events intervene in their ability to submit character or show-related content. Many federations will permit no-shows solely provided that there is prior out-of-character notice of the situation to staff from the handler. By letting the booking team or owner know ahead of time then angles and matches can be re-arranged accordingly and no real harm is done.

A secondary cause for No Shows is lack of communication between handlers and management. As an example if in a roleplaying based federation a handler believes he has submitted work for the next weeks show but the owner believes that the work was for the previous week it may seem as if a no show has occurred. In these cases it is usually an over-worked or inexperienced owner at fault as handlers will generally submit their work within the rules.

Laziness or uninterest is perhaps the most common reason for no-showing. Handlers who fail to win their debuts or are rather unimpressed with the functions and aspects of the federation they enroll in will simply fail to represent their character or wrestler there. This is more common is experienced handlers joining a new promotion where they feel they should start of higher up the card than an average or new handler. Laziness is the most common reason as peoples interest in e-wrestling fluctuates due to real life issue such as a return to school, relationships etc. Good intentions can rapidly turn into disinterest when the thought of sitting down and writing a roleplay or match becomes less enthralling than meeting friends or seeing a girl/boyfriend.

Results and Repercussions

Every federation has different means of dealing with no-shows.A common regulation among federations is to allow a certain number of unexplained no-shows before the wrestler is released and the handler banned from participation.

Lenient federations will simply remove the wrestler from the match, rewarding a prompt victory to the opponent or opponents without any further punishment. More rigid federations will extend the lengths as to humiliate the character or wrestler who no-shows if the handler ceases to present a logical reason for unattendance.

The most stern and devastating consequences of no showingis to end a character's or wrestler's career or wound them grievously as an example to who might consider the trend. Some even become jobbers within the federation, fed to newcomer talent as a means to introduce and radiate impression from a new wrestler.

No Showing would generally be considered to be the most common unacceptable behaviour but is also the hardest to prove. A handler may give a very compelling excuse as to why they could not post and be very contrite about the behaviour. This makes it hard for an owner to punish the writer even if the no show caused great problems. Most experienced federation owners are used to dealing with these minor annoyances and can tell when someone is genuinely unable to post and someone who is trying their luck to not get kicked out of a fed.

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